Nintendo Switch Lan Adapters! Which One Should You Buy?

The Nintendo Switch dock does not have an Ethernet port. To fix that problem, a USB to Ethernet adapter is required to get a wired connection to your router. Today we will be looking at three adapters which include the Switch branded Hori adapter as well as a USB 3.0 adapter.

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Plugable USB 3.0 Ethernet (Affiliate Link):


Tjames75 says:

My wireless download speed is 374.5 Kbps so I’ll probably get an Ethernet adapter

Andrew James says:

I bought both the Hori and Plugable USB adaptors and ran tests and got about a 1% difference up and down in favour of Plugable. I can’t explain why your results are so different but they shouldn’t be. are you sure you’ve mirrored router settings ect? I had to put each into a DMZ as each adaptor registered their own IP address.

Jim Johnson says:

Dude I bought a usb 2.0 adapter, plugged it into the usb 2.0 port and tried connecting to the internet and my switch gives me the error “Unable to obtain IP address” any idea why I’d get that?

Red2503 says:

Should this work with a power line adapter?

Kaleb says:

Your wifi is so much better than mine…. About 12-14 Mbps wireless download and 3.4 Kbps – 3 Mbps upload. I have a nice router as well. *sigh*, oh well. Maybe one day I’ll have better wifi, I have about 30 ping at least, so not too bad.

Cotlany Marquez says:

i know that but i buy it for 23$

Brian Preston says:

Ive been getting 10mb down 2mb up wired and wireless on my switch for the last week. No known reason. no other device slowdown.

Nikra says:

I have 50Down/50Up internet. And my HORI LAN adaptor reads 34.3 Mbps download. And 21.0 Mbps Upload. So Your internet provider makes the HORI looks bad. You can’t test Wired LAN adaptors if your Internet sucks. Which it obvious do.

FootballEntertainmentChannel says:

Can i use a USA switch adapter here in Europe using a adapter converter (one of thosse cheap small ones) ?

Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu says:


Bubbaboo27 says:

I used my Nintendo Wii Ethernet adapter and it worked.

Building Peaks says:

When I use the plugable usb 3.0, my DL speed drops a lot. Running on wireless, my switch goes 45 download & 6 upload. Running on my cat 6 ethernet cable through plugable 3.0 to the switch, my download Speed drops to 10 mbps. Weird. It’s not my ethernet cable, because when I plug it in to my xb1s my DL speed is 70 mbps. And the plugable 3.0 runs about the same on my laptop. I’ve Manuel set up my wired information. Even tried using Google DNS. I did open my DMZ to get A Type on the switch. But still, I only get 10 mbps DL with the USB portable 3.0. I’ve tried all 3 ports, unplugged everything. Plugged it back in. Hard restart. Still slow speed of 10 mbps. I am running the 2.5 ghz Wi-Fi modem if that matters, but it shouldn’t since I heard that even 2.0 usb ethernet adapters support up to 480 mbps. Any solution or help to my problems would be appreciated. Thanks

Jamaican Bacon says:

Thank you so much for the video, this was super helpful!! 😉

Andy_MineP says:

Ok, so I got the Hori adapter, and on my Switch, it`s better than what you got on the 3.0.

Download: Between 70-90 Mbps
Upload: 30 Mbps

Then again, Im using internet from a company that doesn`t limit speeds, and we pay above 100 Mbps. And if I used that 3.0, I could have gotten better.

Thiago Carneiro says:

Ugreen USB LAN 3.0 Work?

Megamigit23 says:

IS THAT ILLUMINATI MEMBER: THE MAN?!?!?!?? aka diggerad?!?

Toriko says:

Alway the error 2110-1100 with my cable! Wlan works but sadly not my cable, any solutions?

Alex Rodríguez says:

Is the Plugable cable long enought for the Switch dock?

David Drayton says:

I still have that white I got for the Wii. It works great on my switch.

Andrew James says:

Also unless Nintendo’s website is wrong, the dock doesn’t support USB 3.0. It’s coming later with a firmware update.

Nathan says:

Comcast upload is shit I hate makes no sense

djsheep says:

fuck you have an annoying voice

Jonte Nichols says:

hey spawn wave I’m trying to link up to my mobile hotspot for my T-Mobile service and I keep getting a NAT score of D how do I increase it! please any information or if you can make a video reply to this review would be excellent

Mr.Aptronym says:

I got my switch and went to plug it in before realizing there was no ethernet port on the dock. Ridiculous. Also their official one being $30 is a joke.

Kent Bollström says:

is that upload enough for playing online? i have 1.5 mbit upload and i cant play Mario kart i get disconnected

chaos says:

Thanks for the help my Switch won’t even pick up my Wi-Fi even though everything else will pick it up.

Left4Cake says:

The Switches USB ports don’t do 3.0 speed yet despite having 3.0 ports. Hell it’s not even advertised on the box that they are 3.0 ports and we only know that because people already took the dock apart. The theory is that they will be enable with updates.

I think Nintendo is dilartaly doing everything they can to try to sabotage hacker by doing things like gimping the system as much as they can until an official product need the gimping removed to work right. Like they won’t release the 3.0 usb patch untill they have an accessory they plan on to release need it to work.

Metype says:


Best wifi ever.

Shadow Fox Infinite says:

If you’re not getting gigabit speeds, then there’s no point in an ethernet adapter.

Currently getting 47Mbs down, 17Mbps up on 802.11ac. MyNintendo servers are clearly the bottleneck when hops are tested at the 205.234.x.x addresses manually from Wireshark. You can’t pull more than 50Mbs up or down from one of the many providers they use for bandwidth (in my case, CacheFly).

Again, a LAN adapter is pointless unless you’re incapable of doing a proper wireless survey to address attenuation (which is a problem even over copper).

thedude182 says:

Dude your upload is slow 🙁 now i know why only 720p streaming.

Kramer says:

My official wii U adapter works fine on the switch.

Werttastisch says:

Helpp I bought One from ICY BOX and it didn’t work !!!

John van Capel says:

I would be a little wary of cheap options. I have personally gone through 2 generic $15 USB-to-Ethernet adapters by now because neither one worked at all. I’m assuming the official one is at least QC’d better.

Michael Zielinski says:

Thanks for the video. So, it’s a few months later. Have you run any tests as of late on the Hori versus your generic? I just picked up my switch and would like to know if you are still getting the fastest speed possible NOT from the Hori but from the Plugable branded product.


IndoJimbo says:

you might want to take care of that NAT type B. Ideal is type A. Try turning on your UPNP in your router.

outerheavengaming says:

I thought the HORI one was supposed to support 3.0??? HORI is a huge disappointment to me. Overpriced, I had issues with the screen protector bubbling up from the heat of the Switch in the dock and now finding out it’s 2.0… Never buying HORI again.

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