How to Make an Ethernet Cable! – FD500R Crimp Tool Demonstration

Our FD500R tool is used to cut and crimp cat5, cat5e, cat6 Ethernet and phone cabling using RJ45 and RJ11 style connectors. In this demonstration we will show you how to create a “straight through” Ethernet connection (also referred to as “patch cables”). See the links below to find the FD500R crimping tool and FD-S501A stripping tool on our website!

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Honorable Mention… our FD3101 Micro Wire Cutter was shown in the video but not really mentioned. It is great for cutting small wire and also served well when removing the cat5 sheathing thread:

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Page Nix says:

Good video. Can you please specify if you are wiring for type A or type B? The colors are in different orders for each of those.

ismail ibrahim says:

this video is good for new beginner

Muhammad Nasim says:

short and good

Abdielis M8nt. says:

excelent video

daimon7 says:

What makes this video pretty good is that it is short and to the point!

molll minwaga says:

it is best i like it

Papa Bear says:

is there a way to crimp without the crimping tool?

DreRazR RZR says:

Thanks for the tutorial video it really helped me a lot.

a64750 says:

As long as both ends of each RJ-45 match each other in color order. Good to go!

Ngeh Romaric says:

i think that diagram is wrong or is another way?

milind ghobale says:

thanks sir your teaching is best

Laxmikant Bhumkar says:

Thanks for sharing..! done..!

sheek1982 says:

Thank you kindly sir!

Cyplex says:

thanks :D, but i dont understand what that last thing he did was, and what is that orange tool called :p

Raevous says:


Dimas Rodriguez says:

great video! really helped me out!

m k says:

what brand of connector do you have. the ones i bought don’t wedge the wires down inside,,, so the wires are all over the place

adouko asseu jean says:


DisobeyThePope says:

Perfect. Nice diagram. Very clear instructions. Nice and short.

Nurul Islam says:

How to identify, 1st which one after which one ?

Kevin Yu says:

Really good video! Thanks a lot

AE9x says:

Just made my first cable and for some reason my internet likes to disconnect and reconnect pretty frequently and not nearly as strong signal. I have good internet and a good modem.

I used Cat5e burial cable, and I ran it about 200ft, its not buried yet tho. Is the signal weak because of the length I ran it? Or because a shotty job at wiring / crimping? One end the wires are kind of exposed and long so I thought it was that and intended to remake the end.

Was just curious so I don’t keep recutting and crimping when it could be the length of my wire being ran.

By the way, awesome video and subbed!

Kim Kelsey says:

Thanks for getting to the point quickly. Good video.

Hamad Hamad says:


2K DeMiGoD says:

Can u make me one im too lazy

Mike Seeders says:

Great job. Thanks.

saima sid says:


Super Frogg says:

Do you not have to strip the smaller wires?

Post Maloy says:

excellent video bro

Gewglesux says:

This is good FROM the router to the hub/switch/laptop?

Traveler says:

What type/brand of connector do you use? The ones in this video seem to have little channels/guides to help funnel the wires into the proper slots, but my connectors don’t have those. Creating a cable is a nightmare without them.

Hyper Hektor says:

why does your tool cost 500$ ? i think you got scammed, avg price is 9-30$

Drudard Rickert says:

so it’s both ends same sequence?

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