Can You Do 10 Gigabit Over Regular Cat 5e Ethernet? (The Results Will Shock You)

Do you REALLY need to upgrade your cabling to get 10 Gigabit LAN?

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I recently bought a bunch of Cat 6 cabling and tools to rewire my place with 10 gigabit. But soon discovered that would be impossible, and I would have to live with the existing Cat 5e. But would that be good enough? Both Cat 5e and Cat 6 use the same RJ45 connector and cable pairs, they are just constructed differently. So how fast CAN you get with Cat 5e, and would it still allow me to get multiple-gigabit speeds without doing anything?




blueman24 says:

Cable: Cat6 10Gb
PC: Gigabit Ethernet
Router: 100 Meg Ethernet
ISP: 5 Mbps

Bree_Got_It says:

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can connect to WiFi without an Ethernet cord on windows 7 laptop

Andrew Deex says:

What kind of switch do u have?

the4thj says:

I liked it but, wish you would have cut it opened and compared.

Thetreetroll says:

The human mind can only intake 200mbs of porn, any more and you are wasting porn.

Joker says:

Think of the amount of porn you can stream simultaneously!

lindyengineer says:

Great video. any chance your “easy to read” chart is a graphic somewhere?

Bruce Warren says:

Can you give us an updated version of how to get free games on Xbox

Gert VAN DER PAELT says:

There are much better options than those “budget” Netgear 10G switches. Mikrotik offers a cheaper L3 managed switch with 16 SFP+ cages. Generic 10GBASE-SR fiber optic transceivers can be bought cheaply at around 15-20 USD, 10GBASE-T copper are more expensive on the other hand, but you should avoid using that if doing a new install.

SARAN5H says:

Why not raid 0

jacob Freeeman says:

why cant you just shine a flashlight through the cat5e wire

Jenna says:

I have Samsung 960 Pro 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD and I should be able to transfer files much faster than traditional SATA SSD.

AviciiOfficial Vevo says:

don’t you mean jijabit

IIGrayfoxII says:

Another good test would’ve been using RAMdisks both PCs can do use the same software, and since read & write speeds on RAM disks thrash NVMe SSD speeds

Mohamed Daoud says:

Can you talk about reCAPTCHA…

Accountwithnoname says:

You should have use battery hack that some youtuber showed check the video

- says:

Thioretically xd

Dragonborn says:

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HarryMayonnaise says:

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Iron Jerk says:

I am shocked

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

10Gb. How quaint. I have 100Gb, and when server boards with PCIe 4.0 come I have 200Gb.

candoslayer says:

This is still under gigabit therefore not a real test you need to figure out how to exceed gigabit to get a real test

SonAmy Sonic and Amy says:

Thanks! ^_^

Rob F says:

Hi Thiojoe What type of microphone system do you use to record your videos. It sounds fantastic

carole jones says:


Sean Broodryk says:

Not bad.. I dont have to warrie about cat 5 or cat 6. My routers dont go over 100meg anyway but i have replaced all my cat 5e with cat 6 shielded. And some cables are about 65 meters. And i get 98meg pers second right from start… Yes i am going to rplace my routers time 3 with the asus routers…

Hunter Ziegelmann says:

6:21 wow GROSS you didnt even put boots on your cat6 cable

Oguz Ulusu says:

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Arturs Strawberys says:

Optical connections in Latvia arrowed, it was nice from dsl in beginning, talk more about optical . My ISP(What dilivers internet) tell max speed was 1 Gbps joined from iptv and internet form pc and phone VOIP . Real speed economic moved 2000 kb/s what you canb see in downloud speeds.

Daniel Craddock says:

Where are comming from!! I am paying for 100 Mpg per secounded. My ystem does tirebites.

John Moore says:

I agree with you that you can probably get higher speeds than rated at shorter runs. However, there IS more difference from CAT5 to CAT6 than shielding. The CAT6 copper conductors are larger than the CAT5. If I remember correctly, CAT5 is AWG24 and CAT6 is AWG22. This means better conductivity properties.

Rrek says:

lol my internet is 16MB Download and 1 MB Upload…

Super Gaming says:

I dont understand why people buy Ethernet wires just make them they really easy to make.

nick graytown says:

nooooooooo 5g will be strong wifi

nodrinks says:

results S H O C K E T H

Matthew Hiltner says:

There is considerably more behind CAT6 standards than “How it’s constructed and shielding.”

Parzival says:

Which OS are you using? The icons on the taskbar look round? Are you using themes or some thing of sort to make windows 10 look different. Or, are you suing different OS? Make a video about it, maybe?

parker says:


FE59FE59 says:

What 10Gb NIC did you use for your NAS? Also the one from ASUS? The ASUS NIC is not listed on the synology website as compatible. I hope you or someone else can help me with this! This video got me one step closer to 10Gb ethernet! 🙂 Thank you

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