NETGEAR Nighthawk S8000 “gaming” Ethernet Switch Review – Do you really need it?

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Does the world really need a gaming switch? Not likely. But it does look cool. See more networking: and subscribe!

00:14 – How it works
00:53 – Build quality
01:13 – Ports and connectors
01:49 – Web based control panel
01:55 – Configuring presets
02:10 – How prioritization works
02:41 – Manual port priority configuration
03:35 – Limitations in policing traffic
04:00 – Mid range router may be better
04:41 – Link aggregation
06:08 – No performance gain over traditional switches
06:35 – Alternative switch that costs less
07:52 – Conclusion and final thoughts

While this switch from Netgear looks cool it’s not necessary for most gamers – unless you somehow are saturating your local gigabit network already. There are far more affordable alternatives including many dumb switches manufactured by Netgear and others.

My advice is to look at a router that will better manage your Internet connection and prioritize traffic where it counts: at the gateway to the Internet. That way your streaming devices always take priority over other things in the house.

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MrRandomshiznitz says:

first, notification squad!

Justin Pullin says:

What router would you suggest for time warner spectrum? I have the 30mbps package, multiple users and game on it. (Hard wired )

James Braselton says:

looks like the black night satilte decert space program

SuperBigDog2U says:

Netgear makes great products at usually a good price, then they come out with crap like this that is nothing more than bait for those that don’t know better and buy it because it’s new, shiny and says it can do things that they don’t realise are already possible on lower priced network devices. Basically it’s a suckers product, will work well, but will make Netgear more profit than their regular items doing the same thing.

Duncan Cunningham says:

Looks like it can sneak through radar.

EposVox says:

Not a terrible price for a managed switch TBH

Dan Sagisser says:

I love your reviews. This one made me think you should do a review of wired routers sometime (theoretically way cheaper than the AC Extreme adventure all of the high end wireless routers have.

Chris Pistocco says:

Great Video….another Homerun!!!

gaminghhydr gaminghhydr says:


saturnotaku says:

So this basically doesn’t do anything very remarkable, all for the low, low price of 10 times more than I what I paid for my 5-port Netgear ProSafe unit. Brilliant work there, Netgear.

xEL DUROx says:

wow what a brother!

Doug F says:

Another great video, thanks. The ability to set port speed really peaked my interest, I see that is a pretty common feature on other(cheaper) managed switches/routers. I think I may pick up a managed switch just for that feature alone. thanks again

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

neko77025 says:

Should point out , so it don’t confuse people. Link aggregation is only for the network .. not your ISP speed .. wont speed up your internet.

Ed Doyle says:

Great review, can’t see how it would benefit the average user(s) as you point out. Think I’ll stick with the dumb Ethernet gigabit switches. Seems to be really specialized to have that control in a home environment.

Mena Azab says:


Richard Berube says:

They do offer great product, I bought their R7000 to replace the crappy ISP router/modem and it’s night and day in performance. I can even use the the usb 2 or 3 (one of each) as a NAS.

But on the subject of the video, I think it would be a nice adition to the channel to get some tutorial for some product categories. Like in the case, why someone would chose to buy a switch instead of a router ? I would see video like the one you did for plex or synolgy , explaining one or some feature of a type of product. 🙂

Robert Russell says:

Lol you added a disclaimer to your reviews 😛

trigolis says:

Lon, what do you think of devices like the NetDUMA? Same gimmick or one that actually works better than a managed switch?

Aldo Silva says:

thanks man, really good video, you just save me some dollars, now I know that I don’t need this switch.
it’s not what I need for my network

DagicCross says:

Lon considering do some phones review, your sub will shoot up in no time!

John Scott says:

Marvelous review. BUT maybe you shouldn’t discourage your viewers, because this device is definitely hitting the target group of people who would pay subscription to PLEX or similar in order to be able to watch their own videos. And if anyone is wondering if you can connect your smartphone to this switch, YES YOU CAN. You just do the same thing as when you put your SD card into your iPhone. The very same thing.

jstein 12 says:

No power ports? (Essential for cameras) Any decent router can perform these functions.Seems like a useless device being redundant for today’s routers.

RGW88 says:

What type of L.A.G does it support ?

Alpha Music NCS says:

Love it

elisa murillo says:

grasias por tu comentarios

Senen Espada says:

nice, ideal product for internet cafes in asian countries, especially in the philippines were icafe is booming

Rewind Remix says:

lovely stuff

Jurgen Timmerman says:

For that price you can buy also a Netgear switch (smart) which has PoE

Ascension NCS says:

Sick vid mate!

Nicholas Cheney says:

That thing is definitely cool looking but to your point about buying a cheap Gigabit Ethernet Switch, I just bought a 25 dollar 8 port TPLink switch and that seems to be doing well enough. Still waiting on that MCE Buddy video sir lol :p

charlie brownau says:

Did you do a file transfer compare between this “gaming” switch and a normal one ?

neko77025 says:

What happen too your Thumb ?

DizTV says:

So if you already have a Nighthawk router then there’s absolutely no need for this?

Caitlin Bestler says:

Just to clarify, Link Aggregation will generally *not* be effective to Link Aggregate between one client and one server.
This is because the default algorithms for choosing which of the links to use will seek to prevent packet reordering by
sending all traffic for one “conversation” (A TCP connection, or an equivalent 4-tuple UDP pairing) to the same link all the time.

In the example you cited, your PC will generally be using a single connection to talk with a file server – and hence will not go any faster than it would have with only a single link.

Link Aggregation is much more effective for increasing the bandwidth between two switches serving different rooms when there are multiple machines talking to multiple machines concurrently.

Tyrin Davis says:

So if I buy a nighthawk with a 20-30 Mbps will it go up more?

Dead Parasite says:

of course you need it. it increases you game fps by 20%

Loren Howe says:

The Tplink TL-SG108E is $30 on Amazon and does Vlans and link aggregation as well. Works very well but like this switch is also limited to 2 lag groups.

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