Network Switches – Metal vs Plastic – Unboxing – Tech Deals Stories

Do you need a Network Switch? Does it matter if it you buy plastic or metal? Do you like stories? This video is a fun diversion from typical Tech Deals videos, I hope you enjoy it!
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TP-Link Network Switches

5 Port Plastic – @Amazon – @NewEgg
8 Port Plastic – @Amazon – @NewEgg

5 Port Metal – @Amazon – @NewEgg
8 Port Metal – @Amazon – @NewEgg

16 Port Metal – @Amazon – @NewEgg
24 Port Metal – @Amazon – @NewEgg


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Shannon Norden says:

Love your channel, in-depth coverage, and objective viewpoint. Please, consider a series on building systems to support firewalls such as pfsense and untangle with at least 2 x Gigabit ports with expansion if feasible. Fanless design is best to reduce noise, heat, and power. Very small form factors simlar to shuttle. There are many processor choices available. Very confusing. Would like the total cost with storage and memory to not exceed $200. Hopefully, you can help design the best low cost system providing robust performance and future proofing for at least five years. Thank you!

Anton Schaf says:

Great Video! I watched it all the way through.

And Mr. TechDeals, please do not apologize for every word of an interesting story you tell. No need to do that.
I had fun.

J Fz says:

the problem with tplink is that they are everywhere now, but their support is nonexistant in terms of devices who needs firmware, so these switches where you don’t manage anything are just ok, but a router or a managed switch, well, tplink doesn’t release new firmwares, for old or new products they sell, so you are alone there, if a security flaw comes, they don’t respond, they don’t care

Alessandro7432 says:

I can talk about my personal experiences that Netgear Switches are light years better than Tp Link ones. BTW I wanna ask you, what is the difference between a Cat 6A and a Cat 7 cable?

Orion Pleiades says:

Excellent video – I seriously just had to buy one of these switches in the video. Skip to the switches at around 30 minutes in …

Henry Zhang says:

I am more interesting the first 25min of your vedio about this one

John Herbert says:

I found your ramble interesting. It not a perspective that we hear about often

Vaxtin says:

This was great background noise video while I browsed the web doing other garbage. That didn’t feel like an hour at all.

Sylas Hullett says:

31:19 that’s what she said 😉

BlackBoxSDA says:

I’m watching you watching us watching you peeling the plastics 🙂

LightAndMagicGaming says:

I came here for network switches but I staid for the unboxing ASMR. I already subscribed long ago but would do it again since you reminded me of the coax networks I had to maintain years ago. Also, I rather watch you stick rubber feet on a switch than Linus showing me more ads than actual information. Thanks!

Hamish Thecat says:

Sorry, lasted till 49:38, but your history class was interesting. Another great video, thanks.

Chee Wai Lee says:

Useful advice to a regular consumer like me , without too many technical terms that I don’t really understand.

David DeBroux says:

I legit hate those horizontal power adapters.

Plugging them into a fully-occupied UPS is going to be a major pain.

jonny c 2.0 says:

whaet i seen a 10gig bit roter for 150 on ebay way not get 10 gigbet ethernet and 10bgigbet roter sir lmk what u think i waz up set at u i got 550 rx 4gb video car i did like at frst got 1060 gtx and off what u seid i wood of vather got 6gb not 3 so how abot u trade me ur 6 gb for my to fan pny 1060 3gb 6moths old if u need 50 cash more and video card io do it i am 30 yr old i dont think u wood help

Jesse11spykid says:

I love how you make videos about the same stuff I have! Informative video

Mr.Mudcatslim says:

Must be a true Tech Deals fan 36:25

Wallenstein-DK says:

Where I live, I still have internet via telephone line cable. and it is in Denmark/Nordic countries.


I actually enjoyed our talk here. Anyone else i would have gotten bored of and left. You i find very educational and interesting!

Alexander McKay says:

Jason’s fireside chats. This was great!

Devil Of Tasmanian Hobbies Production says:

2:00 yes we sold a lot of them.

thebrainfan says:

Jesus, 52 minutes to open 5 switches. I just loved it, you should have a podcast 🙂

Ian Taufik says:

True Tech Deals fan here.

TheLifeDragon says:

as a field technician myself, that rambling was very interesting to me

robertlovesgothgirlz says:

I learned a lot more than network switches today. Thank you!

Adam S says:

Back before even that when I built my second computer which was a 1.2GHz Thunderbird. I did this the old fashion way. do master/slave HD on ribbon cables going between a 250mb HD to a 1.2GB HD I got from my college took me 3 days (I took naps during copying data over. My poor neighbor was drug user, pestered my brother where I got my stuff. She was up for 3 days She her me cussing up a storm. He waked in I had parts all over my living room, band aids on my fingers, and pyramid of empty coke cans. College again saved me when they were upgrading to better NICs. I was gifted with two 10Mb that (Mega Bit) from their recycle bin and 25ft cross over cable. Going from master/slave to a cross over cable was like OMG so fast.  The only time that was better is when I got my 256DSL this was back in 2000.

Luna G. says:

I actually found this video very interesting. Would love to see more like it! I’ve always been excited about these back-end systems. I’ve never owned and operated a proper business but I’ve always been an advocate of doing it and always wanted to help set it up. It’s so cool! Also, I bought one of those 5 port metal switches based on your recommendation. Waiting for it to arrive! My plastic one is dying, I think.

Tomas Brod says:

Please disassemble the devices and show us what is inside!

David DeBroux says:

I love how you pointed at the wrong products as you mislabel the materials they used.

Mega *_OOF_* .

Zipzeolocke says:

so silly… So unnecessary… In my opinion he simply could’ve taken them out of the box, shown off each of them physically, showing each side a nice close-up with the camera and then explaining how well each of them performs and the reliability. Explain what plugs in to them, any compatibility issues, explain their features. Go into details about the cables that you can use with them. And I think that covers all the bases. Probably would’ve taken less than 8 minutes. But oh well, it’s nice listening to tech stories as well and at least you can say you made a video about network switches. You won’t need to make another anytime soon. Mark that off of your bucket list I suppose 😛

M B says:

That was funny I was just thinking of Linus tech tips when you said that

Cedric Rolle III says:

More History!

KillerZero259 says:

I watched through the whole thing! I would love to see more videos based on networking and server environments since I am in the IT field

Clint Kern says:

But if it is your first time here, he needs to do more long videos.

Tom Riley says:

So why is the 23 minutes of rambling at 28 minutes:-)?

Michael Abrams says:

Great video Tech Deals. Yeah, finally a video on network switches. Late Spring, early Summer I decided to dump ATT Uverse for cable. Had Uverse for a long time, around 6 years maybe longer. I get much faster internet speeds for not as much money with cable. When Uverse was installed the tech ran Ethernet cable to all the TVs in the house. If I was smart, I would have shoved a TV in every
room and had Ethernet in every room. Up stairs the tech ran one cable to an Ethernet switch then ran Ethernet cables from that switch to all the bedrooms that had TVs in them. So, yeah the TV signals got to the TVs over Ethernet. When I dumped Uverse I lost the ATT gateway with one Ethernet port IN and four ports OUT to the cable modem that has one port IN and only one port OUT. I hooked up a fancy WIFI router to the modem, on Ethernet port IN and eight ports OUT, cool, so now all my Ethernet wiring has internet signals on them. I know, I rambled. Oh, by the way, all my Ethernet cable runs though floors and walls and under carpet, up into the attic. Here my question and maybe a topic for a future video, how can I tell what kind of Ethernet cable I have, CAT 5, CAT 6, etc? The cable company claims to be providing 200 Mbps but I only get 100 Mbps on my Ethernet attached devices BUT I get 200 Mbps on my WIFI devises running on the 5 gHz side of the router. I’m figuring it’s something in the wiring or the router, I thought the ports on the router were gigabit ports might be wrong. Anyway, thank you for the great video and thank you for reading this to the end.

Mind and Spirit says:

Loyalty test huh. I passed xD

MadFinnTech says:

I remember the just buy 3Com days and other thing were junk. I was huge into networking in early 2000s as well. Now I just want to plug the cable and it just has to work. Great video, watch entire thing!

Layla Caldwell says:

I like the video

Devil Of Tasmanian Hobbies Production says:

6:06 sneaker net

Miguel Fernandez says:

love your videos keep up the good work.

Adam Smart says:

As someone who is going into exactly what you are talking about this was actually a good video, love good conversations.

Daniel Hope says:

Came for switches, stayed for the stories. These old IT stories are really interesting, would be interested in hearing more of them.

johns touchpad says:

How about a review of some smart switches for home use

Bob Wilson says:

Came for the switches, stayed for the war stories. You do you Jason, it’s why we’re here.

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