New Nintendo Switch in 2019!

The Wall Street Journal broke the news of a New Nintendo Switch being released in 2019! What do you want to see in the Nintendo Switch 2?

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Jean Claude Barrera says:

And iwant the future of switch 2 is
2.)longlife battery
3.)1080p screen
4.)a metal hardware
5.)and so strong kick stand
6.)old switch games can be used
7.)wifi just like the iphones
8.)a camera app
9.) soft dock
10.)a big ram 64 or 36 gb
11.)high tech displays
12.)and a lot of themes

Kevin Kenson says:

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Lee Hobbs says:

Increase screen to fill bezel, add gorilla glass, use overclocked adreno, add resistance to the joysticks and spring shoulder buttons for gradual compression rather than click, increase battery. Voilà

River Storm says:

Should i wait or buy a switch now?

Brawl Studios says:


StarOg Lasien says:

To buy it or not to buy it?

Not H_G says:

Nintendo should make their next gen switch more better quality because when you put in the tv you see pixels

Michael Miranda says:

Y e s i t i s t i m e

Om4r the g4mEr says:


Nicolas Nazario says:

What if they release a pro joycon where you could snap both controllers together somehow making them both click together to make an actual comfortable pro controller. It’s reaching but it would be crazy if we could get something that has a flat face that matches the dimensions of the switch ofcourse but with grips at the end that would ofcourse have to be comfortable both holding with one and hand and sideways when using both

pon pon pon pon pon says:

Every time they MAKE NEW gadgets it makes me feel its old

Bradley Alvarez says:

Welp idk why I torture myself watching something I’ll not get soon…

PrinceVinc says:

0:38 yes, yes it would. The screen and battery life are the most important thing of a portable console. Also better/new Jailbreak prevention.

Stardust Breaker says:

The Joycans are nice just that you sweat to much from your hands because there is no grip but,Also the joycons are too sensitive the effect thatout of no where your screen move by itself❗

Montha Omm says:

The kickstand I don’t really care about that they can’t break easily I only use popsocket

louis stare says:

Can I get a switch from you

Der Typ says:

I hate that the charger input is on the bottom . Sorry für die Rechtschreibfehler.

Fire Llord Kimpu says:

Calm down Nintendo i don’t even have the budget to buy a normal Nintendo switch damn !!??

Montha Omm says:

A switch pro that awesome

Magnus Nilsen says:

This is gonna really not come I watch this in 2019 nothing happened.

Chippy Cups says:

I swear the god of they make that for the new splatoon I will scream

Miňo Minky says:

I need nintendo switch

Surender Mohan Mangal says:

So is it worth it buying Nintendo switch now

Ethan Bouwers says:

*60 fps please.*

Sir Trœper says:

Soooo. Do i receive it freee or do i have to buy 300$ again.

Lil. julian87 says:


ShruggedHook 9 says:


Stardust Breaker says:

They are probably going to make a major change And Call it Nintendo Switch Pro

Liam Ott says:

This comment is late, but I want to propose an idea.

What if we made one of 2 things/ both things?

1. Make a “Pro Joy-con” that has a better contour grip and bigger size overall, while having the same rail size as the original, to have a joy-con better suited for handheld use.
2. Make a kid-sized version of a switch-compatible tablet with permanently attached joy-cons and can be used as a controller for the original switch, so adults don’t have to worry about their $300 console being broken by toddlers.

Yeetin Himer says:


GounterMcSnounter says:

It will be announced in fall and be released a little before holiday season 2019. The battery life and display are going to be change, backwards compatibility will be there for all games, it’s going to use an X2 chip. This is info that I gathered from an informant.

MacMcgee says:

I want a switch pocket cause im use to 3ds’s

River Storm says:

I just smaller bezels thats all.

Abeltensor says:

Full on handheld version of the console with no removable Joy cons. Also, Nintendo doesn’t care if they release larger stuff, they did the same thing with the 3ds. Hell, there a plenty of games that don’t run on the original 3ds but do run on the newer models.

Maximus GTV says:

this is not real i jost read becose nintendo switch is on fire is will be long long time before nintendo switch mini or pro

Lavocanimations says:

Please nintendo don’t release till 2024.

XxpokemongamerxX master says:

Man I already bought one damn it

jay jay says:

I think I would rather stick to my ps4 maybe because of the switch’s expensive games I don’t know…

J says:

I would really go for a new switch that improves on the issues on past switch but it made for more handheld gaming I use the switch more as a handheld console and its pretty uncomfortable. After some gaming I have to move my pinky finger because blood stops circulating. I really would like a switch that’s made more for handheld gaming i don’t know how to explain it but it’s just uncomfortable and my hands aren’t even that big

Henry Louie says:

I’ll definitely buy the new Switch 2 alongside Pokemon Sword and Shield, so excited i can barely wait!!!!!!!!

zackington says:

well that was a lie

Marsh E 2 says:

Time to boogain my dad credt card i geuss

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