Hub, Switch or Router? Network Devices Explained

Hubs, switches and routers are devices that allow us to create networks and connect those networks to one another. We explain how they work and what their individual differences are.

Here’s a list of the sections in this video and their time codes:
00:10 The hub
01:37 The switch
03:44 The router
04:55 A comparison


sourav srivastava says:

nicely explained !


Well done. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you for teaching the people.

Miguel Costa says:

Quick, Clean and Precise ! Congrats !

Hardik Rajyaguru says:

Very well explained sir

atsoskounoglou says:

Dude! I am majoring networks and you explain everything better than my professor does! Please continue doing so, you are helping many people! Many thanks….

Soumendra Patra says:

This is by far the best video clarifying this concept!!!

Awesome Smiley says:

Quick question: I have a router at home, so do other people use my router as a path to for example a search engine (google)?

Paarth Bhasin says:

Your channel is one of the most informative one for networking concepts! I often come here to get a better understanding! Keep the good work going!! 😀

benil doshi says:

Peiter, you are a good man! Nice work with the videos.

Tanmay Bundiwal says:

Amazing work, hope to see this channel rise up to the top soon!

Anderson Lee says:

oh hai peter

Radhika Jayasekera says:


mopbrothers says:

I thought there were 7 layers in the OSI model? You left out the Session and Presentation layers. 5 and 6.

Mohammad Saif says:

Please make a video on “Repeater” device .

questmaster92 says:

Hi Peter!

Palpandi R says:

it was very useful and i learnt difference between the hub, switch and router. thank you

garichar says:

Excellent – Thanks!

Rafik says:

Great video, thanks alot!

Petr Wohlgemuth says:

I love you.

Mohit Gupta says:

Put the speed at 1.25x at least.
Thank me later. 🙂
Great video btw. Keep up the good work mate.

Partson Iphithule says:

i love this…. its really helpful …am writing my exams and i have benefited…keep it up

Japhet Anciado says:

wtf is traffic?

sridhar sridhar says:

difference between MAC and IP address?

MODMAN 200 says:

You sound like a twat peter, my friends ears were bleeding before the opening title

ZERO Degree says:

Great teaching

Ganesh Sabale says:



i want to set up two separate networks that do not have access to each other can i use a switch –internet to modem, to switch, port 2 on switch to router network a, port 3 on switch to router network b

KhAleD says:

thank u

Kiss György says:

I’m a software developer and this is the only clear explanation I ever saw about the OSI model. Now it’s clear in my head. Thank you!

Md Abul Hashem Faruk says:

good theory

Mr Personality says:

Hi, I’m Peter.

Christian Medina says:

thanks man, great explain

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