Cat5 VS Cat6 – What’s the difference?

Not all ethernet cables are born equal. Jack explains the difference between cat5, cat6, and spaghetti. (spoiler: the last one’s the worst)

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Kalvin Shum


IntarwebUser says:

What does the different MHz do? If it doesn’t affect the speed, what does it affect?

Zero Zero says:

what about external cables? Which are the most durable?

ZhyperMU Alonzo says:

I have 120 MBPS internet, and I ordered Cat 6 Ethernet Cable instead of Cat 5e in Amazon. Is it going to work? Do they have different ports?

Colin Kovick Gaming says:

My grandpa has a regular cat 5 cable connected to his wrt54g router. I don’t think he wants to upgrade soon though.

codemiesterbeats says:

I made my own snagless conversion kit…. I just snapped that fucker right off… now it doesn’t snag anymore 😛

Robert Raymond says:

It is great that you answered the question in a technical sense, but what does that mean to the consumer?

Nick Name says:

This was wonderful. I am pleased.

Mutahar Farooq says:

It was a shock to me when I saw that Cat.5 was obsolete because a long time ago, I used to use Cat.3 but Upgraded since then due to extreme latency and slow speeds.

yettered13 says:

you mentioned spaghetti cable. now what if I boil it and add spaghetti sauce will it work? asking for a friend

Gary Loger says:

Thanks man.

emarine says:

Hehe.  Thank you.  :3

mrApex says:

I have cat 7

Ernest Jay says:

next product : RGB “Gaming” ethernet cable, makes your game 20 Fps faster

Michael Hackney says:

Thanks. I know what to buy off of Amazon after watching your video. I hope they are paying you 😀

urmensch12 says:

Wait Spaghetti arent network cables???? But i use them to conect my PC to my Router.

danz409 says:

i don’t get the spaghetti part of this video…

matreks101 nuoe says:

Beautiful explanation of a young man I wish to benefit from my bro

Tom Rankin says:

Yep that helped

Bubbykoh says:

with this make my internet faster with a .5 download and .4 upload?

PolarBearProject says:

Could not get his hands on regular Cat5? Really?. Wow. Thanks. Do you even search, bro?

Milt Wood says:

Tried the “spaghetti thing”, big issues making corners! Reading these comments only confounds this old “dinosaur” even more
also tells me that many of you have too much spare time on your hands !!

Lucian Andries says:

HELP PLEASE: I have a cat7 cable, that doesn’t support gigabyte speed…! WHY?!
When I plug it it, the network adapter sees it at only 100 Mbps. I tried all the ports in the router, still 100. Yes, the router is 1 Gigabyte. My first cable which is cat5e works at 1000 Gbps. So wtf? :(((
What can I do to make it work? Teach me please!

Leomared Campos says:

Thank you.
But I wanna know what is the best brand of UTP?

Roger Davis says:


Ashiq Ahamed says:

I just used the spaghetti cable. No packet loss what so ever 😀

Emmanuel Omondi says:

Thanks man!

Alessandro Ghiurcuta says:

Good Video thank you

Zay19.Sw3t XxX says:

Is that a legit website ?

Rahul Maharaj says:

which cable is good for online gaming

codemiesterbeats says:

I had a cat 5 cable… lol I picked it up at goodwill I think. I needed a cable (usually goodwill is killer place for buying ethernet cables… ) I didnt realize and picked up the cat5

Christopher Doxtator says:

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, why they spaghetti hate, i use spaghetti for my internet the fastest connection in my neighborhood. please reupload with Spaghetti v. Linguine. i prefer spaghetti with a Rigatoni cover but i am crazy like that


how many mbps can cat 5 hold

Cristian Mendoza says:


KING Swag Master says:

this help me a lot I found out I have a cat5e and a cat5

Walter Mojica says:

very helpful thank you!

Ridhwan Ismail says:

Even if you have Cat 6 but your Internet speed is Potato/s, this cable doesn’t make any difference. In fact, most Internet speed in the world doesn’t exceed 1000 Mbps so just just the cheap cable.


thanks. now i know

jordananthonyruiz says:

Funny vid!!!

Harry Akira Eaton says:

After accidentally breaking a cable clip, I always buy snagless now.

Wackercracker says:

Can you do a comparison upon cat 6 and cat 7?

Techon - NBA Videos, Gaming And More! says:

Awsome bid!

Fainted says:

so for gaming would a cat 6 be better? and why would it be better. im currently using a cat5e and it works alright, but is cat 6 recommended for the ultimate experience?

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