Nintendo Switch Online should be better

Nintendo Switch online is available now, but while some things are good Xbox One and PS4 still have better offerings. At least we now have switch cloud saves… kind of.

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I am excited about the new NES retro controllers!

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Mintoplex says:

I got a ps4 ad

Sony saw the chance and took it

C Doku says:

Switch =Limited cloud saves, 7 day check in for NES games, needs app too party chat,pay $20 for online play with no dedicated servers.

Meanwhile WiiU and 3ds online is still free ,both WiiU and 3ds can voice chat straight through console , WiiU and 3ds has backwards compatibility,with individual purchases on almost every game with no 7 day limit on any game.

mackstertube says:

They need to also give us 1 or 2 recent games. Not just 30+ year old games

YM 9001 says:

Nintendo seems to be “improving”. The app is acting more like discord. I used it today for voice chat and I didn’t need that complicated voice chat set up. Just plugged in my headphones (which you don’t even need to do) and bam better voice chat.

Micah Francom says:

Nintendo should make a new phone app, you just connect to it, then you can watch Netflix on your switch!

Click bait A says:

It’s cheap so idc much but I think if they put old ds games it would be cool

jager main R.I.P says:

I have splatoon and I use it when my brother uses the ps4 but now I have to pay to get online just for like 30 minutes while I’m waiting?

J C says:

Only positive thing…. that price point tho!

DirectT3Ch says:

“Limited”, you mean mediocre.

stumre says:

The online should be free

8A Viktor Lyngaard Stephensen SoroeBorgerskole says:

Thes is nintendos 1 time to do thes. So give it time.

KevN7 says:

Kevin, you mentioned that cloud saves are free on XBL and PSN. This is not true. Both are tied to their respective paid online services.
I otherwise like your videos but that information was just plain wrong.

gingataisen says:

Sorry Kev, but I’ve never paid more than $50 for Xbox Live. Ever.

The Ghostly Marshadow365 says:

I hope Nintendo goes broke because of this

Cyclone Music X says:

I’m guessing that even tho they delete your could save your data on the console is still there? Maybe a dumb question, but I just want to make 100% sure.

Relaxing Lion says:

So for all.

We need dedicated Servers.

Kevin Kenson says:

In case you’d like to judge for yourself:

Jacob Berman says:

Hur dur, $20 for a year and I need to complain that its not enough. Classic games and I can play my multiplayer games with them hurr durrrrr

The Great Oz says:

Even TF2 still has functional dedicated servers.

C’mon Nintendo.

CrimsonSky says:

sticking to pc for now

L. Lopez81 says:

Shame from nintendo wow

Logan Adam says:

I honestly like the app. Last time I checked nobody had headphones that had a 10 foot long chord… so if you wanted to chat online you’d pretty much have to play exclusively in portable mode. And I’m a type of person who plays almost exclusively in tv mode

You Swallow! says:

my switch broke and now i lost 250+ hours on splatoon…

eu XD says:

I would pay 80$ year only to play nes, snes and gameboy games. They are already on 3ds so do it already nintendo. Dont want to put them on switch online? Just let me buy the games FFS.

The Gameness of the Smartness says:

The one thing I hate about the Nintendo switch online is paying to go online. We were able to online for free and now we have to pay why change it it’s like trying to fix something that is already fixed

Emerald says:

Kevin I love you but please shave

Amiiboi 3 says:

Your beard is amazing

elijahpepe says:

These thumbnails are getting weirder.

Meem Ain says:

60$ for a pair of 30 year old controllers just being wireless
No thanks

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