How to Fix/Terminate Ethernet Cables (Connectors)

What to do and how to go about fixing your ethernet cables. This mainly applies to when you want to replace one end of the cable. Perhaps the tab broke, or perhaps the cable got cut or damaged in some way and is now unusable.

Let me know if I helped. Also let me know if I stated something incorrectly or if something is confusing. I will try to help as much as possible in the comments section below.

– Josh


Werwolf12 I love TF2 says:

thanks! I finally got my new PC today and when I tried to plug my cable in it would not connect to my internet so after getting mad and then I had a feeling to check the router it’s plugged into and surprise! one wire broke

GabenTV says:

Is there any way to remove connectors?

Shot Logic says:

thanks much, successfully terminated two new cords after cutting the bad patch out of an old 50 footer. this vid was clear and concise, and the good natured humor only made it that much better 🙂

Kim Kelsey says:


Bright Valley Marketing Accounting says:

Great tutorial – nice job!

Mike D'Angelo says:

Thanx for sharing this…

Eddie Sequeira says:

loved it. Thanx ☺

John Cleghorn says:

Thanks bud. Nice honest friendly tutorial.

HolyPhoen1x Akk says:

What is that press for in the end? Can i only use that tool for it?? Pls fast answer thanks. Bad english

Wayne Smith says:

11 minutes of babbling to get to the actual information. Stop rambling, repeating the same words(14 times I counted) & just get to the useful info. Nobody has watched this to hear you babble. I had to suffer for 11 minutes to find out that you….#1 strip wires #2 insert in crimper #3 squeeze. Unbelievable smh

wdfortyplus says:

Thank you for video. Much appreciated.

Peter Au says:

A. X. X

Nicker000 says:

Saturday night, LIT!

ty, good advice about the stripper on the crimper.

English learning classes says:


Carl R says:

Very helpful, just did this to fit my cable through a small screw hole.

Chad Barris says:

get to the fucking point dude, does not need to be 11 minutes

Laser PewPew TM says:

What do i do to fix an ethernet cable that was cut. Can i just simple tape it back together in one piece and have it working again??

Vallabh Ravan says:

crap.. first show how to remove old wire from connector rj45

Muhammad Fadhil says:

i rate 5/7

Adrian Keown says:

Ty mate ya helpt heaps.

Phenomenal l says:

1:57 best part

pvjim says:


ESB Games says:

What if I have a flat ethernet


talks to much

jacmiszcz92 says:

Thank you, helpful video

Bichos Bichos says:

the internet is ending! quick stop it!!!

S30D X says:

Thanks a bunch

George TJ says:

Very helpful video. May I ask how this works given that the 8 tiny wires are not stripped before you put them in the new RJ45 plug?

HalfbreedTrini says:

is the process the same for cat7?

Tony Van Boxtel says:

The string is not there to pull more wire through, lol. It is meant for ease of stripping back the outer sheath.

shawn niles says:

This video contains a lot of bad information, “the fine hair like substance” is actually called rip cord, it is not for pulling more wire. The rip cord is used tear the outer coating so that the twisted pairs can be exposed with no possibility of damage being caused by a sharp tool. Also, he does not insert the outer covering into the RJ-45 connector far enough; at the rear of the RJ-45 connector there is a clamp that should clamp onto the outer cover to act as strain relief.

TWS - Huey says:

Can anyone help me,i have a ton of meter’s of cable such as this one,but it has only 4 color copper wires inside of it,can you tell me what type of wire is it and can it be used for lan/cable internet?

mhd suleman says:

thanks you very good you to explain

Parvin Akter says:

nice video

VIP Electrician Brisbane says:

Great video. Attention to detail. thanks for posting it !

Sphinx AmongUs says:

I’m amazed at how well this video was done. How is it that so many info videos are so poorly crafted and this one is so important to any amateur tech. I’ve wanted to do this a million times and now I have the tools and talent to do it well. Thank you for your time and expertise, but mostly for your excellent communicative style and patience with your audience.

Luffy D says:

Just do it to slow

Emil Cohen says:


MiggySlayer says:

Will this work with a CAT6 cable? And info is appreciated

Robin Lewis says:

Thanks very much! I cut the incoming cat5 cable from our internet dish one day after our service was restored after three weeks out due to wildfire. Life looked grim for me as others were not happy but with this video and a trip to the hardware store I am restored to normal status. Thanks very much,

shongin says:

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MrSquermy123 says:

Thanks mane… Now i know everything i needed to know

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