IS IT WORTH IT OR NOT!?! My Hero Academia One’s Justice for Nintendo Switch Hand On Review!

IS IT WORTH IT OR NOT!?! My Hero Academia One’s Justice for Nintendo Switch Hand On Review! I managed to get My Hero Academia One’s Justice on the Nintendo Switch, and so I wanted to give my impressions of the game! Here’s my hands on review! Enjoy!

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Ndukauba says:

*For everyone saying “Endeavor is in the game as a preorder bonus”, this is the JAPANESE version of My Hero Academia One’s Justice. Endeavor is 100% unavailable to play in this game until he releases in the West in October, therefore, my point still stands.*

salmo moudrek says:


BluBlur91 says:

I wish mineta was in the game

HeiwaJiyu says:

I honestly think that this game doesn’t look good. It just looks like another uninspired Anime Game. It looks so plain. I really like My Hero Academia but I probably will skip that Game.

Fernando Freitas says:

720@30 is pretty lame…

Sourcer Pan says:

is the japanese version able to connect to the west?

UnicornSans says:

Sooooooooooooooooooo My hero academia version of Naruto?

Kappa Nonamé says:

nope, that anime is trash and so is the game

TrueVideogamerXD says:

Sorry, but …it runs at 60fps ? Handled or Docked ??

Marc Martinez says:

I’m watching your review because one I know you encouraged me to get a switch and xv2 on the switch, however I’m thinking about getting mha now after watching your video I’m just wondering since its already been out for a while, have they patched the game to where it’s now worth the $60

blenderman says:

It’s not the first my hero academia game

Greninja Boy says:

At 1:50 the answer is he is in the game you had to pre order the game to get him

MeowMilk#666 says:

Getting some dragonball fighterZ vibes from this

Cowkill says:

Please tell me this game have at least the original soundtrack from the anime.

Sharkyboi Gaming says:

Endeavour is going to be a record for pre-ordering the US version

the normal Channel says:

Why does everyone say that this was the first game?there was a 3ds game released a long time ago, this isn’t the first.

NerdGamer 274 says:

The thing that really hurts me is that this is the first MHA game for consoles
I feel like they tried to take advantage of our love for the anime/manga just to gain some quick money
The reason I say this is because they put little to NO effort in this story mode to bring back to us the most memorable moments in the series, including the fight against Stain and Midoriya vs Muscular. I also say this because the story mode honestly doesn’t even feel like a story mode. All you’re doing is going against an AI as if it was a free battle, with no dialogue, which makes it boring and a waste of time
Until this game’s price drops, I’m not wasting $60 on a game that doesn’t feel worth what I’m paying

talius StClair says:

How did u get Japan version ?

Jayden Rayne says:

When does it release in America? For switch

Edit: just lookrd on amazon it releases October 26

MX FL says:

One of the things I find weird about this game is the wall walking, I mean I get if some of the characters could do it like Uraraka or Tsuyu, but that’s part of their quirk.

Gattai says:

this game looks pretty bad.. the fov the fact that everything is so slow and clunky looking

a thing says:

Does the game run at 4K resolution on Xbox One X and S, and PlayStation 4?
edit: Nevermind, I know now. xP

Xulph says:

mha justice or in other words naruto storm 2 lmao

Djato Ta Seti says:

doo doo

Jay R says:

looks like a typically shit anime 3d fighter.. like naruto, one piece, bleach w/e like the dynasty warrior games copy and paste everything except they change the skins.

RepeAkaro says:

30 frames these days is a BIG NO. it’s okay with some games, for example Xenoblade. But a 30fps beatemup?.. hell no.

Dillon Haggett says:

And yes the game English version of the game is coming out next month. Also $60? You’re lucky it’s $100 in Australia

Sebastian Colón says:

What’s the song in the background throughout the whole video?

Max Nobel says:

Should we really be settling for 720p 30FPS in 2018? I mean iPhones have had the same PPI since the 4 so maybe.

BlueDinoMoss says:

When does it come out in english?

New Generation Money says:

I really dont care about loading times, this looks awesome on switch! 100% gonna buy thx for the vid.

MessyRex says:

Yooo you’re background music is amazing

サイモン says:

Does XBOX have frame drops???

Uneducated Videos says:

I play the naruto storm games so I know all about projectile based attacks

Karl Mueller says:

I’d like to pick up the game too but I’d like to see some more improvements

Deion Greenaway says:

Nice i love it

Blaire Sage says:

Toga best girl confirmed xD

Cynik says:

Are you sure this is personally your personal opinion? Personally, I feel like you personally couldnt have personally held these opinions by your own person.

Cool Kid says:

I thought the game doesn’t release until October 20 something

Avery Gascon says:

Where did you get your joy cons from?

Xan Kreigor says:

Dude tone down the background music, I can barely hear you talking.
Reduce the music by about 30-40%

My Name says:

is this a DLC for noturo ultimate ninja ?

Pew Pew says:

Will this be on the american wii shop for digital?

Aptom7747 says:

having to pay for heros, no thanks, ill just buy it wait till get board and never play it again regardless of dlc coming out

Nechrom says:

Your point will still stand but i just wanted to clear something up. 1v1 games don’t use servers (most of the time) it’s a player to player connection. Servers would be money thrown out the window and wouldn’t help in the slightest, in fact they make things worse in 1v1 games.

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