Network SWITCH – Fundamental concepts EXPLAINED – How does Network SWITCH WORK

Network SWITCH – Fundamental concepts EXPLAINED – How does Network SWITCH WORK


Veodok says:

Thanks for the video, I’ve been looking for an in-depth explanation of the concepts behind a switch other than just “it gives you more ports on your router”. Cheers!

Luca Fogliati says:

very well explained!!!

Vikram Kumar says:

How PC A will know the IP of the PC B at the time of start of discovery process (4:45 onwards in the video) ?

SWP says:

I have a question that I have been struggling to find an answer to.

If I were to run an ethernet cable from my router to the other side of the house and connect a switch to that cable so that I could connect two more PCs to my network, which would assign those two PCs an IP address?

Would it be my router, or the switch? I’m thinking of just getting an unmanaged switch as it will be enough for my needs.

Its important to me because I like to assign all the PCs and laptops in the house static IPs so that I dont have to look at the DHCP client list in the router’s user interface every day.

shashank shanbhag says:

Awesome explanation. But switches don’t broadcast. They just flood each and every port.

Azfar hameed khan says:

great video. really helpful specially for a person like me that teacjes networkign a lot. i share the link of this video to my students.

EverJouleSky says:

This really helped. Very well done

Thomas Kilpatrick says:

excellent thanks heaps

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