My Gaming Network Setup (Hardware Configuration)

My entire gaming network setup from a hardware perspective. I also briefly go over settings and optimization for online multiplayer gaming. This is the network setup I use for gaming on Call of Duty, Fortnite, and other online games!
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Updated Video, with more detail about settings and optimization: (2019)

Netgear S8000 Switch: (Amazon)
Netgear R7000 Router: (Amazon)

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Jeremy Kerr says:

Question is all your Ethernets plugged into your switch or the nighthawk I’m asking because in regards to all U-verse tv equipment should I leave those plugged into my 5268AC and then run the switch into the last port and then portforward everything on the firewall through the 5268 modem since the nighthawk is in AP mode anyways?

BEASTMODE 82 says:

Could I leave the wireless enabled on my modem/router because I really don’t want to buy an access point I just want my wireless modem/router and Netgear nighthawk s8000

Brandon Tyson says:

Why not just put the gateway into bridge mode and use the r7000? I mean just download ddwrt or openwrt and set up everything for QOS.

cap planetfresh says:

What’s up John, so if I’m not forced to use a Gateway and everything will still be good, am I able to use the Switch as a gateway and just use my R700 for WiFi? I shouldn’t activate QOS on my R700 right so it wouldn’t somehow override or battle my Switch, so I would just let me switch handle all QOS? what would you recommend? I have 150 by 10 speeds, Cable Internet On a shared line with 7 devices connected and about 4-5 constantly running

Bruno Molinari says:

90% is the connection itself: where you live, how far you are from the node, congestion etc.. Nothing you can do about it

Todd Davis says:

What are your port forwarding and IP assignment settings.

Todd Davis says:

I guess basically what I asking is what are your settings on the ATT modem concerning the port forwarding and ip assignment ans NAT sorry for the back to back questions, I also hope AT&T will start allowing customers to use their own equipment.

Twins Spatola says:

Do you run an Ethernet to the play station

Destanito Futbol says:

can I buy a at&t for Switzerland ?

addhad o.o says:

Loves these vids

ChaoticFlow says:

Hey GC, I have a problem with my setup that hopefully, you can help with.
My connection at home is fibre which is 1000/500 speeds but my room is roughly 25/30m from the modem (Netgear D7000). I have my ps4 connected to my WIFI extender (EX7000) but still run into connection problems, ie. lag spikes, high ping on Fortnite also continuous packet loss data. I’ve tried Qos and Portforwarding with close to no success. Is there anything you could suggest I do?

Thank you

Steph O says:

I have the same internet with the same provider and the netgear R7000. I’ve been looking at all your videos since I am dealing with double nat. I’m looking to get the switch but how do you port forward with the gateway they give you? I’ve done port forwarding on the router but again, double nat so not that much help. I’ve actually had an issue where after a factory reset my R7000 wouldn’t connect to gateway. (I.e, using the gateways SSID and password) had to configure it AP mode and then switch to router mode. Wi-fi is turned off in the gateway. I’m just worried of using that gateway considering it gave me issues when trying to connect the router. Any tips would be appreciated!

Whobut_i says:

modem to port 8, correct. s8000 doesn’t show up in my network

_ AC _ Andrew _ says:

Sorry Gorgan

James Devine says:

My ping is 200+ ive tried turning all devices off to get it down but wont work, my dns is 50 so is decent just wondering if anyone could help me. Ps4

magnum gaming says:


Donnell Cardenas says:

really would like your help. I live in a small town where one internet provider services alll they recently upgrade to fiber but I can’t because of my apartment.soo being that the internet is bad I’m sticking with 100mbps from this company I got rid of the modem router combo from them and got my own a cheap netgear C3000-100NAS modem router but speeds go up to maybe 80mpbs I was wondering how to maximize this and set myself up to when I’m able to upgrade speeds

Herb Cudiamat says:

Thank you for the info and video. I’m wondering if you had to configure the S8000 switch before placing it between the ATT modem and the rest of the equipment? Or was if just plug and play. Then access the switch to make adjustments. Also, your other videos are great!

grrlcomic says:

Hi this may be a silly question but can you use any router of your choice as the access point with this switch?

Key Jay HD says:

Since there was no way to send this to you directly for your consideration, I thought to post it here srry. Apparently there might be some glimmer of hope for those that want to use the DMZ+ method you outlined earlier in another video. I will be trying it in a second, but from what I’ve been reading, one of the big reasons for the huge slow down that was noted in the comments section of that video, is because ATT released broken firmware (11.1) that breaks DMZ+. Apparently if you can roll back your firmware to an earlier version, that SHOULD fix that problem.

It was odd because up until recently, I DID have 900Mbps D/900 Mpbs U on my current setup which throws an ASUS RT68ACU with custom Firmware and a Netgear Gigabit Switch (server) into the mix. Just had a tech come by and though we fixed a fiber light issue, we weren’t getting the speeds that I had before. This would probably explain why. Here’s the post with someone going into the problem in detail:

It makes no sense to customize my network into the 5268AC…rather, that shouldn’t even be required, especially for those with more complex network setups. So I’m going to give this Firmware roll back a try. Other parts of the solution in that post state that you could try requesting a BGW210-700 , and there’s apparently another gateway coming out next year that includes COAX if you need it (the BGW210 is RJ45 only so that would mean trouble for your wired cable boxes and DVR if you have them).

Hope this helps 🙂

SteppHD says:

do I need really need this Netgear Switch for gaming even though I have an expensive modem and Netduma R1 Router? Would it basically help to reduce my lag compensation problems? Great video, keep it up man !

Mike Konstan says:

Man, with a synchronous DSL connection of 1K both up and down on fiber, you could have the crappiest gear downstream of the modem and router, be the worst player ever and still blow everyone away on a console. And at only $80 USD per month… WOW, that’s incredible

Kishan says:

I’m stuck with 25 mbps

Omar Aguirre says:

You sound like glitching queen when you start the video

xFreSh78 says:

You should put this video in future descriptions of your videos

jart122 says:

So which one is your firewall for the wire devices?

Brandon Langan says:

God damn just tell me your settings

Anthony Gutierrez says:

Spectrum fucking sucks i upgraded to ultra 400 mbs and get 200 kbs on download on my ps4 fucking bullshit

07_ Mega cab says:

With my fiber provider I can use my own equipment I have the nighthawk x500 and just using a normal gigabit net gear switch would using the same switch as you be useless since the router has a lot of the same features?

Cameron Dionne says:

@glasscock Hey dude. I was wondering if you could actually help me out with configuring my internet. I know you probably have thousands asking for the same. But heres the issue. I get 1000 up and down fios. But I have alot of people living in my house. Since i share the internet with my grandparents down stairs. So I got a XR500 and when i do a speedtest via ookla im getting worse speeds than what i would get with my ISP regular router. I fixed the double NAT issue by enabling DMZ feature. And I also only get about 200-400 download and nothing higher than like a 50 for an upload on PS4 speedtest. If you could help me with any tips. Maybe I need a switch like you have reccomended in this video? because I have to have my ISP router plugged in or my cable wont work correctly. Sorry for the long message. Just need help and I feel like your the most knowledgeable about this.

Pro2Kill says:

is your at&t modem set to bridge mode ?

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