How to Test Your Ethernet Cable

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rhinoclemmys says:

What is the purpose of the button you added to the tester?

lifeshort says:

Fuckin’ excellent video.  Most informative one I’ve watched yet.  Many thanks!

Versatile Icon says:

Thank you verymuch

ningis21 says:

It is a pity that the receiver doesn’t record the readings. How can you view the remote in a different location at the same time as the base unit?

Christopher Bridge says:

if one of the pins doesn’t transmit can you tell which plug at the end of the cable is faulty?

Mr Crabs' garbage bin says:

Maybe i missed it, but what is the red button for?

Sam m says:

zzzZZZzzz 5 minutes for something that should have taken 2 minutes tops

Szucs V says:

Thank you for sharing this video. I also had an accident with a cable tester (much more expensive like 10k euro), you wouldn’t know what could be broken if the tester actually received 50V through its rj45 port, would you? Could it be expensive to repair? Right now, the main doesnt receive any feed from remote, so I am guessing something got burned inside after receiving that voltage

Flavour Savour says:

My internet cut out while watching this lol. I can’t tell if it’s my HUB or my cable. Even after turning everything off, and on again. It still cuts out. It’s been doing this for 3 weeks now. just at random. It works sometimes when I plug it back into my pc but then sometimes it doesn’t. It’s annoying me. I can’t tell if it’s the cable or my motherboard port.

G Loomis Redfish says:

Liked your videos starting a job as electronics tech in Halliburton and this was a great video to use as a guide.

W alter says:

Thank you. An excellent instructional video.


i guess you cant read the leds when the other end of the cable is in another room. any other devices for this ?

Buick Mackane says:

When using a basic network cable tester, how do you determine which end is miswired when looking at the tester?

Michael Barnard says:


A bit late to the party, but how to test a cable that ends not in a male terminal, but a female wall plate? I guess just plug a known good patch lead into the wall plate and test there or is there another device?


Kurtis Davis says:

I’m interested in increasing an ethernet signal to my home, and otherwise testing the strength of signal received by my computer—any suggestions?

Mark arnold says:

I have my house wired with cat 5 but was used for phone cable. I can hook up cat 5 connectors to the phone jacks pretty easy, but don’t need to do them all. In my attic is a bundle of wires. How can I tell which one is which without cutting all of them and jacking them with ends?

Prince Nightingale says:

do you have to pay a bill

Abdelnaser Ahmad Abdelsalam says:

Fantastik thankx

Walter H says:

cool video. Do you have a video showing a failed test result?  What do you recommend for fixes once you get a fail result, or do you just re terminate the cable then replace if needed?

jimmy wong says:

excellent tutorial, Thanks

Rodney Walston says:

Very helpful and informative. Thank you.

T Washington says:

this very helpful

Daniel Ecoff says:

Im having some issues with my Cat5 from a 3GB router to my Direct TV receiver. Ive tested my IP and Im getting 100mps on my DL, however when I try and use the DTV stream feature, it tells me that my IP isnt fast enough and to check my Internet connection. DTV techs cant figure it out (not surprising). I was going to get a testing kit like this to see if the 2 cat 5s are reliable, but not sure this kit will tell me that. Any ideas on the trouble shoot ?

Paul Morgan says:

How do you test it if the two ends are in another room and can’t look at both devices at once?   Is just looking at the sequence OK, or do they have to be showing the same numbers at the same time?

dial2fast says:

I put it in the description.

liesbeth f says:

Thanks for your instructions.
I would also be happy to see what happens when a NOT correct cable connector is tested, and how to analyse what to do next.

Selva Kumar says:


drew says:

Yo Bob why you making tutorials. Aren’t you busy with Bob’s burgers

hotfreshrider says:

Came here for the cross over light sequence! Thanks!

Charles David Lingard says:

First class instruction. Thanks a lot.

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