How to make CAT5 Ethernet Cable – Straight Through & Crossover (HD)

Ethernet Crimp Tool Set:

EIA 568A

1 white green
2 green
3 white orange
4 blue
5 white blue
6 orange
7 white brown
8 brown

EIA 568B

1 white orange
2 orange
3 white green
4 blue
5 white blue
6 green
7 white brown
8 brown


Nelson Mandela says:

We did this in school. Our class wasted 200 of those RJ-45s

Ivan Cruisingspeed says:

Good job. Straight forward. No BS. Looks idiot-proof.

Harshita Dwivedi says:

very much helpful vedio for my pratical exam.. thanks man..

Render Poe says:

Thanks!!! 🙂

Maha Kaal says:

thxx man very use full video my probluem is solve

Boitumelo Tumi says:

thank you. it helped a lot.

Tony Hicks says:

I have a Line 6 Spider 4 Guitar Amp 75watts – (non tube). It connects to a floorboard foot control via RJ45, the floorboard is powered through this connection. I would like to be able to “split” the cable somehow to connect one pedal board into 2 Amps. (Identical amps). But I don’t want to blow anything up…
Any help would be awesome. Many people in Guitar Forums are wondering the same. The manufacturer offers 0 advise of course.
Thank you

Hadi Swailam says:

thank you

Jared Sabin says:


TasteMyBlackSkittles says:

Awesome!! You explained something so alien-like (to me, anyhow) thoroughly and well. It’s great that videos like this exist on YT. Noice!

Richard Horton says:

In Thailand the CAT 6E cable wire colors are not anything like any of the colors described in these videos. So the videos are worthless for people here. CAT 6E colors here are Brown,Light Brown, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green Red, Black

El Hassan Rouijel says:

Thank you very much! It worked well!

Glen Campbell says:

Thanks for sharing, i just made my first crimp by using your video.. I am a beginner in the industry any recommendations or videos for installs ? thanks again

nochtczar says:

For a straight thru cable, does the sequence really matter? As long as it’s the same on both ends then it shouldn’t matter, correct?

pito_ FSX_253 says:

is this the same for cat6

tmitchable says:

it’s good to know how to make cable as an Network Technician

Acolyte of Torbjörn says:

also shit

Evil Kienevel says:

the top is Crossover and the bottom is Straight Through

Baiju says:

good short and straight forward and to the point.

Ashok Kumar Ingale says:

Thanks for clarification

Knumbnutz says:

Very helpful video, took me about 10 minuets to get all my connections done

Harry Tsang says:

I am wondering if 100base TX uses only 4 wires, will cutting off the unused blue and brown pairs affect the speed? I am planning to cut them off on both ends for power delivery.

Rick Regazzi says:

Very thorough and informative. It would be beneficial though to know when you would want to use a straight or crossover connection.

Colin Blankenship says:

thank you

Wes says:

I’m trying to do this myself as professionals want £100 to fit the cable. The thing is as soon as I let the wire go when pushing the wires into the plastic end they cross over, so the wires aren’t in line with the correct pin. It’s very frustrating lol.

jayenterprise1701e says:

what wire strippers are you using

Brahmanand Narsule says:


My Question is that, Is it 568A Straight through or Cross over? Please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance.

Ricardo Pessoa says:

Great help – thank you!

Darrengb says:

Great video
Thanks for going to the trouble

thezerogforce says:

what is 568A and what 568B?

corey smiley says:

How long can the cable be

Edwin Mallard says:

i enjoyed the video..thanks

salim Mondal says:


Ian Herbas says:

in making crossover….. do they have the same color combination in both ends?

Abdelnaser Ahmad Abdelsalam says:

It is creat thankx

jetmech3 says:

great tutorial!! If making a LAN to LAN connection (router to router) do you use a straight-thru or crossover cable? Thanks !

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