How to choose network Cable – Cat5 vs Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat8 Ethernet Comparison

Get Cat5e:
Get Cat6:
Beware of marketing schemes that tell you to pay extra for overpriced cable you might not even need, learn what the differences are between each Category of network cable and decide what you really need based on the specs and limitations of each cable. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra to future-proof an installation, but sometimes it might not be necessary. I hope this video helps.

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Max Sanchez says:

What would you recommend to game on a game console would 5e work fine my isp says they have 100 mbps of speed will it work with it

blind1337nedm says:

great vid man! , watched from the slingshot channel, i consider networking a personal hobby and ive found you guys an awesome source!

Allen Toler says:

I’ve run Cat 5E and tested it to a little over 1 gig at 320 feet. We do use Cat 6 now but I didn’t see the need to upgrade from Cat 5E. I do this for a living. Just saying.

cossboss says:

nice job where are the cat 8 cables so that I can buy it today please help? thank you

Gautier Humbert says:

great animation. unfortunately, 90% false. don’t trust anything in this video.

milcirdec says:

where did you find the distance for Cat7A @ 40G @ 50m and 15m for 100G? Batcave story again?
Challenge you to create a wikipedia and wait for challenges

Kamil Kuzmicki says:

I run cat 8 all over my house 🙂 stupid expensive BUT worth it if a stupid isp gives 40 gig internet connection within 5 years LOL

Luis Martinez says:

My wifi speed is 100 speed which Ethernet cable do I need to use ?

gamersspace says:

If my internet is only 50 mbps do I need cat 5 or cat 5e

Is there a speed difference if I use cat 5e?

Jordan Rage says:

Batman has Cat9.

Matan Azizi says:

I can’t believe I run cat 7a in my bat cave….

A Brit & Whovian says:

Why did I just buy a cat6a for my computer to my router on my home 200mbps network?

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