Insane Storage Server – Fully 10 Gigabit Network, $1,500 Switch

With the new office coming soon, we knew it was time to change to a new storage server for daily use…

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Brofights says:

2 years old and their new infrastructure is so much better now. Also cool how Linus was worried about 1500$ switch back in the day and is now considering chartering a chopper for scrapyardwars

50PullUps says:

Amazon has that $1500 switch at $700 now in March 2017.

Kush Dabade says:



i wish i has bathroom like it

ckeilah says:

2.5 years later. Intel Atom processors have proven to be DANGEROUS choices (clock signal goes out your motherboard is bricked!), so what’s the best way to build a ZFS server with a 100TB zraid2/3?

Zachary Girot says:

When I had first watched this I was like what it the world do they need 150tbs for and then petabyte project came along and now I know Linus is just insane

fishfighter2 says:

Its funny to watch this video now, seeing how he has infinaband in his office now i think.

Krisztian Kovacs says:



You give me nosebleeds anytime I watch your vids.

trisymphony says:

cringes at 1500 network switch, buys single camera for 50k 2 years later

Tri-Stone Gamer says:

4:48 spins his screwdriver

Harri Moody says:

linus could u go into the build in more depth as I would like to know how u put it together and set up software as I think it interesting and fun to watch

Chris Jones says:

Yawl? From the country?

The Doofus Channel says:


texan canadian

troyBORG says:

did this video just appear for anyone else?

dylan kline says:

looks like he died from the 1500 price tag but has a shelf full of Titan x’s


Do you need an internet provider for the 10 gigabit switch

TheAlternateAir says:

rip that motherboard

Jakob Niemann says:

y’all are we from Texas now bruh lets leave it to the texans please 🙂

Dawn and Dusk says:

Why am I so poor 🙁

Aus_Trips_Gaming says:

So what does you company do exactly? Other than YouTube or is it only YouTube

Oscar Anderson says:

So how did that plan to back Whonnock up to Ruskin work out?

Hockey Life says:

$1500 dollar switch = tax write off.

Piotr Kula says:

You no use ZFS? Ouchhh..

Joel Garcia says:

Would you consider 100GB M-discs and a stacker for Archival??

Jack Howard says:

6:10 Prophetic words…

Garrick Animations says:

2015: server fire (for one frame) 2015 again: server room on fire again 2017: server room on fire prank

Tyler Henson says:

Spoiler alert: That Asrock board is already dead.

Andrew Small says:

Anyone else watching this AFTER watching the video of him freaking out over WHONNOCK basically going nuclear on itself where they were angel hair close to loosing all this awesome data?

Mark Lowe says:

No matter how decent it is it will never see a commercial DC. Politics and risk paranoia will ensure it. Btw 1500 bucks for a 10g switch is amazing cheap

A Google User says:

Jesus Christ, when does he turn 14?

Luk At dis Faggot says:

Linus are you trying to beat Google servers?

pstoianov says:

Somehow YouTube next me to this video (I was watching ASIC on 400Gbps architecture), then I was laughing on Linus talking about something that he has no idea but just promoting some SoHo products (perhaps advert)…
but quality channels are having just few K subscribers but channels like this (completely far from professional) but talking about servers and 10GbE… 4 million subscribers…wow…hope that 99% of them are kids, otherwise the future is going to be “idiocracy”…

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