CNET How To – How to make your own network cable and port
Dong Ngo shows how he’s in total control when it comes to networking and more.


mluu510 says:

His English really improved over the years! Good work, Doung!

044Lance says:

You did it wrong!!!!

Cody Slab says:

in their dreams?

sinnerslight says:

This guy gets a stamp of approval from me.

Kareem H. says:

He is not clear with the order of the color cables, if this video is for noobs. No one who already knows how to make a cable would watch this twice

Ws says:

Dongo u the best

Eric P says:

“Am I in control?
Yea. Sure

Sven Wullaert says:

Hi Dong Ngo, With the most respect to you it’s nice to show people how to make their network cable but the blue isolation must be also inserted into the RJ45 connector. Not like you did it I’m sorry. Teaching and showing it wrong is bad and gives IT people more work to fix this when novice users do what you showed. You should really remove this video and make a correct one. With kind regards,

TheFrozenTurtle says:

I’m confused I was owned or the other guy…? 😛

Fuad Hossain says:

@mywonderapple Owned….:)

Ashrey Beecham says:

why dafuq professional channel like cnet make such low sounding videos, it annoys me and makes me close the video in few seconds

ORGAN1X says:

I freaking love this guy!!!!

McDouchebag22 says:


Sergio says:


jmerrey says:

this guy rocks!

Nick Bouwhuis says:

Just after our teacher said we had to make our own network cable. Thanks cnet!

Eduardo Estrada says:

Nice bro

TheFrozenTurtle says:

No, there are many branches of IT work, some make 60-70 thousand a year and some make 80-100 thousand a year… of course it all depends on where you work and how much experience you have.

Eightneun says:

I came here only for Dong Ngo!

tenchuZsenran says:

You have to squeeze or push in the piece on the Ethernet cable head, And no we don’t need more standards, we need to utilize USB and it’s various adapters… why not have 4 usb ports on a laptop and get rid of HDMI/VGA/Ethernet… USB in fact if USB wall sockets succeed things can really change…

Bae Con says:

easiest lesson in my technician school 🙂

Zigma says:


Zlysor says:

I would never let this guy do my network cables. Seriously, how can he make a “how to”-video if he doesn’t even know that you’re suppose to put the sheath inside the connector with the small cables, to make it more durable?

Verrulz says:

Its Masuka from Dexter!!!

constantupgrader says:

Radio shack is way too expensive yes/ dong ngo is probably my favorite guy on cnet to watch

Mikee Holl Martz says:

In Beavis’ voice: Uh huh, uh huh huh… His name is DONG! XD

dirtyunderwear97 says:

Thank you

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