How to connect rooms without Ethernet cable

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Lorenzo says:

So I just wanna say… Dont buy powerline adapters I picked up the TP-LINK TL-WPA4220TKIT NETWORK KIT and my expirience was crap. The first month was awesome, it felt like I was gaming on a internet cable. after 3/4 months it crashed like 3 times a week (what I mean by crashing is only allowing 0.01 mb/s so the games that I was playing got some kind of packet loss) it would fix it self after waiting 5 sec. after 6 months it started going to 5/6 times a week it would not fix it self and I had to pull the adapter out of the socket and put it back in (sometimes that wouldnt even fix it and I had to run downstairs in the middle of a game and pull out the main adapter and plug it back in) after 7 months of buying this crappy thing it just said no and it kept on crashing no matter how many times I pulled it out and plugged it back in. *note that I got good cables and my power grid in my house aint that long. and note that I based this off one powerline adapter (TP-LINK TL-WPA4220TKIT NETWORK KIT) so it could be that others out there might work perfectly fine this is just what I think of it*

T Nuggs Magic says:

I don’t mean to hate… but isn’t it like, 100 ish degrees in LA… so why are you wearing a hoodie. It looks pretty sweet but the heat man

Fred Zlotnick says:

I set up up a Netgear Powerline pair, to the opposite end of my house (about 60 feet) and connected an old router as an access point. I can get > 50 Mbps anywhere in my house with really strong signals.

statikreg says:

Just in case it hasn’t been pointed out (and I didn’t hear it mentioned in the video): The physical distance between 2 outlets has NOTHING to do with how much wire is separating them. It’s not even remotely a good rule of thumb. Even 2 outlets in the same room can be on completely different circuits. Also, since everything in your house eventually ties into one main set of breakers, everything in your house is adding noise anyway.

Also, I don’t think anyone cares about internet speed… It’s almost taken for granted that it’s worthless if it’s only that fast – wifi is almost always going to be at least that fast. It’s LAN speeds that matter when you want something like this.

EDIT: Your test was interesting though. I’ve never gotten such shitty wifi speeds.

BioticBuilds Yt says:

So, is this like having a wired connection, or is it more like a wireless connection? like i know you have the Ethernet ports, but does the connection get to that of a wired connection, or is it more like having a wireless connection, quality wise?

Stoney_Eagle says:

It’s so fun that people still call this wired…. It transmits the data trough the wires as a radio signal…
Even when I rewired my whole house with new wires it still can’t beat a complete wired system!

Robert Kowalke says:

POwerline adapters work way better than Wireless. Proponents of wireless are just hipsters who like to say crap like Wi-Fi. Wireless has always been hit or miss and very testy. My mothers house was built in 1942 and her cable input is the se corner of her basement, her computer is in the NW side on the 3rd floor. Powerline was flawless and she gets an avg of 60 down 3.5-4.5 up.

Jay don’t let hipsters try and steer ya wrong I had AT&T wireless internet and only powerline adapters allowed me to play online games Wifi was only 25 and giving me 400+ pings that Powerline had down to the 70-80’s. Wireless is just a gimmick and good for facebook and tweeting but if you’re a gamer you need ethernet or at least a powerline adapter.

Nathan says:

Why is your internet so slow?

Nolan Flynn says:

And my house is over a century old… I haven’t tried power line, but WiFi is crap from the 1st to 3rd floor, I can’t get the router any farther up than 1st floor because of how the cable was wired, and I’m not allowed to route cables through the wall. So I’m fucked no matter what.

Daft cow says:

Use a wireless card

Justin LaBarge says:

I run ethernet cables through my air ducts.

Aspect says:

I use a power line adapter for my gaming rig and it works perfectly. Faster than wifi on my sisters laptop

Appolyon99 says:

Get MoCA adapters.

Raiden Rattlehead says:

your testing is wrong. the connection the wireless or the powerline gives you has nothing to do with your internet connection. copying files over the connection between machines would be a way better test.

TootsClan says:

i just bought a 15 m ethernet cable and drilled it up stairs simple i didnt realy want the new and techy stuff

07wrxtr1 says:

Thank you for posting. I ended up just buying a simple 75′ flat Ethernet cable from Amazon for $13, comes in white to match the walls, took 20 mins to pull the carpet n run it. If you have Comcasts pos arris gateway, just hardwire everything. I was getting .01 mb/s to no connection…. now around 28-35mb/s, and not going insane switching every conceivable router setting. Download wifi analyzer and you’ll see how many devices and what channel everyone around you is using.

Diibs says:

1200 Mbps my wifi gets .12 Mbps for upload and download.

CN Tech says:

4 mb upload!!!! wtf

39rbadams says:

what is power line adapter ? for?

Brody Pesce says:

will these work on a router that has a built in modem?

Korzik says:

Just get a long flex bit and run a new Ethernet cable to the room.

Savior716 says:

someone gimme the link for this. I gotta pick it up

Simple Sigman says:

use a free app called Wi-Fi analyzer. you can see what channel the other routers are on and set yours accordingly to eliminate or diminish frequency issues.

Wolfstaro says:

Can you plug the source into a switch that is connected to the router?

KillaBandit says:

Room placement is not right. All plugs wire directly back to your breaker box. Then it goes from there back to another room.

timpster ninetythree says:

Fleece sheds micro plastic fibers that WILL end up in the local water supply and the ocean. Patagonia clothing company and National Geographic has good information about this.

You can buy a bag that will collect the fibers so that they do not leave washing machine so they don’t pollute the water.

Mars Rising says:

how lame that you put a commercial in the beginning of your video, you advert whore…..

Mike s says:

I got pretty much the same results when i got powerline

Zach Da Bull says:

Where would one find this device, besides online

Digital Blade says:

Soo only good if you build a new house. But then again if you did you could have invested in LAN cables for that house. Magic Dad would love it to turn on an off light with his phone ….

Tech Elect says:

Dude placing the power line adapter in the room above won’t mean the wire has the shortest run, both rooms will go back to the fuse box first and be wired in a ring.

Good video though, I have bought these tp link adapters, they work well.

Chris Gage says:

What about the reported problem with ARC circuit breakers that are standard in new homes? I read about it in a review section on the TP-Link PA9020P on Amazon

Vukašin Čađenović says:

Thats wifi…

Aidan Arguin says:

My house was built in 2012 but I have no Ethernet at all and my ISP is *supposed* to give me 25mbps download and 5mbps upload, but I only get 5mbps *download* on a good day. I can’t afford anything better.

iReviewer says:

This doesn’t make sense to me. I have a power line set up too, the source is directly below me and maybe a few feet over, and the wiring in my house was redone less than a decade ago. My connection speed is supposed to be 60/5, however I’m only getting about 40/5.

Karen Dominguez says:

Can you use this to connect office phone lines?

Gabriel Luna says:

Did you have a PoE injector by your router?

Adam Shepphard says:

Damn just bought 2 of these and my house is over 200 years old

Andrew Bray says:

Would this work for a philps hue bridge

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