How to Install HDMI over CAT5e / CAT6 Ethernet Cables

Hi, this video shows you how to use the HDMI over Ethernet Cable adaptors to extend a HDMI signal using CAT6 cables.
In the video I refer to ‘HDMI over Ethernet’ as most people call these cheap adapters that BUT really ‘HDMI over Ethernet’ would mean ‘HDMI over IP’ which is a different and more expensive product and these cheap adapters would be better called HDMI over twisted pair adapters or HDMI over CAT5E/6 adapters.
In the video I use them to connect up to a PC to TV and also a Roku media player to TV. They are useful if you already have network cabling in place or if you don’t want to drill big holes to install the thicker HDMI plugs/cables. If you get good ones then they will work over greater distances than HDMI cables but the versions in the videos are the cheapest available and unfortunately the advertised distance of 30m did not happen so I used 15m Ethernet cables instead and they work very well. They are very easy to use and just work as soon as you plug them in. No drivers or downloads are needed.
Many thanks Vince


Massimo Sangiorgi says:

whats the point of the double version ?

nothing nathing says:

Can u use this using power walls ?

Chilli Boy0101 says:

I was just curious what happened if I wired the a router to the end of the Ethernet which it worked I got a app on my tablet and it recived the signal and since it had ports like if it goes to tv’s and I wired all my tv’s and if I wanted i could connect the signal to my devices and see and it sounds on believable but it worked

arnav paul says:

Good job sir jiii

Andrew Smith says:

Is there any delay in the video and audio transmission to the television?

ᗒ╬ᗕ1112223333111ᗒ╬ᗕ says:

I bought the first one you showed with single rj45 and it didn’t work at all.
not even over 6 feet of cable.
total dead
mine were blue

Jack Witherell says:

This video would have been a lot shorter and more informative if Vince realized we all know what an HDMI cable is and didn’t keep on trying to explain or list all the different things HDMI cables are used for every 30 seconds.

BuzauLiveMusic 2 says:

can connect a videocamera to a capture card using this product?

ScottishFreedom80 says:

Got me thinking now lol

Hikari says:

Lol ‘Haytch D M I’ XD

EDP says:

Hi that’s very useful video thank you for making .But i have one doubt that if i want two separate outputs for two different location TV from the DVR’s HDMI port will this adapter work ?

ytubepaul says:

very well presented – thank you. Alas I bought the bi-cable cheapo ones not realising that they wont work over my Cat6 LAN. I didn’t realise they were essentially point to point connectors – BUT ta for explaining it to me.

Noel Wong says:


I have a lexcom cabled system which is a cat5 plus wire. Can hdmi be passed over this type of cable?


Vikas Tomar says:

Can I use hdmi extender with single rj45. What’s the difference between these with two rj45 connector and with one rj 45



freelife productions says:

yeah the HDMI gets distorted after 15 meters becouse of the wires are not sheilded.. i have a powerd HDMI extender. also had trouble with the CAT6… and needed CAT6a now works perfect over 100 meters..

Trevor Tassell says:

hi. following this video and the hdmi splitter one
Will it work if i
run rx unit from source ,cat6,into rx unit to splitter.
from splitter output to another tx unit ,cat 6,another rx unit ,finaly tv???
wanted to know befor i purchace the kit. ???

cebbi biez says:

How long distance can fix the cat5 cable for single port?

Magdiel Hermosillo says:

is necesary to use 2 utp cable?

jon cullen says:

Does it matter what LAN port you put the transmit lead in , if you where using a router , or is it a case of what ever is free/spare ?

A Awan says:

very usefull vediom.. can i use these on my dvr hdmi port to to see cameras display display in two diffrent rooms..??

Bruce Morton says:

Why would you have your Virgin/Sky box tucked away somewhere where you would need to use this pointless gadget? Unless I am the only one that likes to switch on my box from the comfort of my sofa and watch more than one channel.

How to says:

Loved your video made me subscribe I had no idea what I even clicked but but I learned things good job breaking things down and putting out options and what they are good for 10/10

piloctor15 says:

you should put links in the bio next timw, but good video! Thumbs up!

Herman Du Preez says:

Hi Great Video thanks HOWEVER i am trying to do same as this device

HDMI over Powerline (HDBitT)

using these HDMI Extenders below and TL-WPA4220KIT TP Link Power Line adapters,



HDMI Extenders that is LAN/IP based.

According to HD Cabling that sells the HDMI Extender they say it should work through Powerline Adapters, and also according to your video @ 4min 40sec you mention it should work aswell.

I can’t get it to work .. only if i connect the extenders to a router/switch or direct connection does it work but not through the Powerline adapters.

My Question is .. Is it supposed to work ? Am i doing somthing wrong ? Please HELP/Explain

joshy kurian says:

if i am connecting my led tv through rj 45sum chanel hanging if iam connecting hdmi is fine i can use this converter for my tv

virusassault says:

Thanks mate… Brilliant video… following this guide, really helped.. 🙂

ayman says:

I really need your help. I have one security ethernet camera and i need to transmit the signal directly to a tv can u help me with this please

Tyler says:


Angry Guy says:


Nafjan T says:

I like the way you move around with the camera

LarriPapi says:

Excellent video, congrats for that. I have a question. Can I put some connectors on hdmi splitter outs to anothers TVs in? The larger distance required is 35 m. Thanks in advance!

WD .Underground says:

What is the benefit?? instead of using a double hdmi adapter so 2 hdmi ports and not ethernet??

Steward Bartlett says:

can they be use with a power line adapter

Cheryl Easton says:

Where to you get these connectors? All the ones I have been able to find have the pig tails and my connection box will not fit all these cables.

Vanderson Souza Rocha says:

Nice video. The adapter TX works in 4k? Great job.

Abdelmajid Benseghir says:

Good technical. THANKS


Is it suitable for 1080p 60fps gaming?

Saurabh Gupta says:

Hi! I have my all HD sources (Etisalat TV, XBOX 360, PC, Chromecast Ultra, My security DVR, APPLE TV) in my living room near my main router and my LG 4K Smart TV. I have Google Home, Samsung Smartthings and Logitech Harmony for my home automation mainly restricted to my living room. I have another TV in my second room, and Ethernet cable running through the walls from main router to my living room and I want to do the following:
1) To be able to connect the Ethernet out from my 2nd room to a old router which works as an Access Point for better internet connection as well provides me additional Ethernet ports for multiple connections.
2) To be able to access and control all sources from 2nd room using HDMI over ETHERNET. Thus, want to transmit Internet, Video, Audio and if possible, IR signals to control my HDMI sources.

I plan to :
1) Connect all my input HDMI into an HDMI 6*2 MATRIX with IR Capabilities to switch between Inputs remotely.
2) connecting HDMI over Ethernet transmitter to HDMI output 2 from my matrix and then to my main Router in living room.
3) in my 2nd Room, Ethernet out port will connect into my 2nd router working as Access Point (which will have 3 empty Ethernet out ports to be used)
4) one Ethernet port output will connect to HDMI over Ethernet Reciever and then into HDMI input of my TV or Home theater getting both Video and Audio from multiple sources being selected through the HDMI matrix in my living room.
5) other free Ethernet ports can be accessed for wired internet access if needed.

Can you please suggest if it’s possible by using the HDMI MATRIX and HDMI over Ethernet? Also, if you can, please suggest any suitable HDMI MATRIX and HDMI over Ethernet you may know of or recommend.

Need some guidance on this before I start this project.

Helton Rangel says:

Can you tell me where to buy the one cable converters? .

IntoTheVortex says:

Hdmi used to connect ps4 xbox roku? How about what they were designed for in the first place.. A frickin DVD

Rayaan Achmat says:

Hi do you think that if I want to get past the 15 metre length that a powered hdmi splitter will help.

Lee Martin says:

Would you have success at 30mtrs if each adapter was powered? The attenuation will only travel so far, thus only having a clear picture at 15mtrs. You can run Cat5/6 upto 100mtrs usually without any problems (sheilded or not) if the signal is strong enough to travel from one end to the other.

Jonny says:

Clever tech , never seen this before. Thank you for the video.

celticlofts says:

Excellent video thanks. I have a question, are these point to point only or can I use a switch in the middle? I’ll like to connect the PC to the TV but my pc runs though a switch to access my media servers. Thanks..

chouchi hamid says:

Install HDMI over CAT5e / CAT6 Ethernet Cables
BEST IDEA EVER tanks for sharing

Block kcet says:

useful video

Rambone says:

Nice video, I bought a couple of the double ones but did not get them to work as I was testing with just one ethernet cable, good thing I didn’t throw them away 🙂

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