Set-up, review, and test: TP-LINK 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch (TL-SG1005D) and Speedtest!

⚡️ I bought this Gigabit switch ($16 on Amazon) and hooked it up to my system. I ran a 100′ of Cable Matters Cat6 Ethernet cable from the garage to the living room. I connected the Cat6 to my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop (modified with a Samsung SSD and 24GB of RAM). I then show how I used a Speedtest to show what kind of upload/download speeds I am getting. Using a Cat6 Ethernet cable is also more secure and stable.

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M Miller says:

You’re right – while wireless can achieve double those speeds with no problem, with respect to security cable networking is always better than wireless (unless you require the mobility). With respect to speed, the cable companies have to build the infrastructure for the highest utilization times – e.g. 7-9PM. Since you are sharing the bandwidth with your neighbors, expect your speed to be higher during non-peak times. Sometimes it works the other way – people are using more than the cable company can provide. I do screen shots of the speed test results during these internet traffic jams then I call and request a month’s credit on my bill. Done this 2-3 times in the past 8 months and gotten the credit. I had cable TV for about a year in 1988 – better things to do with my time and I probably paid for my truck with what I’ve saved over the years ($36,000) plus got a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree with the time I was not watching the box.

yovel kars says:

Does this require stable wi fi connection? I bought it to convert one Ethernet jack into multiple jacks, but it doesn’t connect directly to the existing jack, and the wifi in my house isn’t really reliable.

Napfkuchen _LE_ says:

What do pay per month for this super speed?

Wolverine Logan says:

Where did you get that big Clock that has the Time and Date?

Damaged Soda says:

would this work with a gigabit powerline pass-through kit?

Mark Osborne says:

I would do this and dump Direct TV in a second if I could figure a way to buy BravoTV (al a carte) so the wife could watch her Housewives shows, but Bravo won’t let you do it, they will only allow you access through a cable (or dish) TV provider. Do ya think they are out to protect mega/cable TV ? Nice job BTW !

Wolverine Logan says:

This box is great because I get my full speed around 236mbps

James Pottorff says:

Wow … that is killer speeds on your system, how much does it cost. I iive in a RV park with limited WiFi, best I get is 5k download, and 1k upload. But once I hit 760mb of download, it slows me down to dial up speed! The system resets after 12 hrs, but I get around that using multiple wireless adapters. It is possible for me to get my own internet connection thru the local cable company, but that cost $30 per mo, but even that does not give those kinda speeds. Nice setup!

Todd Burr says:

congrats on the dumping cable…if you are ever looking for a cheap alternative for some additional channels, take a look at the Playstation Vue…the cheapest package at least in my area is $29.99 for 55 pretty decent and usable channels and best of all no contract

Sander te Winkel says:

great video, only one little thing, it’s gigabit, not byte :p

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