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Comparing Dish vs Cable, specifically Comcast XFINITY, Charter Spectrum and COX. Which has better hardware, which has better customer service, and which has the better price? Find out our recommendation here!

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Hello, today I’ll be talking about DISH vs. Cable, particular Comcast and Time Warner, talk about the difference between satellite and cable, why Time Warner and Comcast, talk about the hardware they offer, some services, and then the price.

To be clear, cable companies use cables and satellite companies use satellites. The cables have the downside of having to be on land, to be a physical place so there are fees and taxes to pay for use of the local land. Satellite companies have the issue of, they require line of sight to the satellite in the sky, so if there is something in the way of that and you can’t get a good line of sight, then they can’t be at your house. So why Time Warner and Comcast specifically? Well here’s a list of all the subscribers, and you see there’s a big drop off after Time Warner. It goes twenty-two million, twelve point two million and then four point seven million. These numbers are a little bit old, but it’ll give you

the idea, so their by far the largest cable companies, so it’s a good benchmark to compare against DISH.

With the Hopper, you can skip commercials entirely with their Autohop feature. Comcast X1, you can fast forward through them and with Time Warner, you also have to fast forward through them. Hopper by far has the most capacity at two thousand hours versus two hundred for Time Warner’s Whole House DVR. DISH’s Hopper has six recordings at a time up to. X1 matches that, that’s pretty good. Time Warner only has two recordings at a time. The DISH price is lower than the other two per month for leasing the Hopper. X1 is at twenty after promotions end, and Time Warner is nineteen ninety-nine a month which is about the same as the X1.

According to this JD Power study, DISH has the highest customer satisfaction of these three, Comcast has the next highest and Time Warner is at the bottom. DISH has free install in up to six rooms. With Comcast, it’s not free. The installation fee varies by service provider. Time Warner has free install in up to four rooms. DISH has better performance and reliability than Comcast and Time Warner in all regions, and Comcast is better than Time Warner in the North, East, and West, but Time Warner beats out Comcast in the South.

And now the price comparison!So for all three, the most affordable for DISH was nineteen ninety-nine a month, Comcast, the most affordable thing was twenty-nine ninety five a month, and Time Warner was also nineteen ninety-nine a month, matched with the same price as DISH, but only has twenty plus channels, with fifty-five plus for DISH, so I say DISH wins that round. The mid-range package, I just wanted to have something to compare at the same price so these are just the thirty-nine ninety-nine a month packages for each company. They all have one. DISH has two hundred and twenty plus channels in that package. Comcast only has eighty plus channels and Time Warner Cable is about the same as Comcast at about seventy plus channels. For their high end packages, this is the highest for Comcast and Time Warner. There’s actually one higher for DISH, but that has three hundred twenty plus channels and I thought it didn’t really compare well. So DISH’s high end package is fourty-four ninety-nine a month for two hundred and sixty plus channels. Comcast is more expensive for fewere channels – sixty-nine ninety-nine a month for two hundred plus channels, and Time Warner cable is about the same as Comcast for the number of channels that are available, but it is ten dollars more a month at seventy-nine ninety-nine a month.

So you’ve heard more details and now we’re down to our final recommendation, and I don’t think this will be much of a surprise to anybody, but the final recommendation is……DISH!!! DISH over cable and particularly Time Warner Cable and Comcast.

Thanks for listening.


Daniel Busque says:

Your prices were incorrect, also with some of the packages with Time Warner Cable Include internet as well Home Phone, an the price of those in a package are way cheaper than retail price, the first bill is always expensive because of the installation, equipment an taxes depend on the area that you live in, the speeds range from 15mbps to Maxx markets Ultra 300mbps. Also, Time Warner has no contracts, so you never have to repay at the end of the year, instead after your 12 month package, it can be renewed for a better package at a better discount depending on what you need. Their phone also has unlimited nationwide calling. Also, the DVR records 2 shows at a time, BUT the whole home DVR can record up to 6 at a time-not including the current show you would be watching. Check your sources

Chima Amanambu says:

Time Warner Cable became Charter Spectrum in January 2017.

Mr Smoke The Savage Lord says:

I agree how abt internet services

Too Lazy To Make a Name says:

Internet is always better by a fixed wire line aka. cable, fiber, and/or dsl (DSL being the slowest option). Dish uses DSL and Satellite -both of which are slow.

The stats:

Dish max speed DSL: 20
Dish max speed (DishNet): 15 (Capped)

Comcast Max Speed: 2000 (Select Markets) 105-250 (Everywhere else)
TWC ‘Maxx’: 300mbps (Select Markets) 50 (Everywhere else)

*Judged by download speeds in megabits per second (mbps)

fjones63 says:

You have to upgrade your info. Dish for the medium package is $70.00. You have brighthouse correct. Dish did a poor job of set up. I’m leaving Dish in one more month for cable because channel selection is better and it’s much cheaper.

Brandon Diaz says:

How about the internet speed?

volarecantare says:

19$ a month for only 20+ channels?
A service of only 55 channels is not even worth 5$ a month!

Matthew's Car Corner says:

I like dish over cable and comcast, but how fast is the internet for dish, comcast, and time warner cable? Why don’t you do a video on that?

ThePower1987 says:

i used to have dish and it was great but i can’t remembered if espn espn 2 and tnt were included in the normal package

fjones63 says:

Forgot. The cable has more usable channels. Dish has maybe 8 good channels. Cable has about 20 I like to watch.

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