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The best Nintendo 2DS XL to buy is here! Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Edition unboxing a review

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tea sunami says:

I just got a Pikachu one..

Agustin Escalante says:

Im a Zelda fan, not a pokemon fan, I´ve played every zelda, even zelda 2 (great game), and yes, objectively the Pokemon 2DS looks better.

This one is nice tho

KriferGaming 21 says:

Can I have an Xbox one s

Jeff Bays says:

I bought one. Super impressed with the look. Its exactly what you want it to be.

Jordan Essen says:

What is it with Nintendo and screwing Europe.

Jamr says:


Princess Prince says:

Gamestop US/EBGames Canada sells it.

Justin B says:

To bad I don’t have $299…

Jonas Gelzhäuser says:

the Link design you showed is not “concept art”, it’s how link is depicted on the super famicom cover of link to the past

FriendlyFyre says:

I just wish it was coming out in the UK also 🙁

Benjamin Morland says:

Looks great… But I’m still stuck on my Samus 3DS

SonoKodoku says:

so if i have the same game on my 2ds what will happen if i transfer my games to the new 2ds will i have two game’s

The SpaceStation says:

i wish this had 3d

Toon The WindWanker says:

I think I’m ok with my new 3DS XL

Teknoman Blade says:

Worthless if it has TN panels.

TheSilverWolf1998 says:

I like it, but I’ve always been annoyed that with the way the designs are oriented, they’re upside down when you open it.

StormRider2 says:

No UK release so I’ll have to give it a miss but it looks amazing I really like the attention to detail.

The Epic Gamer MLWW2401 says:


Johnathan Roseberry says:

I grew up with the NES, SNES, and N64 but went over to Playstation consoles up until the Switch was released. I’ve enjoyed my Switch so much that when I saw the Hylian Shield 2DS XL I decided there was a whole library of games that I’d missed out on. This will be my first all-digital console that I can just pocket and take around. So far I’ve loved it. The Switch is just a bit too large to carry everywhere but my 2DS XL let’s me get that Nintendo fix wherever I’m at and 32G holds a huge library of 3DS games.

Jamr says:


CD Name says:

What’s next?: New Nintendo Switch sp pocket advance color XL…

twitchmx17 says:

but can it run fortnite?

Alyssa Sowell says:

I wish I could trade my regular 2ds cl I like that one better but I don’t wanna buy another one

Anibal Ballesteros says:

I want the Animal Crossing one coming out…

H3KX says:

Is it to late to switch

Charles Williamson says:

thank you, I was wondering about the design, I did not know if it was flat picture with fake 3d shadowing or what you show in you video. it does look spectacular

Vincent Chire says:

what is the game you show when presenting this 2ds??

digitalon01 says:

My brother in law just picked up this 2DS and I am seriously jealous. It is a seriously gorgeous system and easily one of the best looking handhelds I’ve ever seen. I’ve got the N3DS Monster Hunter 4 edition(no regrets!) and even I am considering getting one. It’s just that awesome. Zelda fans can’t go wrong with this one!

EmberGames ' says:

i had a pichaku 2ds xl and i sold it to my sister for 170$


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