Inexpensive Budget Switch: TP Link TL-SG108E HW Rev. 3.0 With VLANS & pfsense Review

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TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Easy Smart Switch | Managed Plus | Plug and Play | Desktop | Sturdy Metal w/Sheilded Ports| (TL-SG108E)

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Alexandru Dragoi says:

It is common for switches without “management vlan” option to allow traffic to the management IP on all vlans. It is more of a feature, especially for an office switch. Even when the pvid of 1 is not there .. It could be worse, you could have a Catalyst that forwards any traffic with destination port 179 to the management CPU.. That is fun ..

Leandro Costa says:

either terminal you use I loved the configuration and Linux which distribution? or how you customized?

alphabanks says:

Great video I have been using one of these for a while now so far so good. They also make a poe version that I plan on buying.

Wiebo Westerhof says:

Thanks for the review. It is a very basic looking, but reliable, low power use, bit of gear. I’ve used it mainly in bedrooms where I just wanted to run a single connection up to the main stack, but have a few drops in a bedroom, one for IOT like a FireTV, another for connecting a printer, another for laptop or other networked stuff. In LATAM, this model plus the unmanaged 24 port GBit switches are pretty popular, with DLink often used for managed switches at 3x the cost. Not ever had a problem, and the firmware has received updates over time. I agree with you that I probably wouldn’t put this into a massive network, but for a smaller setup, these things would do the job. As they have no fans and are fairly temperature-robust, they are probably ideal for a small install that needs a VOIP and non-VOIP VLAN, perhaps a wifi for guests. I still have to set up my VLANs at home to do the IOT VLAN with the EdgeRouter Pro I have, but I need to plan that out beforehand. Appreciate you guys making videos and sharing your knowledge.

Aunkon Autos says:

If I connect to this desktop switch from my broadband connection and use router and other things from this switch, but will it be the internet connection to the router?

rodney robertson says:

on micocenters website theres a review saying vlan1 leaks out of all the ports. not sure if he did not update the firmware? did anyone test for this on the SG108E also anyone try the tplink DGS-1100-08 its a couple bucks cheaper and the reviews seem better re guarding vlans

psycl0ptic says:

Why do you guys live adobe flash? Adobe Flash Player You may want to reconsider this.

sowhatsupeirik says:

I know who cares about the shiny box, TP-LINK and resellers, it sells!

MustermannAnybody says:

You should really state clearly what you are reviewing here. Why do you omit it is SG108E HW Rev. 3.0?

This is REALLY important. Major differences between hardware revisions, different firmware. Please be precise on what you are talking about.

This should be in the title.

remle ikawura says:

I have one of those tplink managed switch, ended up flashing lede on it and use that to manage vlans.

carbonrough says:

… the default IP would only conflict, if out the box you hooked it up to your LAN … before configuring it 😀

myozone says:

I see so you can only have one untagged VLAN per port ?

mrlithium says:

Awesome. ive been looking for something managed and very cheap. Great that it has LAGG and VLAN and QOS. I will be buying one of these. To use between my PFSense and FreeNAS boxes and my desktop. That way all 3 can have 2 connections, and still have 2 ports for the rest of my network

Manfred Nauer says:

Great. Thx very much. Would be Great if you could make a Video about „Freenas lagg with pfsense“.. thx

myozone says:

The D-Link DGS-1100-08P also looks good

Max C says:

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of security if this switch doesn’t support https? :-/

David O says:

White glove service, my favorite. Thanks for the break down, I was looking at this device.

David Stievenard says:

it seems that 8021q pvid vlan settings is something cisco refers as “native vlan” = the vlan that will not be tagged in a trunk port

TheRangeControl says:

I looked on Amazon, and don’t see any mentions of PFSense.

Not arguing… I am just trying be be sure that I have the right one.

RipVan Winkle says:

VLAN1 is your default vlan and is enabled when you first create your vlans on the switch. You cannot delete VLAN1 but you can disable it (for security reasons) Works similar to cisco. If you’ve worked with cisco switches, its not an odd behavior.
What is odd though, is that there’s no security settings to access the management port.
Good breakdown of the switch and thanks for the demo.

Slaps says:

Nice security discovery at the end there. Worrying yes, I guess but it is ok for a home network.

Travis Kassing says:

Only $23.99 today on Prime Day!


great video, might pick one up to play around with vlans and get to know them

Pasha Defragzor says:

I have one unused TP Link modem switcher, its completely new, I think its 4 ports. Maybe I will use it on my server in a future

Max says:

I personally use this switch. It’s very good for the money, but the only thing that bothers me is that the management page is accessible from every VLAN.

WeiserMaster3 says:

The management interface is weird though, you can’t set on which VLAN it listens. So if you would have it between your router and modem for VLAN tagging, and have it pull its IP from DHCP, it could actually get a internet routable IP adress from your ISP.
Or did I miss something obvious?
Either way, I just set it to static. It’s reachable without problems over HTTP/S, but the ICMP based monitoring is a bit flakey..
But for 30-40 bucks a no brainer. Works great.

Maxime says:

‘Til we still do reviews of Gigabit switches in 2018..

S B says:

The config software for the older 108Es (Netgear/TPLink) was awful.

K. Chris Caldwell says:

Great video. I’m going to buy a couple of these for my lab.

One question, what NICs to you use?


Matt Bunce says:

I use a similar Netgear VLAN capable switch in conjunction with a SINGLE PORT pfSense server. I then use the following VLAN assignment:
VLAN1 (native): LAN
VLAN3: Private
VLAN4: Public (untrusted devices)
VLAN5: VOIP (QOS Priority)

There will obviously be some bottlenecks, but with my 50mbps WAN connection it’s not something worth worrying about and it can save you buying an additional NIC for the server.

84Actionjack says:

Why would the default IP address present a conflict for a switch when the DHCP server would automatically assign it a new IP? I don’t understand; appreciate learning about this.

Vertigo101 says:

I use the netgear prosafe JGS524 business 24 port server switch

jxsl13 says:

Are you serious about the https part… how can you verify an ip, that literally exists in every household, to belong to you.

Centi Zen says:

I like these cheap little guys but I did have one of them randomly factory reset itself the other day which was a huge pain in the ass to track down as the source of the issue in the rube-goldberg esque internet connection we have for a site

Subliminal Chaos says:

Thank you for the video! You give very good instructions and are easy to understand. I have brain damage and brain cancer and could follow your instructions perfectly. Again, thank you!

Billy Dickson says:

You should be able to ping a different subnet/ip address if your pfSense box allows it, remember, VLAN’s are a layer 2 technology and the switch isn’t layer 3 aware.

James Briggs says:

I just purchased this switch and it’ll be in on Monday, but my question is, I’m going to be running pfSense, I was wondering if you could use this switch, along with a VLAN to bond two WAN connections together.

Leester says:

I’ve always had excellent results with TP-link. I”m extremely paranoid so I don’t buy anything from them that runs firmware/software unless I replace it with something like DD-WRT.

Giorgio Aresu says:

Thanks for these guides/tutorials/reviews that do not stop at showing the product but actually show the configuration and how to do stuff with pfsense 🙂

John Holcomb says:

Would love to see you review the DLink DGS-1100-08… It’s going for about $35 as of this post, but has quite a few more settings than this does. I picked up one of those for my little home lab and it works GREAT, and the VLAN setup is much more sane.

Leandro Costa says:

do you indicate some low-power hardware with 3 port rj45 for pfsense? I would like a PC! the network cards already have!

charlie brownau says:

Same that doesn’t have 1 port as POE it would just justify the AUD$60ish price otherwise its better just to get a managed 16 port in the AUD$95-145 range

mat taylor says:

Brilliant video … you unpicked the weird ui that was confusing the hell out of me.

charlie brownau says:

Do they have an 16 port gigabit with the same managed features ?

dels deface says:

Hi sir I am Lhondel from Philippines, I would to ask because I need clarifications regarding for that model especially LAG.
Im wondering what type of LAG support the TL-SG108E has. The spec sheet / product data sheet only sets “Link Aggregation” without specifying further informations.
1.Does it support lacp?
2. It is possible to combine multiple physical links dynamically as a logical link, and thus this logical link will have higher bandwidth , higher reliability and at the same time for redundancy purposes?

Here we take an example
I want to connect between two TP-Link switches and so on.
First Switch -2 uplink port aggregate (e.g port 1 and port 2)
Second switch number using 6 and 8 port.

Hoping for your response sir if it is possible because I emailed already in tplink and they say not supported and I’m wondering because as I saw your video you can create 2 lag group.
And I suggest also sir that you will make a video for this 🙂
By the way here is the link given by the tplink support team. that scenario I want to achieve.
Thank you in advance.

Michael Angelo Jamora says:

Hi, off topic, what *kind of Linux distro are you using?

Glenn Matta says:

Could the router be the cause of vlan hopping?  Couldn’t we set up a firewall to prevent the vlan hopping?

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