How I choose my transmitter switch functions

which switch is which


jyunte says:

I also use the right shoulder 2-position switch for arming. The reason is simple: I also fly fixed wing, and the left shoulder switch is automatically assigned to landing gear on Spektrum radios. This means, regardless of the aircraft I’m flying, fixed wing or multirotor, disarm is always the same switch.

A-Aron Fpv says:

Really first?

Milan Teubel says:

Do you know anything about controlling servos in betaflight? I would be interested to learn more about that

hateeternalmaver says:

Isn’t contract-tricks all that presidents do? …

Alan says:

Excellent tutorial Drew!!

Tilted Monkey FPV says:


sander Hoel says:

Could you do a video on soldering? It takes me ages to get anything to sit correct


I would love to see you go over 3D print settings and preparations for TPU for things like GoPro mounts.

Garrett Johnson says:

Drew, you need to put silicon fuel tubing on your throttle slider bar inside the radio with a little bit of oil. I did this on my DX9 cause I would get sticky throttle down low on my throttle stick and it made me surge up and down when coming in to land but now its butter smooth and freaking amazing feeling.

asshopo says:

Never worry about default switch positions arming when you plugin; use the trainer switch as a pre-arm.

DuBL_A fpv says:

The reason why the arming switch is best that way and not matching the rest of the switches is say your radio falls over or accidently gets bumped the quad will arm if on. Having it the way you do if it falls or gets bumped it won’t arm. It is also the fastest switch to disarm the quad in that position. I don’t keep my fingers hovering over the switches so it also fastest and easiest one to hit sliding up the back of the radio. Not sure about using the 3 position switch the original kill switch would get in the way. Your most likely going to wanna pull down the throttle while disarming too so your left hand switches are not ideal either.

Wesley Duggan says:

Momentary switches/buttons are good for setting up a pre arm. Ive bumped my arm switch a few times by mistake, but since i had a prearm its theoretically saved me a good few times.

Sinister FPV says:

Curious why you dont use a prearm? 2 stage arming is definitely way safer for new pilots

AirwolFpv says:

No pre-arm switch?

Logikal Mayhem says:

Rotor Riot should buy into FlightOne… trust that’s a good business move

Planecrazyfpv says:

Wish you could break it down alittle farther like how to get pit mode assigned ro a switch for use boobs er I mean noobs

Dennis Forbes says:

Hey Drew, what VTX are you using as I am not able to use the switch on my IX12 to set PitMode. I can however use the switch to change a VTX channel (to whatever no one is using) but for whatever reason I can’t figure out how to turn pitmode on / off using a switch

Jeff Venable says:

Im always tuned in Drew. Can’t wait to see what direction rotor riot goes this next summer.

I want to get good enough this next year that i can be your “old dude” at rotor riot…

BoACfun says:

No beeper mode to find your quad in the bush?

Alan Haberfield says:

What no eyeliner!!

rogue factor says:


the FPVgeek says:

Yup throttle cut/throttle hold for CP helicopters was over on the right on the upper 3 position switch, arm middle. CP LOS 3d helis is how I started as well so I’ve built up that muscle memory for that switch.

Pat Regan says:

Great video! I like hearing about the thoughts other people put into their switch setup.

I don’t like the idea of using the bottom switches on the front of the radio for arming. It is too easy to accidentally flip those switches when you put your radio down in the grass. I mapped my Taranis’s momentary switch to just play a sound–Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys yelling “G.I. Joe!” I hear him yell that surprisingly often when I quickly put my radio on the ground.

Just like your setup, I like having my arm switch on the opposite side of the controller from the throttle stick. It makes it easier to have a smooth landing.

I’m using a single 3-position switch for disarm and modes, SG on the Taranis X9D+. Away is disarm, middle is armed and rate mode, towards me is armed and air mode. My usual arming and disarming doesn’t take any extra thought or dexterity, but switching out of air mode while in flight does require some precision. This wasn’t a big deal when I used to have the center position mapped to angle mode.

PixelcounterFPV says:

Thanks for sharing your information!
Greetings from Germany Bavaria

xbhavior says:

Can you go a bit more into depth about the vtx function put mode and vtx off. First I have heard of it. Thanks

Phil Hughes says:

I like both channels you do.. and RR. Did you think you would have the jobs you do now when you made this channel? Keep up the good work.

Magic Smoke FPV says:

This just goes to show, why each switch is assignable lol, because I don’t think I could ever fly with my switches in your config, I would have to relearn my whole radio!

JakeHammer FPV says:

On beta flight why doesn’t it read some switches?

Jimbubba FPV says:

Drew, I have a question for the tech channel. What’s the deal with props? I keep hearing things like, “If you’re running 2207s, you may need a more aggressive prop” or “Everyone knows you can’t use 5045s with xx00 kv motors”. Well, I don’t know that! How do you match props to motors to flying style to voltage, etc.? Thanks buddy!

unique.username says:

As this video popped into my feed, I actually thought “oh neat I wonder what his switch config is”. Just as you mentioned, people do wonder how other pilots set up their sticks. Also, didnt know about the vtx switch option in betaflight.

TransAm2k4 says:

The VTX power function can be very helpful if you crash somewhere that you can’t recover the quad or unplug it you can turn it off and others can keep flying without your interference…

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