How to Terminate Network Cable

Good day everyone!

In this video, I’ll cover how to terminate network cable!
Some people may refer to network cable as the Ethernet cable, or the internet cable. Basically the cable that delivers the data from your router to a switch or to a computer/gaming console.

The benefits of learning how to terminate cable:
If you need a super long cable to reach from one room to another
If you need a short cable
If you want to build a network for your home
If your RJ45 connector breaks
If your cable fails/gets chewed up by a dog
If a monkey raids your house, and rips your precious cable in half
If, after you pour your cereal in the morning, you have an epiphany moment and realize that terminating cable is the answer to your problems.
If you can’t find the matching sock after doing laundry
If you run out of toilet paper.

Okay, okay, I’m having a bit too much fun here. But seriously, this is a great skill to have under your belt if you’re considering pursing some type of career in IT.


NIKO VAL says:

Wow Alive and kicking! thanks.

Jeffro says:

The order of the cables does not amtter as long as they are in the same order on both ends. Just a helpfull tip.

Iso says:

+VvCompHelpvV Wheres all the vids gone 1 year ago 🙁

133753X says:

Miss this channel. You taught me how to build my first PC

Eternal Expiditionist Realm says:

U should play Minecraft XD

Everything Enigma says:

Awesome video glad you’re back

David Coady says:

Make a vlog

Revisionss says:

What happened to this guy?

Dave's Physical Media says:

That what a very helpful and easy video never thought making your own Network Cable would be so easy 🙂 Keep up the good work Jerry! 🙂 

Pedro Klepa says:

Hey V!  It’s been a while since youve helped me going into Premiere Pro and I really enjoy your videos. This one was very interesting altough unecessary long. I think you could cut some parts of you executing the work or maybe time stretch.

Great work, i hope youll keep it up with these videos. Just remember to make them shorter

Froskinny says:

Welcome back bro…grate video BTW!
Oh and let’s go cowboys!!

Cody Smith says:

Dude I miss your videos. I watched your vids when I was young and you give valuable info. I know how to make these cables, but I was just watching you cause your entertaining and give nice little tips. I’ll try that thumb overlap next time.

MeldorftheGreat says:

This looks like so much fun. O.o

Daniel Reyes says:

55k lmao i followed him when he was sorta doing computer tutorials, dont remember much but i was hype i was the 100th sub, lmao i was a looser then idk why but i unfollowed, this video made me follow again

Owen Dowell says:

Ah, reminds me of high school 🙂  Making cables was always fun 😀

J says:

Come baaccck

R4MP4G3RXD says:

Finally! Welcome back to youtube! Please make more! 😀

mrshmoshmo says:

Nice to see ya back dude!

Iris says:

So handsome my love! Kees!!

daishi9000 says:

so B is the standard correct. for modems and hubs etc.?

Rapolas says:

Welcome back! I’ve really missed your videos 😀 Can’t wait for more!

BlackShift says:

Nice Vid man! Cool to learn something different for once. Thanks for sharing

Luke Tacyn says:

Great video, good to see you back! Awesome to see that your work is now inspiring your videos. I would love to see more networking stuff like this in the future!

FatRatGaming says:

Huh! That’s pretty cool, I have all the tools to do this already! Just need cabling… My dad used to fix our old Ethernet cables all the time. I can now make the 100ft cable in our hallway the right size now XD

EpistemicPolymath says:

Awesome to see you back. Loved this video. I did this before in my Computer Science shop in high school but now that you reminded me maybe I can take it more seriously this time and recreate the experience. Epic video.

Cesar Alvarez says:

I’m the 5000 view

boredmud says:

Somebeach welcome back dude! This video is going into my favs folder, glad to see your awesomeness once again.

Jack Durrant says:

I’d love to see more videos like this. Never ditch us again lol

TraceguyRune says:

Is there a secret to feeding the wires though the connector? It takes me over an hour of attemps to get all the colors to line up in their holes

Bubble Vanilla says:

Welcome back! gosh it’s been a long time I missed your videos already.

Remo says:

off -topic why did u buy the logitech g910+ kb?
in my oppinion its way too expensive,u can get the same quality for less price
im happy that ur back

ManCave Mayhem says:

You have some skills! You should keep doing this Jerry!

Zacky .Tessensohn says:


noelsoong777 says:

Next up cat 6 and fibre 😀 title will be Backbone cables!

TechXSoftware says:

I’m doing networking as my major in UNI, we did this in class a few months ago. Its not hard, its just annoying and fiddle to do.

pspslimhacks says:


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