Netgear Prosafe GS724T-300NAS 24 Port Gigabit Smart Switch Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

A smart switch might not seem like the kind of thing you need at home… Or is it?



Jabe says:

I bet that you are a human too and you forget things in your work sometimes too.

Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

the links go to the wrong switch

E T says:

Simple minded people thumbed this comment up, “professional” is being misused too much, it does not mean that you are especially good at something, it means that it is the person´s profession, what he or she does for living.

EaqIe says:

i miss these kinds of videos, now its only gamer child crap

ZachTheBrain says:

Do a value-oriented, say, Minecraft server build! Please! Ilm killing my Inspiron 17R with the server, so having a pro (you) do a value-oriented build with plenty of future-proofness would be nice. And please, no graphics card… All Integrated…

Alan Spicer says:

NCIS video showing it used by the Naval Crime Investigating Service … handling all the data needed to support their investigations.

Luis Fernandez says:

is that a rack for macs?

TheJustin574 says:

that’s only 125 megabytes per second.

super_ray says:

“for mounting in to a rack”

John Rhodes says:


margolo says:

This is for multiple desktops. Wireless is like 1/20th the speed of cable. And cable is more reliable too. This can be used to mass storage, which with a cable is safer than wireless where someone could just hack into it if they really wanted. Wireless tends to be finiky as well.

cal920c says:

I feel stupid for buying the JGS-524 now… and I didn’t even buy it at NCIX… #FML

Sallu Koroma says:

they are very good two me

Lord Omni says:

well if you’re watching this video, you probably have some interest in the product, or at the very least, the product category. And thus you should know that accessories are few to none for something like this, and at this point in the game if you need to be shown the powercord….

XDeadzX says:

Or anywhere else in the world, they just listed Iraq in the features set because it’s currently a hot place for large network setups.

margolo says:

Diamonds are very weak too. Most women are cautious walking by glass objects such as doors or windows with diamond rings because a slight tap could shatter the diamond.

Dimepag Barrell says:

What about linux support? Who the hell gonna use windows server? ???

K Ng says:


Vincent Lee says:

where is the ncix video showing this in action?

WizenedWarrior says:

was referring to minecraft, but yes diamonds are indeed brittle but their hardness is very high

Daniel D says:


Erik Bengtsberg says:

3:30 So you can mount this in iraq?

Cucky the White Guy says:

mount on a girls rack?

NuffMan says:

not my primary pc switch

TillOverHill says:

lol, true – “a rack” actually is similar to Iraq when said fast… so going to use this pun in network classes at school the next time!

Xanezz says:

Since when does wearing a shirt saying somethign about yourself actually comes as a valid certification? Get a sense of humour, dude 😛

NegiMudkip says:

ALLLLL of NetGears switches…Haha nice linus :3

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