the devil’s nintendo switch

Another new Nintendo Switch– the Diablo Special Edition! Unboxing and review.
dbrand Switch skins!

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Luke Mildenberger says:

So are we just going to ignore mega-thanos in the background?

Michael Dammar says:

I agree with using the red joycons for this bundle it would’ve looked way better

john patrick ponce says:

can i have it ? 🙂

Jaydon Gooden says:

dbrand is the for switch.

Heart Reeves says:

Anyone got a link to the powera controller

South Nguyen says:

Please Kevin, review the Razer Raiju Ultiamte PS4 controller

bulletsponge75 says:

Would have been a bit cooler if the switch logo actually had some horns on it.

Greg Dundee says:

The Switch special editions have been lazy so far! More colour please people!

Satan Ramirez says:

Damn nvm tf I think it was the box that looked tight af lol

Sunny Achille says:

I think it looks rubbish

Nicolas Saldarriaga says:

Nice video man. I agree 100% with the red Joycons.

Fresh Soup says:

3:06 mega thanos

Guy GAMING says:

or u can just put a dbrand skin

Astryx_ says:

im sooooo tempted to buy the pokemon lets go special edition

Kai McCoy says:

Imagine; the standard Gray Joycon, with a lighter gray design on the back and the muddy red buttons on the front/top.

Robbie Wells says:

Kevin… Telling you right now out of personal experiences and system knowledge, you make me cry every time you say “Joy-Cons” or “amiibos”. Both terms are plural, and don’t require the ‘s’ at the end. A pair of Joy-Con are just called “Joy-Con” or Joy-Con Controllers, and amiibo are just amiibo. For the love of god adapt this into your script writing ;-;

skull lord says:

Excellent editing man

Lattrodon says:

for the joycons they should have made the left deep red coloured and the right deep blue coloured!

Breanna bre says:

Now you change the fucking logo …super cool

holyshitdamnwow says:

Colored joycons are reserved for original Nintendo IPs probably

aRPGenius says:

Your video seems a bit dark… (No its not my brightness setting)

Caz says:

I hate the gray on the dock. They should have used the same “infernal red” they used on the steelseries mouse. I wouldve been cool with grey joycons with red buttons like with the power A controller… anything other than nothing tbh.

Francis Daniel Padilla says:

Hey can i have a nintedo switch you have so many hahaha



Sammi's TM says:

I’m still waiting for a Senran Kagura Special Edition.

Isaac Flores says:

I just bought the smashbros edition

Benji Hughes says:

Pokemon switch i beg

Broad Man says:

I bought it.. Anybody wants to plvl me seasonal HC? I died at 70, para 400ish. reply ty

Toasty #4029 says:

I seen more blue shells than first.

Tess Tickles says:

I think itd be cool to leave the joycons black but the buttons red like that pro controller

Carlos Franco says:

What’s with all this boring black and gray art, These game edition switch bundles suck.

bsmit65 says:

I love the Thanos with the Mega Man helmet in the background!

Josiah Suarez says:

wow that does kind of suck. I’m sure all 50 people who buy this will be aghast.

Joshieboy Studios says:

“Don’t you have a Switch?”

Saeed 40 says:

Is it possible to connect the switch to a monitor with just a USB C cable?

Aleee Aztekka says:

I got those exact decals on etsy to put on for $5 instead of buying a brand new switch, and i got them on red to add more flare with my red joycons

Cyclops says:

Im the 999 like

BustedAhNut says:

What is diablo

FuzzyVids says:

Black joy-cons would have been nice too.

ArChYAtis says:

what a shity special edition

Aidan Ingram says:

Nice ass music

SAWR says:

Well… How many switch do you have now?

King Sancada says:

When will we get GTA 5

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