Managed vs. Unmanaged Switch for a Home Network

David in Palm Beach, Florida wants to know if he needs a managed or an unmanaged switch in his home network.
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Craig Bennett II says:

One of the problems I’m having on my switch is the VOIP (which is the only thing connected to it) keeps not seeing the net.

ben ivie says:

just get a good quality gig unmanaged switch, i have had good luck with netgear prosafes in the past and they have diff sizes depending on your need, double check the back plane speed it should be 2 times the rated speed times the number of ports it has
eg a 5 port gig switch should have a back plane that is 10gb
its possible but unlikely a home usage will saturate a good switch

if you have time and money burning a hole in your pocket for a managed switch
cisco 2960g are wonderful and you can get them used but they will easily cost 5 time or more as a new unmanaged switch , also steep learning curve on the cisco switches , the unmanaged are plug and play

router qos on the other hand is a wonderful thing , use it if you don’t have a router that supports it time for a upgrade there.

i might be over simplifying but in short qos will keep high priory data going over first when a link gets saturated. on gig again unlikely it will happen in a home, but your wan link is probably not a gig

Nathan Berry says:

I use a Bell Modem all in one. There is no QOS features i have to use to use there TV service since it runs threw the internet. Should i use a managed switch or 3rd party router ? The bell all in one would still have to be On but i could disable the WIFI there is no way to have it in modem only mode.

Jason C. says:

Networking is not that complicated. Routers connect to a modem. All devices and computers connect to the router via ethernet or wifi. Which routes local and internet traffic to and from. If to many devices are connected to the router and all ports are used up or you need many ports in a far off location then you connect the router to a switch. The switch can turn one port into 5,8, etc.. how many ever the switch has.

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