Real 10 Gigabit Networking at Home and on a Budget

Want a ten gigabit network at home but dont want to shell out major bucks on a new switch? Old enterprise gear to the rescue! I go over some of the ups and downs with reusing this equipment as well as the setup process for the Cisco UCS 6120xp for basic switching.

Items used in this video:
Fiber Optic patch cable –
10gb SFP+ module –
RJ45 Console to USB cable –
6120xp on ebay –

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Taylord Tech says:

Hopefully yall found this video helpful! If you end up with a UCS 6120xp and want something a little more mainstream for learning purposes it is possible to flash a 6120xp with Nexus 5010 firmware. One of the advantages of doing this is that the 5010 doesnt require any licensing so all 20 ports are useable. Ive not done it myself so I didnt cover it in the video, but see this thread on r/homelab for insturctions –

overclock1993 says:

If you want 10GB here is my recommendation. Looking for the Dell PowerConnect 5524/p (P for POE). It cost about 80$ on eBay. It has 2 sfp+ 10Gb for uplink and 2 HDMI connectors for tacking. It has web UI very ez to use and config. If you need more then 2 SFP+ 10GB buy another one and tack it. Power consumption is about 50w for non POE model and very quiet.

Lothar Scholz says:

10 Gbit? I want skip this and go to enterprise level and use 40Gbit now.

Donald Coleman says:

Good work !!!

Narin Pornwatcharakul says:

Excell network ช่อง ละ 1 Gb x 1 to 10 and A to D , E is correct ,F is check sum , [ไทย เรียกมักน้อย]

BarnAgain1 says:

Having the same spelling issues I rely on the shortcut commands in the CLI. Older versions let you just type sho (for show) and int (for interface) etc. Much faster and the tab key will help you also. After you type enough characters hit tab and it will fill in the word. Thanks for the demo!

Kevin Flowers says:

What I do to connect to the WEB UI on older equipment, is run a windows 7 virtual machine with an older version of java. You can get an old version at I never update it and works like a champ on old my older equipment, Dell 2950 iDrac, Brocade 5300. Give it a shot. Let me know . Great video, I’m going to get a 6120 and try this.

Marmbo says:

Those fans at 4:43 JEEZ!

Allen Pendleton says:

the gui is crap on all Cisco’s I have seen. I always just console in the config my Cisco gear.

Jon Paul says:

Can I not install 2 or more dual (or quad) port SFP+ NICS (maybe mellanox cards because they cheap) in my Server and use something like pfsense(maybe virtualized) to do the routing ??

toysareforboys says:

Yikes. F cisco, lol 🙂 I’m going to get this soon to set up my house for 10 gig! I’ve only got 1 server and 3 workstations that need 10gig at the moment but might run some fiber to my neighbours so I can help them out with their services 🙂

Brian Blankenship says:

most rackmount enterprise level stuff will lower the fans if both power supplies are plugged in.

Vulcan Viper says:

I take it you meant to say you were out of luck.

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