Why I Switched Carriers

Why I Switched Carriers
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Finding the perfect mobile carrier isn’t easy and that’s probably because none of them truly perfect. During this past year, I’ve continued switching and testing many of the top carriers in my area. Now, after several missed calls and headaches, I think I found the best carrier for me.

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Copycat Burns says:

FYI for those who want T-Mobile to use overseas for extended periods (more than a few months) T-Mobile starts threatening you after two-ish months that theyll limit your roaming service if you keep on using that feature. So their whole “no borders” stuff isn’t quite true. They gave me a specific date that they’ll cut off my roaming…

Ruhaan Malhotra says:

Bruh I went from t mobile to sprint

Cole Cieslewicz says:

My family lives in Houston, and Verizon is the only carrier (out of all the 4) that we can seem to get a consistant connection on. Sure, they’re a bit more expensive sometimes, but I’ve never had a bad experience with their customer service and I never have bad reception or service. Just a thought…

dang0088 da says:

my verizon cell would cut in and out , so i just call forward to the homephone land line.

Team K says:

Team, T-Mobile. 6 yrs now

Killer Vibe says:

T-Mobile is awesome, wi-fi calling works as good as 5bars outside, 30 dollars a month and no contract is amazing

Prince Maverick says:

I love t mobile

Roman K says:

Do you need some eye drops? Sooo much blinking

M W says:

This was a boring video

Ruben Scott says:

If you have a real business you get Verizon calls won’t drop every 25 minutes that’s t-mobiles job if your at home all day not moving t-mobile is the way to go the past 8 years 12 hours driving all over 4 towns all carriers suck but for the price t-mobile get the pass I have to give cricket a try maybe it will be just like t-mobile and there are different plans also they both suck it’s just allows you to stay on 4g longer

P.T.onfire says:

I switched to Tmob&metro when leaving boost after 8 years after nextel. Seem lik boost got worse over the years. I went driving cross country & never loss metro service.

elchamber says:

El Toro?

1000 subscribers with no videos says:

My sister also is switching to T-Mobile. I’m 12 and I wanna switch so my mom doesn’t pay much

Get3Blocked says:

Only complaints with sprint is

When I’m gaming it’ll say network is poor

But it’s never slow to download stuff
Or view stuff

And it’s very cheap

KaibaCorp HQ says:

I switched in 2013 to T-Mobile from AT&T and haven’t looked back. I pay $97 now, and before when I was on contract with AT&T I was paying $182…service has been pretty good for me, but it’s really good in general in the south anyway so.

Richard Lee says:

I been with Tmobile for 11 years now. No problems with the signal. What i like is the way they treat the clients. Customer service is the best. Never had any billing issues and they are very straight up. The phones are not loaded with a lot of bloatware like other carriers . And even give you a payment plan if you are going to be late in your payment. My experience with tmobile has been good and I’m not planning to change. I recommend you try what works good for you. Tmobile works best for me.

Hein S says:

thats alot of blinking youre doing there

Foxy says:

That’s why i got a phone ad for a bad company

h says:

Sprint is the worst carrier in existence. I’d rather have criket or virgin before going back to sprint

Jacob Bautista says:

I actually had a terrible experience with T-mobile recently. So far I’ve been waiting one whole month for a refund of $500 and been calling customer service. As of Monday I way told it could take another month to get my refund. So I am switching.

Bojo David says:

I use Google Fi

SiGUY E says:

Been with T Mobile for 12+ years, haven’t looked back!

groovy grover says:

Lies.. listen carefully…

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