How to pick the right Network Cables for your Home Network

Here is quick tutorial on what type of cables you should use for your home network. You would obviously use Ethernet cables but the fact is that there are several types of ethernet cables. You have Cat5 (Category 5), Cat 5e, and Cat 6 ethernet cables. This video will explain which types of ethernet cable are best to use for setting up your home network and for connecting to the internet.


Shawn M. says:

I love Cnet!

grassrootsfeedback says:

Thanks bro, useful advice.

Isaac says:

so all of them are ethernet cables

LFR4 says:

If you’re going to be wiring each room though the walls, you would find it more cost effective to buy a 1000ft spool and a few 8P8W jacks, instead of buying 100ft pre-made cables which you’ll have to cut the ends off. misctrader is correct in his statement.

Bugs me that they didn’t mention the coloring has nothing to do with the cable type. Also each Cat5(Class D)/Cat6 (Class E) and even Cat7 (Class F).are only rated for a maximum of 100m (328ft).

AZTLAN says:


SuperFlashDriver says:

I’m just here to see what he thinks it’s best. But as always I’m still buyist.

Sachin Maharaj says:

thanks answered all questions i had

Tom Young says:

For home networking there is no use in upgrading to Cat6. This won’t help.

The slow speed is due to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) promising speeds of “up to” 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps….whatever. You will never see the top speed they promise…ever. This has nothing to do with cable issues. It’s only due to a product that they sell and can’t deliver.

“up to” means “possibly” but never guaranteed (and you will never s anything close to those speeds).

The ISPs should actually sell the product as “No Slower Than — Guaranteed”

Run a speed test online at or to check your speed from your ISP. These are free tests and two that I use in my business as an IT consultant.

Checking the ethernet or Wi-fi status on your computer only informs you of the speed capabilities of your computer. This does not inform you of your actual downstream and upstream limits being provided by your ISP.

Run some tests online.

Just Google….”speedtest”

Danny says:

will there be a difference in internet speed with something like a xbox 360???? PLEASE ANSWER

RollingZeroz says:

mine is red and is a cat 5

camlpg says:

Check 1:30, ‘let’s not get into CAT7 with 40Gb speeds’. Why? Because only the gov’t, big corps, and their affiliates – the police, education institutions, and ever your neighborhood spies have access to REAL COMPUTERS w. qubit technology that have a fiber optic line connected to their houses. Most homes only have a copper telecom house line which is connected to a a 3 inch FO street line, paid for with your taxpayer money! Only CONTROL FREAKS and their affiliates get full FO line to house.

neosmith80 says:

CAT 7 FTW!!! ^_^

neosmith80 says:

me either, just a wait game. 😉 of course fibre is comin down in price. 😉

Waqas Ahmed says:

After doing my research, I’ll have to agree and say that I’ll be getting cat5e for my house

Val Kal says:

500′ to 1000′ what?

Jaymn2589 says:

@fl0r1svdk LAN speeds aren’t though I transfer data at gigabit speeds from server to workstation, but yes most users it doesn’t freaking matter.

Jaymn2589 says:

@AkramPropheci If cat6 is infinite why are they making Cat6 augmented and Cat7?

Mark Young says:

Thank you! Very informative.

Natty B says:

Guys can someone help me? You know how there’s a specific charger for Samsung phones and Apple. Would a only specific Ethernet cable work on my ASUS laptop or would all cables work?

Amarsing Bhilawekar says:

which is the best network cable

lillskiten1337 says:

cat7 of course 😉

UndatedCash000 says:

can they all fit in the same ports?

MotAdvNSW says:

Cat 6 if you can afford it.

Cat6a ‘flat’ varieties, pre-terminated, are available on Ebay and online (often cheaper via the online stores).

Gellis12 says:

Because every home needs a thousand feet of ethernet cable. Gotcha.

SalemMillion says:

I googled ethernet cable and i saw a cat7 too i am confused, can some one tell me which one to get for a 4k tv smart tv to play netflix uhd shows ? and which one is good for a ps4 ?

Stanley Chu says:

why not cat 7? if i may ask

Yevette Xoxo says:

Will that mean faster wifi speeds if plugged into a router?

John Doe says:

That extra piece for the cat 6 connector looks like it could make it easier to make a crossover cable. I have always found crossover cables to be kinda difficult to line the wires up right whereas with a patch cable it is somewhat easier. With the extra price of cat 6 cable it is still worth it if you can spend a little more and don’t already have a good cable. Making a cable is MUCH cheaper than buying them already made if you already have the crimping tool.

Bob Purt says:

I just bought StarTech 20 ft Cat 6 Purple Molded
Arrives by Tue., Sep 15
$10.26 each @WallyWorld (Walmart)

Noor Akmar Noordin says:


Waqas Ahmed says:

I no longer use eBay for ethernet cables, unless I am buying some branded stuff or I literally just need some cheap cables, because I’ve done my research and most of the stuff on there are not made to the standard, hence they are so cheap

A good quality 30m cable does not cost £3. It costs a lot more

xDoomers says:

Thanks, i will now prove to my dad that i can make 1 🙂

Jaymn2589 says:

Cat 6 all the way… but dont buy cheap cable from monoprice. cat4? LOL TIA/EIA-568 doesn’t even have a standard for that.

علي الحربي says:

شكرا لك

Debojit Ganguly says:


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