Build home network LAN cable HD 720p

Detailed description on how to make and crimp a standard EIA/TIA-568 B straight thru patch cable.


جواد احمد خان says:

very helping video with nice illustrations.

Elan Paim says:

thank you good video and information
may i ask you what the name of the crimp tool you use ? there are so many out there what one to go for ?
many thanks

Md Faizuddin says:

very intrested

svecenik says:

Quick note.After watching this vid i went and made my own cable.I did follow color order,but it ended up reversed for me.Good thing is,as long as you follow same color order on both ends,cable will work as normal:)

Minyahel Dana says:

i need more thing about networking material

kaleab reta says:

nice video men

mukesh rathore says:

good technique…thanks for posting.

zack kast says:

Thanks me

Innocent Niyonkuru says:

do you need to do the same on both sides ?

dev kumar says:

how we can conect two or more computer through lan connection.

Satrick Iki says:

Just to know how wiring of a office.

foley001 says:

Are you Cisco certified?

757WN says:

good technique…thanks for posting.

shiamaa aziz says:

it’s a little difficult

AlienC says:

Very clear and to the point. Just like every teaching/illustrating video should be.

Rajiv Singh says:

thanks to the videos

vipin Kumar jha says:

i am not lisen clearlly.

Dave C says:

Hi what you refer to as a “wick” is actually serving two purposes,one is it allows ripping of the outer sheath and secondly it stops or helps prevent the entire cable being overstretched on long runs,I have never heard it called a wick most people call it the ripcord

collins obote says:




Andrew Curry says:

Clear and informative video kkehoe5, thank you 🙂

dexmark5 says:

do they have to be the same on both ends? how do u make a phone line port to ethent cat5

Vasil Vasilev says:

How to cut cables using magic!! 6:00

Avi Eda says:

i have wires (cat 7) all over the apt. does everything need to be 568B , also the wall connection? or just the cables that connects the computer to the wall jack ?

Rajiv Singh says:

thanks to the videos

Lawrence Berg says:

clear informative video

miloud miloudi says:

yaladi gounalak hada video foooooooooooor raouuuuuuuuuuuuu3

Adonomar says:

if i dont have this crimper how could i make the last part??

Sean Dogg says:

Just to confirm, there is no need to strip the ends like you do with electrical wires?

Samina Tarik says:

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Joe Walshe says:

Good clear video thanks. I’m wondering if I can do the last bit without the special tool. I mean where you pierce and connect the cables to the fitting

David Stahr says:

Great video. Thank you.

Carlos Bandi says:

oh yeah he helped to refresh about this subject

Mr. crazy says:

you are Just Awesome!
Well done!

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