TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch Review (TL-SG108E)

As I add more and more devices to my home I have then need for a switch to connect more Ethernet devices onto my network. In the past I have used a dumb hub but they have no management options and can’t be configured. TP-Link’s new 8 port gigabit switch (TL-SG108E) is a low cost switch for your home that is great for connecting up media streamers, PCs and NAS devices. Out of the box it’s a simple switch which you can just plug in and use without any configuration but where it is more useful is the management options. It comes with TP-Link management software that you can monitor the ports on the switch so you can see what is using up all your network, you can set up VLANS and it support QoS (quality of service) so you can make sure your VOIP calls get priority over video streaming. You can also set up ports with higher priority so your media server gets priority over your kid’s machines.

It’s a very simple device, costs £29 from Amazon, in this video I connect up and take a look at the switch.


Wis Tech says:

Suppose you made port 2,3 as VLAN ID 2 and port 4,5 as VLAN ID 3. Can i access the interface/portal of the switch using either of the ports 2,3,4,5 ?

heartmusic says:

Can you connect this to virgin media superhub and use superhub wirelress + one of the Ethernet port to connect this switch???

ehex3 says:

Skype machine? hehehe nice video lad.. But QoS with for your IP phones or PBX servers

Benjamin Hall says:

Does it require as a PoE function?

Nelson Wafula says:

is it compatible with macintosh?

Daniel Sprengart says:

Do you know if this device supports Bonjour?

Hannes Zietsman says:

if i have a IP camera connected to one of the ports can I reset it by disabling the port and enabling it?

SomeoneCool2 says:

Ps. it is windows only, sorry for macintosh users. Go for the better solution that has web-based configuration.

D j Latinman says:

Can this unit be used as a router?

Kenneth Bay Smidt says:

LAMO! :0)

Jay Litten says:

Does the cable modem have to support QoS in order to utilize the QoS features in this switch? Thank you for the video, too.

Your PCMD says:

I am having an issue with mine. It tells me that the “host IP address and switch IP address must be on the same subnet”

I cannot even log into the Admin section. I want to just take it outside a shoot it.

Iulian Gabriel Cata says:

Nelson Wafula the management software is windows only. But is it plug and play anyway with it’s default configuration.

SomeoneCool2 says:

I bought two of them to divide my network and interactive tv. When i setup connection for the tv over port 8 on both switches, it does not work, why? no clue.

Jimmy Ci says:

Sorry, horrible review. You just read the different pages and didnt explain what anything was for. Loved how you had no idea what you were actually talking about. Good job faking it though, seems almost 50 people liked your nonsense.

Moisés Nascimento says:

One question, here in Brazil we have live fiber of 100 mb, the router is mitrastar with support for vlan and iptv. The fact that this model has transposed many connection disorders and quality in the reach of the wifi connection. This swuite model that you present has this feature vlan 10 and vlan 20 for tv?!
I would like to know if I could replace the live fiber model with this tp – link switch (TL – SG108E), only then would I connect a router with lower value wifi support, since the vlan supported routers have a high cost . Thank you !!

maxpolaris99 says:

Can it become like a dumb hub on the hardware layer so I can put a NIC in promiscuous mode and sniff all traffic on my LAN?
People mentioned a Windows only config utility. Ergo no Web Management Interface. Is there any way to ssh or telnet into the config manager with Linux?

Jan den Uijl says:

When I try to dubble-click the switch it says “Host IP address and switch IP address must be in the same subnet!”
Please help, this is the first time that I have tried to do something like this and I would really like it to work

hitardo says:

Thank you for your video!
I read on a well-know website that this switch did not allow for checking the link speed of each port (10 / 100 / 1000Mbps), but with this video I confirmed it did.
Maybe it is related to a newer hardware version.

Can you tell me the hardware version of your swtich?
Thank you in advance.

Garry Gemmell says:

Good quick review I am looking to get one – would have been nice to see the cable testing util that is quite a unique feature in low price switches.

NOTE-pl says:

Thank you

TheDiabeticGeek says:

For some reason I’m only receiving Gigabit speed in from my router but to my devices the orange light is on all ports and not giving me gigabit to my connected devices ? Any help

MrMustache says:

Port 2-8 are blinking orange, when i am plugging in a device. Is that usual? Dont they have to blink green?

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