Ubiquiti Networks UniFi US-16-XG 10GbE 16-Port Managed Switch Review

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Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG 10G 16-Port Managed Aggregation Switch

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Kirk Steinklauber says:

Does it support Layer 3 routing? Or just layer 2? Can you stack these switches in HA mode? If it does support Layer 3 routing can it support dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF or BGP or just static routing?

Roy Tomassen says:

VLAN 69.. naughty boys xD

Aaron Lawrence says:

Finally, a good review of this product lol

Danial khan says:

Is there a web management access to access this directly? I don’t want to use unifi controller to manage my devices.

StopaskingformynameYouTube says:

That thing is beautiful on the inside!
I love electronics that look this neat!

charlie brownau says:

Interesting switch , its USD$550 RRP on Amazon USA ,
 in Australia it ends up AUD$879 RRP

USD$550 RRP = AUD$756.74
+ GST (AUD$75.67)
= AUD$832.41
Add profit for importer
Add profit for local distributor
Add profit for local PC store
= AUD$879

charlie brownau says:

Now all we need is an 16 port gig switch with singe 10G uplink

First Name says:

It’s a great piece of equipment I recently upgraded a client to 10GB. But for my home use it would be far to overkill a 1GB of speed is plenty across most networks. Not to mention most client devices are a bottle neck since some SSD’s cant handle such speeds or copy at these speeds. 10GB is only useful at this moment in time if your woking directly from a server, but for simply coping files over it would be useless. Or if you have a large amount of people accessing files across the network so that the bandwidth can be distributed equally.

CJ Burgundy says:

Be careful to not touch the exposed power supply.

Christian Magnus Lie says:

Is it quiet enough to have 3-6 feet away in an office/room?

raymond brennan says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. It is very much appreciated.

Kjeld Schouten says:

Finally I was waiting for this review…
When is the cloudkey gen 2 pro comming? 😛

Philip Cook says:

How much power does this switch pull from the wall? I’m debating between this Unifi switch and the Quanta LB6M. The LB6M is a little power hungry, I’ve heard ~130W, but it’s almost half the price.

Kristopher Leslie says:

Awesome sauce

Reedith Graham says:

I’m using 5 in my office love them love the price

Eric Perry says:

Can you plug SFP to Ethernet and network pc’s in addition to the 4 provided Ethernet?

drpoolshooter says:

I feel they should do Layer 3 routing.

Tomas Alonso says:

can you connect this swtich to the u-loco or the nano as media converter to convert fiber to rj45? or how to use fiber in a house to expand the 10gb network biside using 10gb media converters?

markie4tv says:

I have an Enterprise EMC 2 server with a copper connection,
But I don’t know how to connect it to my pc, any ideas, thanks in advance, Pete.
Also a CX3 I think , with fibre connections that has me puzzled as well.

t11chb says:

This video has just reassured me that my issues are not just me. I get RX Fault whenever i plug anything in, even ubnt modules and this is with no cables. Doing a factory reset now, fingers crossed i don’t have to RMA it.

jinksy31337 says:

link aggregation does not give you more throughput, if you have two 10G LAG ports it means two people can talk 10G at the same time. you cannot split a frame or packet.

gsxr1kmatt says:

Now in 2 separate videos you have referred to the company Unifi. The company is Ubiquiti and they make the Unifi line of products. How do you mess that up? That’s like saying Camry makes a good car. Every reference you make to the ports you call the SFP+ ports SFP Ports. It’s apparent you have poor attention to detail. Also, the EdgeSwitch is a much better product unless you can’t network engineer yourself out of a paper bag and need to use the whole unifi suite.

Grayson Peddie says:

In my opinion, I would say it’s cost-ineffective if I only want to hook up two or three computers with 10G networking when it comes to file transfers unless I want to hook up 4 or 5 computers (probably the max I would have in the future).

Would an OpenStack (or Kubernetes) cluster require at least a 10GBit networking? All I would be doing is setup an OpenStack cluster with 3 servers performing different tasks such as one server acting as a controller and a router, one server acting as a file server, and a third server with a compute node. This is for a home-lab environment and I do know it’s overkill and waste of electricity if a cluster will to sit there for a day or two for testing, but I like to learn new things. I like to learn both OpenStack and Kubernetes when I build a couple of servers.

Jermaine Brown says:

Cisco has 400gb in there Data Centers

Lars says:

Hello. Can you about setting servers up in cluster with redundancy? I am working with building my web development company and want some linux servers in cluster for cpanel. Have you a software that i can use, and can you make a video about that?

George Deligiannis says:

00:46 omg BE CAREFUL!! Your coffeeeee!!!! :O :O :O ahhahaha

Adam Svensson says:


Vince I says:

I’ve read the reviews many times. The fact that this used to be on Amazon Prime and no longer is says everything I need to know. Thanks for the review.

engrpiman says:

has the newest firmware fixed the bug where switch will not link up over 10g on the rj45 ports with Intel cards? this bug forced me to buy a SFP+ card for my nas.

Josh Black says:

*Air Rectangle*

theReloadist says:

Be aware, that when you use the 1G-RJ45-ports on the US-16-XG 10G with a link at 100Mbit/s and Autonegotiation, the port might shut down. In that case you have to disable Autoneg and set to fixed 100Mbit/s on the other side of the link.

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