Easiest way to Label your Cables prior to Pulling CAT5E/CAT6E

RHINO101 for all your labeling needs! Its takes a few extra seconds to label your cable, rely on the durability and name of Dymo!


JackCondor44 says:

anything that clips to the belt …. well makes me feel like batman is worth a try…… price looks good…. i will keep an eye out for it…..

SomeGuyInSandy says:

That’s why you mark your floorplan with the cable numbers (as-built). It’s pretty easy to ID the cables in a particular mud ring after that.

Chhaka Luoy says:


LatNWarrior says:

How does it work??? No demonstration of how it is used???

Dawn LaMothe says:

Used this tool. Unfortunately, the Sharpie fades after time.


I mark on my wire jacket directly with a sharpie and I have RARELY had a situation where I could not read the label. I have saved so much time and money not stopping to grab a tool, write on a label, cut the label, remove adhesive and apply the label….

Danny Miller says:

cover your wires in plastic and tape so the other contractors don’t mess your wires up.

Alberto L says:

it’s really neat @3:06

Michael Hinchey says:

I use tape flags. way cheaper and way faster to id the cables while terminating a closet.

Posi P says:

This is from someone who’s never done this job.
Just pull the cables in with no labels. Punch the cables down on both ends. when you certify the cables, then you label them. No big deal if there are not in order, as long as the call test good and are labeled at both ends. Speed is required in the job to make money.

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