4 Clever Ethernet Cable Hacks

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Even though wireless technology is making ethernet cables obsolete, let’s take a look at some ways to breathe new life into these technological wonders.

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Corey Batchelor says:

Ethernet obsolete? Hah. No. Wireless is shittier and expensive if you want good speeds out of it. Let’s say you can manage 500 mbps through wireless (unlikely on a cheaper router). That’s split up between all computers and devices trying to use it at once. Large file transfers are shit over wireless, too. Gigabit routers and switches are relatively cheap and give you FULL gigabit speed PER port. 10 gigabit ethernet is even a thing and very much in use with large corporate networks. Wireless is all about convenience and allows small mobile devices to access the internet. Other than that, hard wired ethernet is king.

Nyan Randy says:

who is still using there LAN line on their computer?

NoobimusMaximus says:

I’ve used these hacks and am now browsing a top secret main frame. Thanks! xoxo


Şimdi bu nedir anlayan var mı?

Marco Flores says:

The usb type-c showed up and rendered every other cable useless

Mark Errol Laboc says:

Can I use that USB to connect my printer to my network?

Mad Kingslayer says:

Did he just say becoming obsolete? We’re still using them in 2017 genius.

Blazanite Rules says:

Why would you even bother doing the USB hack? You either have to go out and get USB connectors, solder wires on to them and then connect the USB to the Ethernet. Or you will have to cut up a USB cable for the connectors. Just go and get a USB cable in the first place. Plus USB is apparently unstable after about 12 feet.

Trevor Langas says:

The first minute of this and all I can say is “What?”

Jacob Holmes says:

Ethernet is not even close to obsolete. Wireless has to start as a wired network. Most businesses still primarily use ethernet, its more reliable and secure.

deathson10 says:

yo its def ow o gw b bw g brw br. And it does actually matter on which one goes where even if they are the same on the either side. It is designed that specific way to reduce emi.

Machiel van der Schoot says:

My friend, I’m sorry for all those negative reactions you recieve. Cannot believe what I’m reading. Most of them are a captain obvious parody of themselves. The hack of running USB through Cat5-ish cable…does it really work or is it a theorie? Because every piece of information I know, tells me that 5m is the max distance. I never tried it myself but a RS232 signal can go up to 20m and RS485 over 1000’s of meter. (Yes meter…not those feet things). Also my compliments about the quality of your video. Nicely polished.

Luke Clark says:

So many inaccuracies.

matey 00 says:

I have a vga cable and I had 14 of those I have bought 14 monitors I attached the wired together AND BOOM 14 MONITORS IN ONE PC

DeadPistolsBrainGerms says:

When he said “obsolete” he meant for the general internet user. People always ask for a WiFi password not for a fucking ethernet cord. For the mainstream individual ethernet is hardly used. Stop throwing hissy fits over it. Not everyone is a nerd like us that needs the least amount of latency and biggest data transfer speeds as possible.

iso crates says:

warning most of this video is wrong

Findecanor says:

The connector is not called RJ-45. RJ-45 is a specific _use_ _case_ in telephony for a “8P8C modular connector”.
That’s like calling every mini-DIN plug a “PS/2 keyboard plug”.

gghelis says:

Here’s fun story. I work as a network engineer. So, the guy who worked here before me told me some uhm… interesting things and he was being totally fucking serious. Follow his logic:
1. Only four out of eight wires are used.
2. This is because our network uses IPv4
3. IPv4 is called “4” because an IPv4 address has 4 sections
4. Each section of the address is transferred through a seperate wire. That’s why 4 wires are used.
5. IPv6 uses… you guessed it, six wires!

Like, no kidding, I’m not making this up, this is literally what he told me.
Kill me.

Chris Storrier says:

utter rubbish….would rather use a good cat7 cable over wireless anyday( theoretically quicker than wireless)…turn that f*cking annoying ping off…

ActionScene says:

How Much Volt Give An Internet Cable..???

Static fl says:

Duct tape and bubble gum, a recipe for disaster…

Sgt Brobee says:

Show me a 1Gbit Router and I agree it’s obsolete. (It’s expensive af basically.)

KappaKappaKappaKappa says:

Ethernet is getting obsolete ?
Sorry but, are you retarded?

iso crates says:

but do any of you know what 8p8c means

ThirdEyeJedi says:

Obviously this guy doesn’t put termination ends on for a living. If he did then he would’ve know that we use the B method here in the U.S.

VJT says:

I use ethernet when I’m gaming

Cuzeg Spiked says:

Ethernet obselete? Brah! Ethernet is the best for gaming competitively! Literally reduces ping by a huge amount . Also good for higher Mbps in general if you need it, though 5ghz band WiFi does exist.
It’s also amazing for downloading huge files and when your wifi is horse shit in general.

I do of course use the ethernet powerline adaptor . Some gaming motherboards don’t even come with WiFi cards as well so ethernet can sometimes be only option, only sometimes.

飛鳥「月」 says:

I wanna learn how to crack a honeypot. 😀

AnnoyingCritique says:

ethernet will never be obsolete unless walls become obsolete.

crazyjr says:

so what you’re saying, is i could power my modem from the cable, bringing in the internet connection?I realize it’s more complicated than that (your modem needs to be within the power specs of the cable). but that’s like free energy, to power the connection. Not much in savings, but still free (to you) energy

julian kiriakidis says:

This helps if your a electrician

Roy McMillan II says:

Do not believe your own hype. In 1997 when I was settiing up the earliest WLANs, people thought that the future of networking was going to be WLANs and normal LANs would go the way of the Dinosaur. Well kiddies, that was 20 years ago, and the ease of hacking a WLAN has made wired security more important than ever,

Martin Kuliza says:

MATE… TCP does NOT stand for Transfer Communications Protocol

Secondly, THE CONNECTOR is not called a Registered Jack 45 connector
it’s called A MODULAR PLUG or MOD5 Connector
why do people never get this correct
i would have thought that the word JACK gave it away

CAT 5 or CAT 6.. aka THE CATEGORY RATING for the UTP (unshielded Twisted Pair) Cable, does not only relate to
Shielding and how fast data can transfer
if anything, VELOCITY OF PROPOGATION (V.O.P.) Governs speed
but the category rating covers other things as well, such as # OF SIMULATENOUS USERS ok
as well as Maximum Segment Length as well as anything else the standard wants to incorporate
it’s not just insulation and speed
that’s a very naive point of view to have

hack 1 Crossover cable… yes yes everyone knows how to make a crossover cable

Hack 2
IS ILLEGAL and stupid
so…. now i know why my clients do this from time to time … Jesus Christ mate, please stop telling people to do this shit ok.

beyond that
some points are valid, others are stupid, others are incorrect

mregroeg007 says:

That bip is horrible

Fugitive292 says:

Skip to 1:05 to jump past the “Ethernet cables are obsolete” bullshit. Rest of the video is pretty cool though.

Doug Blackmon says:

Your wiring colors are in the incorrect order, you have them wired in the A format in which they should be in the B format for the US.

justandy333 says:

Ahhh the cross over ethernet cable. I’ve only ever used it for 1 purpose; back in the days of the first Xbox console to do link up games with my mates. Good times.

Lillshrim Gl says:


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