How to Add a Network Jack to a Wall

In this Budget Nerd video, we go over how to install a network jack on wall running your cables through a crawlspace. Check out my other videos for more networking goodness.

2:22 – skip straight to the wall jack install

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Guido Andolcetti says:

Substitutos en español porfavor!!! 🙁

Zhefang Wu says:

i dont have the big house as you

Stephen Wilson says:

As a low voltage structured cable technician, this is easy to do, but there are different wall caddies that can be used and you don’t trace the faceplate for the hole you cut out. There are many other things I could say, but I’m not going to go in to great detail. This is a video for a do it yourself, and not do it like a professional.

Conner P says:

Any way to do this without a punch down tool

Movie Games says:

Wish I had a crawlspace. My house has useless telephone and coax jacks that I would love to replace, but I see no way of getting to them.

TheRangeControl says:

Budget Nerd you never mentioned what the orange thing thing is called that you are placing into the hole to screw the keystone plates into. I REALLY need some of those. Could you please tell us what they are called and preferably link to them?

Thank you for your time.

Akis Papazoglou says:

Yeah, good luck cutting a brick wall with a Stanley knife, lol!!

K K says:

Out of curiosity… where did you get the jacks, wall plate, and low voltage box?

J2XG says:

Can I use female to female jacks to do this ?

Sickwitit18 says:

I’m trying to get an Ethernet or two from our office to my bedroom. They share a wall (probably some space in between). I feel like I could totally do this but it’s my brother’s house and I don’t want to mess up. Would it be extremely easy doing this to just connect 2 rooms together that are separated by one wall? Just wanna go straight through

conincamo says:

HUH UH. I’ll game on wifi til I die of old age before I go toe to toe with the spiders in my crawl space.

SupaTrending Daily says:

If you need someone to tell you how to do this you shouldn’t own power tools

Art C says:

Lots of youtubers put in patch panels, but for those who want to keep it simple, another low voltage box in the switch/router room with a six position keystone plate can be a lower profile and lower cost alternative.

-UrbanOzzy- says:

Why can you just cut into the wall? In UK if u try doing this, u will just end up with a broken knife

Apple2 Tech says:

How do you cut labels that square? I have that same label maker

Andrzej Budzyński says:

Try to do the same with bricks 🙂

Nick Machiavelli says:

Certain ppl complained that you should not run low and high voltage in the same stud space. Not true. NEC allows it. As far as running lan cable, yes, keep it a foot away from housing wiring for noise reduction, UNLESS it’s BX, MC, AC or EMT wiring. All these types of wires are noise (and mouse) shielded. Good video.

DerpyLeo says:

My Ethernet cable won’t fit

Cam Master says:

*has screwdriver

*still uses xacto knife to open outlet cover

w9gb says:

IF your home uses Leviton Electrical outlets and Cover Plates, Leviton’s QuickPort Systems will be PERFECT Color Match.
BEWARE: Ivory and Almond are DIFFERENT Colors. IVORY has been Long-Time (decades) Color used by Electrical Outlets.
ALMOND is a NEW Color, last twenty years, Sold by Home Depot. Home Depot no longer regularly stocks IVORY … requiring you to source from Electrical Distributors. CHECK before making large purchases (Take your existing cover plate when buying, comparing to Both Colors.)

Fatcat Towing says:

Thank you for the video!! Made my life WAY easier (than the way) i was going to try

crazy fish says:

Use a flex bit and drill from the top. Lot easier than what you’re doing.

Randy Reyes says:

There’s no spot to plug Ethernet cable in my house…guess I’ll continue using my hotspot

PCFilms says:

I have cat5e ports everywhere in my house, I tested it and plugging in an Ethernet cable didn’t work. I heard that you have to have another modem that connects the ends of the wiring… I don’t know much about this topic so don’t call me out XD Can anyone explain why the ports don’t work?

Rhodorn says:

I don’t have a crawl space… I have an attic… VERY informative video, can use most of this, but that attic though…

Veridium 1337 says:

Lol this won’t work with my house it’s literal concrete 🙁

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