ActionTec ECB6000 MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter Review

No Ethernet? No problem! The ActionTec MoCA Network Adapter gives you Ethernet anywhere you have a coax cable. With MoCA 2.0, maximum speed is 670Mbps. This is great for gaming, HD Video, or anything that requires a high speed network.

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Public serivice says:

Two pairs devices that sold in amazon : “Actiontec MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter, 2 Pack (ECB6000K02)” :
Does it come with 2WAY SPLITTER ?
Thanks in advance.

Dominic Tomasi says:

Great video but I’m a little confused. I understand that you only need 1 ECB device for Fios but you also mentioned that you can disregard the installation instructions that come with the ECB device if you have Verizon Fios. Can you elaborate on how to install the ECB6000 to an Verizon Fios Quantum router for instance? I assumed that the installation diagram that comes with the ECB would apply to Fios routers as well.


If the scheme is correct, how many users can connect and what is the maximum distance?

Aristotle says:

Hi , dose it matter what FIOS router you have to get the moca 2.0 native ? I am running on the MI424WR. So all I would need to do is connect the ECB6000 at the site of the device No pre-router hook up ? Also, is this the same for the ECB6200 model?

Tommy Nugent says:

okay, so i have a modem/router setup downstairs. (coax into modem and ethernet from router to pc) For my PC upstairs i need faster than the wireless connection i have now. upstairs i have a coax from the wall available , would i need to 2 moca adapters? one downstairs connected to coax and ethernet to router, than one upstairs from coax from wall then ethernet to pc? i hope that makes sense, if it does could i do that?

Public serivice says:

on this package 2WAY SPLITTER come with this ?

Ken M says:

I have been researching a solution, I have a xfinity (cable) netgear nighthawk ac1900 modem/router , I want to run a line (coax) To my office about 100ft or so, and want to cnnect that side to a netgear nighthawk router so that bldg can have wifi through out. I get up to 75mps from this xfinity set up, streams nicely, and want to use this to replace a DSL line that gets up to 3mps that wont hardly stream anything..will this set up run my router and give me wifi in that bldg?

Pete Puma says:

I’m confused by your statement that this does not work with satellite…it only works with cable. I don’t have satellite nor cable, but I do have a rooftop antenna and coax running throughout my house. Are you saying it won’t work with satellite because the satellite TV signals running through the coax interfere with MoCA, or are you saying that I must already have cable internet to use this device? And will over the air antenna signal interfere with the MoCA? You also mentioned that if you’re a FIOS customer, you will only need one device, but what about Xfinity customer’s? Don’t they already have internet via MoCA as well?

Steven Rash says:

I’m using these to provide backhaul to my eero mesh network and it’s greatly improved my connections

u wot says:

awesome video. very informative. thanks a lot!

Ivgottobeme says:

BEWARE: I recently purchased this product to eliminate my VZ router in order to use my own router for VPN and remote management. I followed this guide: which is very clear and informative, however, it doesn’t specify which version of the Actiontec MoCa adapter to use. I installed it and was able to receive guide and VoD listings just fine. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch any VoD content due to pauses stutters and halts. I ended up replacing it with my old bridged Actiontec router.

Chase Emmons says:

Hi. Having trouble figuring out if this will work for me. My house has the main coax cable coming into a crawl space, then a splitter which sends coax to several rooms. I have my Cable modem and Airport extreme in one of these rooms. Can I use this to send data back through the cable which feeds the modem so it can get to the splitter and to the other rooms?

Michael Myers says:

Question…I currently have Frontier Communications FiOS with a verizon router (the black one with orange stripe). Can I use this moca 2.0 thing with a completely different router such as the nighthawk by netgear?

Matthew Rivera says:

Hey! Don’t suppose you could help me, but I just bought this and received it today I have Cox Cable as my provider and I plugged one adapter into the Coaxial slot with the splitter next to the modem. Both the power and Coax light lit up which was fine, but when I went to go plug my second adapter in another room it did not work. The power light was on but the Coax light was not, if you can help please let me know ASAP. Trying to run an ethernet connection for my PS4/Xbox One.

StratosphereGaming says:

I have the Actiontec MI424WR Rev I router that, as far as I know, only supports up to MoCA 1.1. I want to get an adapter for MoCA 2.0. Will the 6200 version of this adapter work with my router if I get two, and will it be able to use the higher speeds of MoCA 2.0?

Nguyen Le says:

If I have a modem/router setup with xfinity internet, but i Have direct tv and a cable setup, would this work?

PC Principal says:

I have a moca network via my TiVo bolt that’s connected to my router ethernet and feeding moca to all the TiVo minis around the house. Could my son in his room just get one adapter in one of the rooms with the mini instead of getting two?

Albastine S. says:

I have barely learned of MoCA, how is this technology so underrated? no one talks about this? Poweline is more popular but is very variable. I got some adapters and will try it next week. I get 25% of my 100mbps upstairs over WiFi and 50% over powerline.

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