How To Make/Crimp RJ45 Ethernet Network Patch Cables (Cat 5e and Cat 6)

Here’s a tutorial to show you how to crimp ethernet cable. This is how you create perfect length network patch cables. It’s actually not that hard, the materials are cheap, and you can earn your nerd cred card.

Ethernet Cable Order:

Orange (White Stripe)
Green (White Stripe)
Blue (White Stripe)
Brown (White Stripe

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus
Writer: Christopher Lim
Editor: Edzel Yago


Simon Mikkelsen says:

Most annoying person to listen to. Far into the video: No usefull information at all! Cut the BS.

Arthur Watts says:

I KNEW it – Linus and The Cable Guy *are* the same person. Scary 😀

Yu Jay says:

I like the connectors that allow the wires to pass through the end which you shave off when done. 🙂

stdavross666 says:

Do you wire POE the same?

Jeremy R says:

ARE cat 5E and 6 the same?

Rainy says:


Russel Duncan says:

Noticed you chose cat5e to demo and not cat6. You should really change the title to cat5e to be fair coz the plastic separator in cat6 requires more technique.

no says:

I wish I had half the cocaine this guy took right before making this video.

DylanSoFabulosAndBeautiful says:


Scoffield Chen says:


Agustin Riedemann says:

thanks linus of 2014

ocaiera says:

Expected this to be one of the best tutorials on crimping, turned out to be the worst.
come on guys, figure out who is watching the video before making a kindergarten type video – people clicking on how to crimp are already beyond the crap at the beginning.

David Black says:

How about getting to the point?

Antwonn83 says:

Too fast and barely showed the connector

Hauuibal says:

The guy cutting the cables needs to do some manual labour. Got the squeeze of a kitty cat.

Ivan Cruisingspeed says:

What an annoying persona. Doesn’t the “SciShow” have a lock on those mannerisms? Short on info and long on ego.

Rob Jobin says:

If only I could actually manage to actually get the wires to into the jack. I’ve wasted about a foot of cable doing this already and have not succeeded once.

ADEX says:

Linus was high af back when he worked for NCIX. hes a little slower now. Guess he layed off the drugs

Parkey69au says:

video starts at 2:50

aedan929 says:

Here I am chewing away at the wires and I didnt even realize my crimping tool had a SHEEVE!

justandy333 says:

God this guys irritating, patronising and just get on with it!

David Jaycox says:

No clue what I’m doing wrong, but I have to do 50 ends before I get a cable that works. It’s every single time

San Diego Songwriters MeetUp says:

takes 3 minutes of a 6 minute video to even get started.  Shut up and get to the point.

Ludic Fallacies says:

You use the strip tool to SCORE the outer jacket not cut all the way through it. You nick the wire insulator doing that. And you certainly don’t drag the strip tool down the cable to remove the outer jacket.
4:57 you can see he didn’t even get the conductor all the way to the end and only one of the prongs has hit the conductor.
Incompetent Gen-X hipster douchebags strike again.
Another thing… don’t squeeze the shit outta the crimp tool handles. You use the ratcheting function and when the ratchet releases that’s it. That’s how you get the pin depth right and you should adjust that on each crimp tool to fine tune depth by crimping a connector without a cable and eyeball the pin depth. Any decent crimp tool will have a depth adjustment.

Seba Barco says:

you know.. you shouldn’t twist this type of wire like you did at the begining of the video, big companies who hire people to install them will fire you if they see you do it. Actually they’ll make you replace it and then they’ll fire you. I mean.. wikipedia doesn’t say shit about that, but you can even buy a bible size book about protocols on how to install them
buuuut, if you are doing it for your own usage, then go ahead, a few meters of that won’t hurt the binary frames going through the wire (for the first 3 years at least)

Gaming N'Co says:

Is their a cat7 Ethernet cable?

Douglas M says:

Jesus christ linus. White with the orange stripe… blah blah blah blah blah. Now that you have that done.

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