Fibre (Fiber) vs Copper as Fast As Possible

Why is fibre better than copper in an all-out head-to-head showdown? If it’s that much better, why don’t we use it everywhere?

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Edgar Palencia says:

Can you make a video explaining docsis 3.0 vs 3.1

xXAwesomeGuyXx says:

Linus should start an ISP company called LMG (Linus Media Group) the highest internet speed is 100gbps at 999.99$ month

Brad Oneill says:

Meanwhile, I’ve got 12 Massive Drums Of Fiber in my drive way

Meme Bois says:

Cant wait for Fiber to become normal.

SAVAGE_KIID210 says:

I wanna know , if ur Fibre router is in the middle of the house and your house is a double story, should your Fibre router be high and not low to the ground ??

Threetree583059 says:

Captain Linus sparkles

Syed Ahmed says:

You are not sparkling as it seems you have got some kind of disease as view from far Any way nice video thought……¡$

Chickenzzz says:


Neisor says:

Thats why there is VDSL 2.

Bob Crosby says:

Linus This is the last straw Coper coax can carry many many more GBs than fiber. And in many areas it does. You got wrong data. The interference you mentioned is very rarely a problem for exactly the same reason as fiber. iI is called shielding. Also you said more amplifiers Because of many connections AS if that is NOT an issue with fiber but only coper. YOU are wrong on that as well. SPLIT A FIBER YOU BETTER Amplify it. THE ONLY THING YOU GOT RIGHT WAS FIBER IS BEST FOR DISTANCE.

Someone says:

2:16 jumpscare

ceejae says:

Poor Ms.Rochester!

Just Another Atheist says:

I have fiber cable internet right into my home 😀

Potato Computer Tips says:

im gonna get fibre cables in the January middle-ish so happy and excited

Zreddx says:

iceland already has fiber internet everywhere GO LJÓSLEIÐARINN

Duxz2 says:

Here on puerto rico after the hurricane you could see the fiber optic lines on the floor.

tigrom01 says:


Robert Crawshaw says:

I wish copper could transmit 100Brontobytes per second

Lil chapstick aka yung dimentia says:

The internet is not a big truck the internet is a series of tubes

Daniël Vegter says:

Here in the netherlands all homes in big citties have fiber cables running to ther front doors, even as copper.

Andrew McKenna says:

Australia is actually transferring all of our cables to fibre optic cables. It’s called the NBN (National broadband network)

Mr. Shazam says:

And, TELUS is now installing fiber directly to your house (if you want it that close). Ta-da!

Alfred Bylyku says:

I changed my internet connection to fiber optics. I pay only 22$/month for 100mbps (10mbps upload) . Its been a year and I never seen a a dropped connection. What I like the most is that I get approx 96mbps download and 9.8 mbps upload whenever I test it no matter the time of the day. I can download a movie in 2-3 mins. Super fast and cheap.

DerNähstudent says:

In Germany is Fiber rare and Expensive, you pay them like 600Euros once to get them to install a line in your Home. Then you Pay them 60Euros a Month for 200Mbps Symetrical… True Story.

Julio Chino Martinez says:

am i the only ne who finds this dude sexy?

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