Okay, maybe you should buy a LAN Adapter for your Nintendo Switch

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Previously, the Switch LAN Adapter had some issues. It looked like it was way slower than it should have been. Now, that isn’t the issue anymore. The LAN Adapter might make Super Smash Bros Ultimate a little bit better too…

P2P vs Dedicated Servers: https://www.reddit.com/r/PRLegacyWars/comments/8kjsix/benefits_of_p2p_vs_dedicated_servers/

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Flamestoyer says:


Braydon Miller says:

If you have an xbox one, you can connect your switch to the hdmi out, and basically use it as an adapter

Polar Ice says:

10:00 if you want proof that peer to peer connection is shite go look at for honor and that games history Ubisoft really messed up with that amazing fighting game and it never truly recovered

WitcherBruce B74 says:

Was wondering why I could never find a match in smash.

Cyb3rs34l says:

I know this is an old video, but I have gigabit internet myself and their was an issue with me getting full speeds in my home so they sent a tech out and we started going through everything. After replacing the modem and router and still having issues we started to replace the cables and that was what the issue came to be. Even though the cable should of been able to handle the speeds their was some issue with it where it could not reach the speeds it was rated for. We then replaced all my cables with CAT 6 shielded cables and I now get phenomenal speeds with no issues. Not sure if you read this but for anyone who may have issues reaching their max speeds its always worth it to upgrade those cables for 10 or 15 bucks to a higher quality as well as making sure you router and modem are rated for higher tiered internet plans the higher the speed you have then you will need to upgrade to a new modem that uses docsis 3.0 or 3.1 and your router would need to be able to handle these speeds as well. Hope this helps someone.

oh yeah yeah says:

I just bought one and im having the problem you had

Void VI says:

Maybe they should fix their shit

Grilly Skillz says:

lol good stuff man

Jimmy Revamp says:

Im still getting slower download speeds and ping with lan adapter. Just don’t get it anymore.

Jonathan Soko says:

Do not trust any gamer who tells you wifi is fine for online gaming.

John Ramstone says:

Just buy a Nintendo Wii LAN adaptor frens, nearly $20 cheaper and does the same job.

Oscar Segura says:

My ping always rubber bands from 9 for a fee seconds to 144. It makes fighting online shitty

SuperMandibleclaw says:

I can’t use a lan cable, my switch is too far from my router

weglarz says:

The only way to accurately test bandwidth is to disconnect all other devices from your network when you do a speed test. This is something people don’t understand when they’re experiencing slower speeds. They go test their network and see they’re getting a third or a fifth of what they are paying for, and they think it’s something faulty. Well, little did they know their roommate was downloading a new game, or watching Netflix, or their PC starting downloading updates automatically without them knowing. There’s too many factors to account for. The best way to test is to take your device and bypass the router entirely and plug directly into your modem. That way you can be sure there’s no other devices sucking up bandwidth.

Noob Plays League says:

Does anyone else have input lag almost every game for smash? I find one guy who I have no lag with and he leaves after 1 match. It’s very sad.

ReviewCheeseburgersUSA says:

you are a fxxxin clown

Juan Monterrosa says:

Great content. Love the honesty and being humble enough to admit you’re before. Look forward to see more great videos!

Harry ! says:

I have an officiële Nintendo Lan Adapter but i still get low internet speed my internet connection is a 200mbps but on my switch i get only 25mbps. Tips how to fix this???

anime grill says:

No kidding.

JB 2X says:

To better explain why you should not be relying on wireless for online play on any kind of device:


Morrigan Renfield says:

So do you need the Nintendo specific adapter?

Luis Fernando Consulo Martins says:

You went from a “D” NAT to a “B” NAT, maybe your isp got better?

Katie Persons says:

After a year and a half of P2P gaming for free, Nintendo went live with Nintendo Online just in time for Smash so we can… continue to play P2P. Like we were doing.

RetroGameBlogger says:

Nice video, man! Really enjoyed the WAHOOOO out of it. 🙂

LinkLich says:

got 3.0 USB Ugreen brand…. 34mbs… cool… my wifi is 68mbs to 80mbs
…nice, that will teach me lol sponsored youtubers always lie

elmoaf says:

I have no problems with online gaming, my friends do with SMASH but i never have???????????? crappy internet???

Capitan Proton says:

Switch should have better wifi hardware and lan from day 1. Stupid LAN dongle is just another crap that takes space on the table. AND it costs 30€. Just poor engenering if u ask me.

TheReal_ist says:

The reason why it suddenly changed id because it was a server related update they made. Meaning they were limiting the speeds u could have up until they added more servers to handle the increased 100mbs bandwidth.

What I’m saying is that its not on your end it was a server update they made and since u all connect to the server its suddenly fixed across all devices. Simple, ohh and Glad to help.

João Prata says:

Wired connection is not always better than wireless connection, but wired connection is always more stable than a wireless connection, and in this case stability is more important than speed, in my opinion.

Ryan Slater says:

Theirs no HDMI in the switch at the beginning

ProGenjiMain says:

3:03 I didn’t know that wifi got affected by Thanos snap too!

arranmc182 says:

Nintendo was limiting the speed of the connection to the Switch just like the Wii U but now we have paid online they seemed to have allowed full speed on the Nintendo network I guess this is due to the fact that they will never have some money to cover the server costs so no point in setting a limit, sadly the Wii U still has this lomit in place and guess at this point never be lifted as no paid online.

Samuel Galvez says:

Long time Xbox user recently bought a Switch. My God, online play is HORRIBLE on the Switch compared to Xbox . My Xbox Live online play is absolutely fine no lag, even when playing on Wi-Fi… So that tells me my internet speed is fine. So anyone here actually bought a LAN adapter and can attest that Smash Bros is playable now? If so, I will buy it.

NoFear02 says:

Does the slab Adapter open the ports? The problem is that my ports are closed, I have NAT type D, I want to know if this help to get a NAT type B or A

JKgaming1 says:


Mikhail Naumov says:

For $20 a year, we should have Dedicated Servers. Our docks, for $300, should also include an ethernet port from the factory and not require an adapter to use a wired connection with. I understand Nintendo isn’t NEAR as shitty and predatory as many other companies and devs.. but this is still bullshit. Stop defending this shit, please. I love the Switch to pieces, hell Smash is literally my #1 game period, ever. That being said, it has problems, like the USB 3.0 port that isn’t actually 3.0, the lack of an ethernet port from the factory, the shitty onboard WiFi, the cheap build choices on some aspects.. dude.. it’s a fucking problem. Can you not act like it isn’t, please?

AGATH0R says:

Why not fix matchmaking to find people with the same bandwidth

Matt Murdock says:

So after lots of lurking around and catching your videos randomly in my searches, I realized I had not been subscribed to your channel. Had to remedy that. Liked and subscribed. Really enjoy your style man and loved your editing on the katana shaving!

rizzo905 says:

what’s the big question here? I can get 20mbps at night off my wifi and close to 150 during the day, the weather can also affect speeds, I’ve seen variances in speeds up to 50mbps within 5 minutes between tests… this shit is normal

DOMEPEACE420 says:

4 minutes in. 0 useful information and 50% of my time was in video advertising. Dead channel.

xVPTx says:

I remember when the switch 1st came out I tried the Hori LAN adapter with a GigaBit connection at home that I verify on my PC at roughly 986 MegaBit, I was only getting 12 MegaBit on the Hori LAN Adapter. Needless to say I got rid of it at the time. I’m glad to see Nintendo fixed their issue.

Beerus Jeebus says:

I don’t know why I watched this… I don’t even play Smash xD

satyricon420 says:

I never even knew they had a lan adapter. I bought one at staples.

Polar Ice says:

you bloody Americans its Brackets() (b-ra-ack-ets) not parentheses

Sunshine Starcraft says:

I have a 5ghz wifi 150$ router and i have 30-40ms ping on FPS games. People spitting on wifi make me laugh. As long as you are not playing in a tournament at top tier level of gameplay, you won’t notice anything at all. Just git gud before anything else.

Raffa says:

Okay 0:32 lets just use the switch dock but without the hdmi cable. Plottwist

TechyEsp says:

So if I use a hootoo hub ethernet and usb adapter will the switch take it?, I mean using the switch power adapter and replacing de the nintendo hub

HoLDoN4Sec says:

P2P online multiplayer is far better than having dedicated servers,
not because of how it affects gameplay or anything like that, but because if a game has P2P online multiplayer rather than dedicated online servers, its a guarantee that this game’s online mode will basically NEVER die… (unless all players eventually stop playing online in which case you’d have no one to play with)
there are sooo many great old games that cannot be played online anymore due to their dedicated servers being shut down by the publishers, and alongside these old games you have old games that still thrive online simply because the developers chose to go the P2P route instead (although tbh i’m pretty sure these games are dead now, last checked some games back in 2014 so..)
so sure, peer to peer online has a lot of issues in case you’re playing with some idiot whos using a potato as his router (which thankfully is not as common nowadays anymore as much as it used to be 10 years ago) but it still makes the game never having its online mode shut down.

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