Fiber optic ethernet connections

We invite You to watch our video tutorial on creating fiber optic ethernet connections.

The movie will show You how:
1)Create a fiber optic connection
2)Create a media-converter to media-converter link
3)Create a media-converter to switch link
4)Create a switch-to-switch link

Devices used in the movie:
Termination boxes:
Fiber optic cable:
Easy Splicer:
2x LC adapter :
2x LC 2x SC patchcord:
2x LC 2x LC patchcord:
LC pigtail:
SFP module:
Ultipower PoE switch:


Ranjan Biswas says:

He knows about it very well, very good splicing


Computer institutes don’t teach these stuffs in networking classes. All they do is draw stuffs on white board and say things. Students needs hand on experience using real equipment in real time. Thank you for this video.

Driss Taoufiki says:

Thanks ser.

Punit Vyas says:

For beginner this video is the best to understand how fiber work.

Kira Demin says:

It’s very useful for new workers and students, great thanks for you creation!=)

张华子 says:


Tony M says:

turn that fucking annoying music off !!!!

sapple telecom says:

If any wants OLT 4 port Gepon fully loaded , email me –

Marius Chiriac says:

You can put (for example) 24 cameras in a campus, all connected in a fiber optic managed switch. It is better then using 48 media converters.

Clay says:

Great video, but why did you have to get Sisqó to do the soundtrack? I’m sure there’s a networking joke in there somewhere.

Fire Sky Cam says:

I am a qualified cabler in Australia and I am attending an optical fibre course next week. This clip has shown me some great basics already. Great presentation. Prepared and obviously rehearsed. Well done.

Ally Hussain Roshanally says:

Lots of head aches for understanding fiber connections and devices , this video just blew away all doubts
, Great tutorial .

Tank Videos says:

Баста, ты ли это?)

Michael-no-wish Jordan says:

Giving McDonald’s the benefits of doubts not bouts about it’s WiFi service this is what services they ordered before I tell beboo and crew kneel on thier fuckin knees for a 19¢ strawberry milkshake momma and dada couldn’t afford during the great depression when war bonds were the cool thing to do there still here what would grandma God or old father time ?

HriedoPotettoGaming says:

nice I learn new thins (y)

Brian Bolton says:

Proper use of the extraction lever not shown correctly. It should be put in the closed “locked” position once the SFP has been inserted to prevent the accidental extraction of the SFP. Once closed, then the LC fiber connector should be inserted.

Roy Stevo says:

simple explanation, very straighforward…thanks…very informative

Sun Shine says:

Great video with concrete examples. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you!

Thai Tuan says:

Bao nhiêu tiền vầy việt nam có máy hàng cáp quang chưa

sapple telecom says:

Fiber cables export all type 2F to 48 F unarmoured and armoured

Safwan Alam says:


Sheer Muhammad says:

Great video, I have learned a lot from You, Many Thanks.

MaxHeadroom786 says:

I hate fucking demo videos that only plays music in the back ground, at least speak to your audience, that’s if you can fucking speak English. Overall the demo video was okay, learn to interact with your viewers.

Abrar Pthan says:

Awsm vedio thnkyou so much this vedio

Mr Dashpuppy says:

Good video !

patel pinkesh says:

long distance wirless ip camer poe connection tutoriyal videos plis….

wakeel khan says:

Nice vedio

Pace Metal Fab and Waterjet says:

Superb video !!!

Abraham Shahmoradian says:

First video about fiber optics, i like it.

vlog4x4 says:

thanks a lot man. this helps me very good.

Michael-no-wish Jordan says:

Still waiting for a fuckin response from heaven sorry all lines our busy how many fucked up planets these guys wrong were were always last to hear any good dam good news

Alan McAuley says:

Very good video.if I had to go another 350 mtrs after first switch at 400 mtrs do I just loop out of switch with another fibre connection.

Johnson Mafoko says:

amazing demonstration

islam or aaj ka alam or hum says:

Sir how many cameras are connected in one media conveter

Bryce Wilkinson says:

Where are those enclosures from? Would love to get my hands on a couple

Abhishek Awasthi says:


sonu kumar says:

How can I use multiple camera in one cable

Pankaj Jain says:


Chandan chandan says:

Can we use port2 for connection to computer ?

Tota Maged says:

Video is very useful and give important information thank u

2007 yy says:


I see, THX

Anonarchist says:

Fiber to the PC !

James James says:

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ka totoy says:

First video that actually explains how fiber optic connection works (not the theory about light). Not I understand that there is a media converter that converts the light to bits of data.. ^_^

Amal Prasad says:

Very informative and good presentation. Ideal for a beginner like me. Thanks.

Karthik9949896980 says:

Very much liked to watch this video.. Good

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