BNC, RJ-11 / 12, RJ-45 Cable Testers

PI Manufacturing cable testers for RJ-45, RJ-11 /12, HDMI, and more


Godseeker Wong says:

Great video!

Joep de Wit says:

My RJ45 Cat6 SFTP doesn’t light up 5 but it does light up G, while yours does light up 5 and doesn’t light up G, what does this mean? (it seems to work normally in my PC)

Kike Fader says:

Thanks! Good info (y)

Kulpartap Singh says:

for testing  i can do room to room one end leave with switch and other where wire ends …main thing i can slip the tester for testing or they have to be gether

kkbose says:

good tester as bnc cables can also be tested i think there should also be a connector for usb cables testing then it will be total computer solution

Tay williams says:

Is Rj45 the same thing as cat5?? and is Rj11 the same thing as Rj11??

ssi1991 says:

When I test RJ-45 cables all diodes on the remote flash as they should corresponding to the master but the master also (and thus the remote,too) flashes the G light?
Does that mean my cables are defective?

sam goodwin says:

Great video with lots of information!!!!!

StrayCat414 says:

Nice job on this video! I’m about to buy my first ever RJ-45 crimping tool that’s in a kit from eBay that comes with a cable tester just like the one in this video. You just showed me how to use it! Thank you.

San Diego Songwriters MeetUp says:

Well done, clear and concise. What does it mean when the lights are red instead of green?

M Hellström says:

I have two cables which go down to 6 and then jump to 8 and back to 7. What does that mean?

Steven Fair says:

Hi , I just pin out a Cat6 cable for the first time & when to put it on tester No.1 & No.2 on remote light up at the same time so I reversed plug ends & the same thing happened on remote, what does this mean? I have a factory made cable (Cat5e) which I tried & it tests ok ie lights go in sequence

ricky master says:



cool , helpfuul video:

zoicite06 says:

I could barely hear what you were saying thanks to the music being too loud.

Tracy Ford says:

Thanks. Good video.

Roberto Rojas says:

Good demostration. Thanks.

Truth128 says:

You didn’t test RJ 11

Suzy Tsaab says:

Thank you that was the best educational vid …  I learned a lot

orestesdd says:

Can I use it to test Cat6 RJ-45 connectors? Thanks.

TMBlackCat says:

thanks soooooooo much! very goooooood video!!!!!!!!

nouxoid says:

thanks bro – helps to see a working and non-working example.

Kamil Gregorczyk says:

they are crossed wrong

Bienvenu Mbongo says:

thinhs, it was so simple

Chameera Madusanka says:

Great video, really help full ,

Mr Y says:

great job I love the easy way you were able to show me how to repair the cable

Sergii Lobko says:

Can I test the wire which is already installed? (one end in one room and the other end is 30 meters away) Or I will need to remove the wire?

deth502 says:

on/off/s ?? what does “s” do??

holabrunito says:

Hi, Thanks for the video, is your network cable tester a Velleman VTLAN4 LAN Cable Tester/Mapper ?

Thaddeus Fernandes says:

Hi I have a 90 month cable from one floor to another how to test it which end is faulty can I detach thr ed fd of this tester and take fb r other half on top

Dev 799 says:

Thanks !

Syed Akram says:

thank you good video

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