Linksys SE2800 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips


A gigabit switch is a great investment if you’re still using a 10/100 wireless router. That way you can keep your wireless router, and for only a few bucks you can upgrade your wired network to gigabit 🙂


Hido459 says:


7600e says:

Linus i’m still not to sure on what a switch is and why i need one. Could we please get a fast as possible?

Vivi Orunita says:

3:50 my brain melted 🙁

MrDICKHEAD28 says:

unmanaged junk

GameReviewer1337 says:

@Gr8rThenU OK… why am i a retartd

danorambo says:

@CaptainNoah141 they are shit, review done.

To0t says:


“What case do you use?”

answer: “my house”

falcor200 says:

and once again the internet shows how stupid people really are

Warru Productions says:

@bigpoppa1234 &context=G1ad65FUAAAAAAAGAA

Bartek Kolodziejczyk says:

Star Wars! YEAH 🙂

inz h. says:

linus works at a computer store in canada (ncix), its not his they either sell it as opened or showoff in their stores OR use it in customers pcs

ipullstuffapart says:

qFscP0AjbW4 NOT FUA…

mass3gf says:

@boaksls mines different…

harryes93 says:

what do you do with all these random things that you unbox?

Bottom Coast Reefs says:


kng6666 says:

@piez07 65

D0wnshift says:

Linus was going to make Water Cooling part 2, but then he took an arrow to the knee.


markothevrba says:

@piez07 I used to be under 300, but then Chuck Testa

Kexin says:

God damn, talk about boring. If Linus unboxed a stapler it couldn’t be any more boring than this.

Mas Deago says:

@GameReviewer1337 You really wanna go down this path.

Ryan Booth says:

This video was bland, but Linus is still awesome!!! Like if you agree. (Then again, what more can be said about a device that takes one Ethernet wire and gives you 7).

cal920c says:

Anyone know where I can get a seperate QOS? I bought a Netgear JGS524 without realizing it didn’t have QOS

spiloFTW says:

@CaptainNoah141 buying a prebuilt PC for your home is always a waste of money

ffnlink says:

I have a switch in my room that is connected to the router in the living room. I have my desktop, nettop, PS3, and Wii all plugged into my switch. It is cheaper and a lot easier than having a second router.

Aurva Roy says:

How do you have ethernet cable running through a wall like that?

Kenny Dill says:

Part two Liquid cooling ??????

Nick Chirico says:

no dont call linus!!!! call GHOST BUSTERS! 😀

mysticode says:

Just about to go to bed, and then I see a new LinusTechTips video. Damnit Linus! Put up videos when im at work so I can watch them instead of working, not watch them when I want to go to bed :p

Reed Tucker says:

@GameReviewer1337 Fuck you. Everyone knows that you are retarded.

Syed Shakir Hussain Bukhari says:

hey linus, where u live in Canada?

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