How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

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Powerline Ethernet uses your home’s existing wiring to transmit network data! How does it work, and could it be the right choice for your home network?

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micheal henry says:

How far do yall think is to far

Roshan Varghese says:

Hi Linus a video request from my side. Wanted to understand how I can do desktop virtualization for a home desktop PC with Ubuntu & PC gaming (windows) together in the best possible way.
Maybe a discussion covering the Hardware and software required for this.

Doc Funkinstein says:

How about power line vs a proper wifi AP. Im using a Ubiquiti AP and its pure bliss.

Cameron Foster says:

Virtual check lonely space creative possibly child offer such until alternative

Echtvergoldet says:

I can only say: ITS SHIT.

Freakk47 says:

I’m learning to be an ICT engineer. I’m on my first year, and MAN has Linus Tech Tips and Techquickie helped me to understand our hard to read materials and vague class teachings. I have learned to understand or see the bigger picture easier thanks to you guys! Thank you!

Queen Elizabeth II says:

Linus plucks his eyebrows LOL

CluelessGmer says:

Am I the only one who think Linus looks like a younger version of Michael Bolton??

Nigel Loke says:

I just bought a HomePlug AV-compliant AV600 from TP-Link, though that would only be a temporary solution, as my family might be moving to a new house with built-in Ethernet wiring.
Reasons are simple: no difference from wired gigabit despite me using a gigabit internet and downloading stuff are all under 100mbps so I found no point dumping in MORE money on the AV2 standard.

Zach Michaelis says: umm do a thing on this thing

Some Orange Kid says:

Hey I have a mookscan powerline at my house and it will not power on, it has no buttons and there is no information on the internet for it. I am lost

Brian Mirante says:

Powerline is not very reliable. Run Ethernet signals through coax.

Gaming by Zamra says:

every powerline adaptor ive tried has provlems the wiring in my house is crap so im having to run ethernet through floors, celling and walls

Matt Lopez says:

I live in a house built in 1952, is a 66 year old houses’ wiring going to be an issue when using powerline adapters?

C Ross says:

Powerline got me to stand out, above the crowd. Even if I gotta shout out loud.

Chris Harris says:

Great video Linus and friends! Just to clarity u need two adapters where as if I’m using a range extender I only need one?

Pwnagraphic says:

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m done watching this after the network congestion pun.

Michael John says:

does this mean I can have internet on my fan?

Julián says:

The protocol its call PLC (power line communication)

jakob findlay says:

Okay I just have a question about the power line adapters I have a house with a power breaker(I’m sure you do too I’m fairly certain it’s just electrical code) meaning different areas of the home are on seperate breakers will the adapter be able to go from one breaker to another or would the breaker act as a block

Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn says:

So how do we get around not having a wall aerial with an Ethernet socket as that’s a problem for me as we got an indoor aerial an am having to move it alot for channels an I’m still waiting for my Wi Fi stand as my son an family have the aerial all through the house I’m in the granny flat under the garage even my phone is slow from reception so will this work for me if I don’t have a wall aerial with an Ethernet , my new TV he got me has Wi Fi in it but wait for the Wi Fi stand at the other place we could pick up the Wi Fi an I live in Sydney Australia I want to get the new foxtel or Telstra or Apple that plugs into the HDMI on your TV so in till I get the Wi Fi stand an I won’t go into that problem can you help me with your item , my email is

BoogiemanXXL says:

Don’t ask me to subscribe before the fucking video has started. I don’t care if the numbers say that it’s worth it. It’s just pathetic. Just like the jokes in the script.

Jeffrey Wheeler says:

Do MOCA adapters

Star9 says:

im in class now

Odin Valknir says:

I would assume that a power line adapter on the same circuit would be quicker than splitting it on 2 circuits, and having the signal go through the breaker panel. Seeing as that would cause lots of interference.

Rangel Costes says:

You should do a video about ac and dc adapters for egpus

TsunaTsurugi says:

Mhhh i’ll get 400 Megabits Internet so i guess Powerline is not the best solution to connect my PC to the Router.

David Wu says:

But I live Australia.

Brian the Red says:

its good if you find the sweet spot. Tried a few areas in my house (circa 2010 construction) and in those areas it ended up tripping the associated breaker in the fuse box.

Marc Hansel Thomas says:

hey Linus …your playlist shows 459 videos but has only 200 videos

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