How to Make a Cat5e Ethernet / Network Cable for Cheap

Color configuration is:


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GDLutz says:

yeah, an ethernet cable you can buy is $25 for 25 feet

he bought 1000 feet of cable for $20 so even after buying connectors and the tool, you could make them way cheaper that just buying cables. Plus you can make the cables whatever length you want!

Collosos says:

the only usefull video that wasn’t homosexual good job!

Neel Suthar says:

@MountainVP was there a reason you didn’t go for CAT7?

wiredtunes says:

@ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy I’m very gullible you see =P.

techreviewer7 says:

I’ve done that before! Really easy

whahoooooooooo says:

Hey Quinn,
I would not mind if your dad bought me a macbook because I am located in the UK and not been able to get any proper work done considering I am going to college next year and only got a netbook to do all my homework on so I would really like one but not fused if I cant. Been watching your videos for ages, helped me loads! So please consider me!

gloopbop says:

damn could make alot of profit out of this !

Quocipher says:

Sounds difficult :/

thiimi says:

Or you could just go and buy an ethernet cable.. But thanks for the tutorial anyways =D

Ekjot Sandhu says:

@ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy can ur dad buy me a macbook pro?

Lacrossgeek1 says:

@playtowin999 oh damn, you got me, I’m wrong, you’re right, I’m just gonna go back to watching this awesome video

htcjunkie16 says:

Did your Dad buy TLDTODAY a MacBook Pro?!

Rhinofeed says:

This video is very helpful, I’ve always wanted to do this, that way I could get the perfect length cable…

punisher70000000 says:

@ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy What? Can I have one? Who does your Dad work for?

E. LOV says:

guh i didn’t see thisiphoneguy video quick enough

Johannes Berglund says:

Your Dad seems like the nicest guy ever.

Snazzy Labs says:

I am kidding humans. Its a joke. Har, har. You can’t get a Macbook without leaving a comment, but you also can’t leave a comment. Who seriously believed we would spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy 500 people a Macbook Pro? Come on… Haha.

Jonathan Kurtz says:

asshole lol on the video wherre it says leave a comment for a macbook pro comments have been disabled

GeorgeGJD says:

you can buy 100FT ethernet cables off ebay for 5 bucks 🙂

WirelessHotShot says:

I do this all the time. Real easy and fun. Good thing to learn.

Zach Vande Hey says:

@hilariousguys hah i was waiting for something to happen lol

Dkownz99 says:

@hilariousguys thats a plane flying

Snazzy Labs says:

I totally meant to post this on ThisiPhoneGuy LOL! Failure. Ah well. It’s already up on here. Not taking it down.

Deleted says:

@ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy can your dad buy me a macbook pro? PM me

thefuf99 says:

@arrow1archer but that wasn’t the material cost for 1 cable, he said he got a whole roll or cable, 10 connectors and the tools are just used once 😛

playtowin999 says:

@lacrossgeek1 ur the one who called me a fag first so how am i ruining it.

patduction says:

Great! I need this for xbl (xbl through a laptop) and people are retarded at my house and keep breaking the plastic ends of the cables I had.

randomrazr says:

are u planning on snapping up one of the new 2011 macbook pros?

hilariousguys says:

During The Awkward Silence Around 2:45 It Sounds Like There Is Horror Movie Music Playing In The Background And Then Quinn Starts Heavy Breathing Like He’s The Murderer Behind A Mask. Yes, I Have A Vivid Imagination, Don’t Judge Me.

wiredtunes says:

I can’t comment on your vid about your dad investing in Macbook Pro’s. But, I don’t think I can enter anyway because my quality of video and skill level as a reviewer needs much improvement.

Snazzy Labs says:

@htcjunkie16 Yeah. My Dad and I met Jonathan at CES, and my Dad liked him, so he gave him $2,200 to get the 15″ i7 2.2 GHz.

George Gammage says:

Lol he said a ethernet youcan buy is $25 and then he says the cable costs $20, the connecters cost $5 and the tool costs $10
I think it’s cheaper just to buy one from the shop

iColorado303 says:

@ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy sounds like your dad likes him more than you if you had to have sponsors buy you a macbook

Lacrossgeek1 says:

@playtowin999 ooooo, such a great comeback, got anymore?

playtowin999 says:

@lacrossgeek1 well you probably don’t have a life.

playtowin999 says:

@lacrossgeek1 ya why dont you grow a pair of balls then come talk to me

LockwoodKatie says:

Awesome video Quinn!

iamjeffhong says:

already made mine! 🙂

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