Actiontec ECB6200K02 Bonded MOCA 2.0 Review – Extend a network with cable TV wires!

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – ActionTec’s ECB6200 uses cable television wires to extend a network inside a home. These provide up to gigabit speeds! See more networking: and subscribe! http:/ index below:

00:33 – Hardware overview
01:42 – How to set up the ECB6200 MOCA adapter
03:21 – Network speed and ping testing
06:35 – Long distance test
07:01 – HDHomerun video streaming demonstration
07:35 – NAS disk speed test
07:54 – Issues with DirectTV / possible speed issues with MOCA 1.0
09:44 – Conclusion and final thoughts

These work exceptionally well and deliver close to the gigabit performance promised. For the most part it’s as close to ethernet as one can get without actually running ethernet cabling. Speeds are consistently close to gigabit and packets are delivered reliably – even when across my home.

There is some additional latency introduced, about 3ms overall, that might be an issue for gamers looking for the absolute lowest ping times. But most users won’t notice any difference in performance.

All in these work as advertised and I highly recommend them over powerline adapters and other ethernet alternative devices.

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Richard Seidenberg says:

Hi Lon, First of all let me congratulate you for the hard work to share with us these excellent reviews !
I’m considering to buy these adapters as they definitely might solve my problem in my apartment but using one adapter and on the other side the network wifi extender from your second review.
I only have a doubt. What about security on these devices ? I mean, you mentioned that you can have up to 16 of these woking on pairs right ? So once the network signal is mixed within your coaxial cabling inside your house the only thing separating it from the coax cable coming from the street is your Cable set top box.
Could someone connect an adapter on the coax that brings the signal to my apartment and be able to connect as being in my network ? Example another neighbor in another floor playing with the cables from the main panel at ground floor where the cables are distributing the feeds to the apartments. Or is there some sort of keys that you can configure in order to pair theses devices to keep a closed loop ?
Thanks in advance for any comments on this !

Edwin Perez says:

Just Installed on my network after seeing your review …. Previously I had a Ethernet cable from my window to the basement. I was amazed how easy and fast these are. No more Ethernet cable running out my window.

kemolowlow says:

That Apple IIGS is Dope!

youfermont says:

Best tech reviewer in the world, you should have millions of subscribers.

Alfred Van Der Heiden says:

you must do a latency ping test with a packetsize of 1500 bytes, not 64 bytes which is default but not representative for a real world test.

Andrew MacGregor says:

Fantastic. I just got this thing and my speed has tripled vs using one of those gigabit wireless extenders and powerplug. Thanks dude!

devexityspace77 says:

I have a pair that I just can’t get to work right. My first adapter has coax from wall to the IN. Coax then from the Adapter’s OUT to the MODEM. Ethernet from Modem to the Router’s WAN port. Ethernet from the Adapter to the Router’s port1. The other MOCA2 is in my living room and has COAX from wall to IN. and Ethernet from COAX to PS4. PS4 does not get a connection. Since I do not have a Modem/Router combo device, do I need to use a splitter?

Perry Pelican says:

I am confused. What about using the same coaxial cable to run the TV signal and the Ethernet at the same time. My router takes the signal from my phone line and splits it up for Internet and TV. It has a coaxial out so I can have wired TV in other floors. How do I make the TV signal and Internet go through and separate at the other end?

Shaftell says:

Can you plug the ethernet port to a splitter to get more connections?

Johnathan Michelstein says:

I used the old actiontec and the new ones. New ones are faster by far. Hdhomerun worked well on the slower adapters but with the gigabit adapters it works about the same with other devices on a switch. I bought the slower adapters @Lons review and have no regrets.

Mark Shane Hayden says:

I have a similar pair of adapters but they use a competing standard called, which looks like is more often used in commercial or apartment buildings than single detached homes. is gigabit class as well, but it also works with satellite TV, which is why I got it instead of these devices.

With about 30m or 100ft of cable between the units in my living room and the detached garage iperf reports not quite as hish as these MOCA2 units, close to 900Mb/s, but they add virtually no latency…less than 0.5ms on my tests vs 2 machines directly connected with a long Ethernet cable.

I would strongly recommend either or MOCA2 to anyone who needs to connect distant parts of their property (in the case of they support VERY long distances, and I think MOCA2 does too). Wireless should really be limited to mobile devices!

Salvadore Pozzi says:

Originally found your site when you posted the MoCA review many months ago on the older version and have since become an ardent fan and supporter (Silvio). We live in a rural area where the only internet service is 5Mbs DSL from AT&T. Trying to watch any internet streaming (Netflix,Amazon,etc.) over wireless and power line adapters was an exercise in futility. Based on your original review, I put these in 3 rooms and all the connectivity problems were solved. The over the air television signals were not impacted at all. They have been running for about 2 years with absolutely no problems

Ed Doyle says:

Thanks for this Lon, I was able to plug a pair of these in and they are working great with my Verizon Fios Router.  I was able to use it with my Android box in the living room, and replaced the Ethernet I ran to my son’s room which I tacked along the baseboard (was slightly unsightly). I haven’t had any issues with my hdhomerun/plex server setup, no complaints from my son on ping or lag on his xbox 1 or his pc.

Keith Ryon says:

So in order to use this with cable internet (comcast): you first have to have a splitter where the coaxial goes to your modem. Connect your modem-router-actiontec MoCA-then to the other end of the splitter? Getting ready to build a house, and if this works, id rather save some money and just use the existing coaxial wire that will be installed and get a internet mesh system that connects to coaxial/actiontec.

Ingvar Leskovar says:

Anyone knows if this will work from main house to additional dwelling unit about 80 feet away? ADU is cabled with coax just like the main house.
Thank you.

Bugkiller666 says:

Thanks a lot Lon, I learned something today.

Shan W says:

Question … on the network… can you see the Moca Adapters when you access your router online.    Also When you connect your device when you look at your connections online does it say its connected wirelessly or wired when its connected to MoCA?

Perry Pelican says:

Actiontec stuff works but expensive. There are much less expensive moca adapters available on Amazon that work as well.

Public serivice says:

Hi, I want to purchase this device from amazon and I would like to know if that Moca device have any radiation ? ( the WiFi have radiation like cellular device)  another question that important if with this moca came 2WAY SPLITTER in the box ? thanks , if I want to buy which moca device you would suggest ECB6200 OR ECB6000 ?
Thanks a lot.


Lon, I have fios do I still need to buy a filter for these devices

DJSchmitty says:

Are there any Moco based Modems? I am having a hard time thinking of a way to implement this since my only cable jack in my room is plugged into the modem.

Antonio Carballo says:

I can say that MOCA is the only way to go short of wiring your house with ethernet cables. Powerline devices are dependent on how good your electrical wiring is. I have been using MOCAs w/3 routers in my home for two years w/o any problems (Charter subscriber). The POE filter is a must to complete your internal network. Thanks again for the review Lon!

Evan Bradley says:

Great review! You really helped me visual how to use MoCa, thanks. I hope you’re still planning to do the follow up video covering how these devices are performing over time

Colin Haven says:

I have Verizon Fios and do use these in my house and I don’t notice any difference in speeds although mines the ECB2500 so has a max of 100 mbps on its ethernet port

Fred Zlotnick says:

do you know if I could use the Moca pair, as you showed in your video, if I am already using Moca for a second cable box? Cox Communications supplied me with a satellite box for a bedroom, which use Moca and works fine. I wonder if I can still use these devices?

S Brown says:

I know nothing in the tech realm so bare with me. Here is my situation. I’m getting ready to cut the cord. Currently I have direct TV whole home, ie; MoCA dual Receiver. Separately I have Charter internet/phone package. I also have a Surfboard Extreme Docsis 3 Modem, which I own, and an Airport Extreme, also 5 ghz that I own. The internet and Satellite cable from both suppliers is Cat6 coming in. I’m dropping Direct TV, hooking up a HD Roof Top antenna, and planned on using the Satellite Coax to run the OTA signal to all of my rooms with TV’s ( 3) br. My tvs are either smart, and or have a Roku player hooked to them. What I am trying to figure out is, should I be running the MoCA adapters through my high speed internet Cable since that is what all of my wired and wireless connections use? If yes, how would the MoCA adapters interface with my Televisions? Would they each have independent programing ability if each had their own adapter, or should I be hooking up the adapters to the Existing Satellite Cable? The whole thing makes my head hurt thinking about it. 😉

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