Basic Network Troubleshooting: Cable Tester

A quick and simple explanation of what a basic network cable tester is and how to use it. Understanding how to performa a simple network cable test is essential to any network administrator. And, the tool is a must-have addition to your kit.

The basic network tester is a must-have tool for any network administrator. THe value to expense ratio makes it a huge bargain. Using a basic network tester the user can determine if the network cabling is faulty. This saves the cost of having a cabling technician come to your business location only to tell you there is nothing wrong with the cable.

Using the tester, you can rule-out cabling issues if the test proves good.

The basic tester is not a “cable certifier”. Cabling Certifiers are expense pieces of equipment designed to test the fitness of the cable for speed, through-put, and resistance to noise.

All the basic network tester is doing is sending small electric currents down the cable to validate that the connectivity is sound all the way through. And, that the wires have been terminated in the appropriate spots on the jack and patch panel.

With this tool, we can identify: cut cables, mis-wiring, reversed pairs, 568a/568b cross-overs, and damaged pairs.

Generally speaking, your cabling infrastructure does not go bad on its own. Usually, the cable has to be exposed to stress, truama, or moisture for it to fail. Common causes of damange frequently seen are cables in wareshouse where inventory inpinges on exposed cabling, water dripping on wall jacks, or chaffing of loose cabling that eventually wears through the cable jacket.

The old saying about rats chewing on the cables in the ceiling is a myth. In 20+ years of field service, I have never witnessed any animal chewing on cabling.


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