Gigabit Internet: Do you NEED It?

Gigabit internet is all the rage, but what could you possible need that fast download speed for? Perhaps it’s more useful than you think!
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the gastewaste says:

Yes! Because red dead redemption 2 is 94GB

Gary says:

It’s for bragging rights.

MyTopAnime says:

To be honest, you don’t really need it. Most of the time, the website’s servers cap the download speed.

wolf gamer says:

in 2018 gta5 is up 85GB for PC

juan juan says:

I think the question is. Will you need it?

Jyri Väätäinen says:

I have 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps Unlimited 4G, it is too fast for me. I can’t find anything to do with it. I mainly surf, read blogs, stream 320K Google Music, watch YouTube (FHD because of speed). Other than that nothing more. I mean listen.

I have a Chromebook, only download here is mainly Chrome OS update about 300 MB one. Android phone the same, most of my apps are disabled or deleted, so downloads are tiny. I don’t download movies, TV series or music.

I stream them, music and movies, don’t like series at all. I used before that 1 Mbps / 1 Mbps 3G connection and I was fine. It only was a bit “bad” when I had YouTube at background and tried to surf. But even then, usable.

Most people nowadays don’t know what to do if it takes longer than a second… Slower connection I had made me tough. I couldn’t care less about waiting, I was saving money too. No way for 1 Gb/s in my use now.

I probably go 1 Mbps / 1 Mbps 4G on my phone soon… I don’t know what to do with fast internet.

Paul Dean says:

100m is fine for internet. 1000m perfect for in house or office. 😉

Howie Isaacks says:

I need it to work with my servers that are also connected to gigabit connections. The less I wait the more work I can do.

Jerry Stillwell says:

no they didnt offer it because they hold back tech or they would run outta ideas.. if they released the best of the best and fastest they can order from teh data companies then next year what do you offer nothing cuz you gave it all out lol.. this is called maximum enthrophy how ever you spell it… they have far faster they can get something like they have 10gps there offering you this now because the net is slowing down why to many damn people streaming

Maner Man says:

Um i have 4 mbps download and 0.12 for upload

Joseph Gapasin says:

I have Sonic for internet at my house, but I’ve heard of other companies that offer fiber and comparable giga bit speed. I was wondering what your opinion is on the comparison between what I have versus companies like xfinity, att, and wave.

Marcelino Chavez says:

the year for gigabit internet has come upon us

Marquee Mark says:

I’M spending 100 plus dollars now

avery baxter says:

I’m trying to download a 155 gig game on a 100mbps connection

ThePickleGames says:

i have really good download but horribly upload am i being held back should i call my provider and ask them to bump me up on upload???

Devin Martinez says:

Took me 2 hours for gta V

김똘추 says:

in korea, 1gigabit internet is provided. isp is Korea Telecom. 38$ per month. coverage is very wide.

Potato Kun says:

my internet speed took 6 hours to download 800 mb game

This Is Florida says:

You just want all that internet for yourself JOE!


I have 1gig down and ill tell u what i love it got it about a week ago

snazzy smooth says:

im so freaking jealous man . im from kenya east africa i pay around 55 dollars for 50mbps at peak time(7 pm to 10pm ) i get
around 3 mbps if im lucky. in the morning till 5 pm i get like 10 mbps and in the middle of the night i (3am)get around 35mbps.
fuck my countries corrupt politician and companies

cynthia jones says:

yes yes i do

charles wills says:

wow. here we are in the future. 4k streaming, online gaming, dvd’s and game dscs a thing of the past and a normal family of 4 or 5 all have a device. a normal day in my house consists of streaming from Apple TV me on xbox live my wife on her phone and my son streaming music on the iPad and my little kids playing abc mouse online. add to that 4k streaming and xbox live playing games like Fifa where we need low latency and high bandwidth…. yea todays normal family needs gigabit. for sure.

Sal Valino says:

I had a 4K TV 2 years ago. My connection at the time was 60 Mbps. I streamed 4k programming, browse the internet with laptop and others in my house would be on the wifi with their phones and tablets and it was never an issue.My current connection is 100 Mbps and again no issues what so ever, I think Spectrum offers speeds up to 400 Mbps for another $20, but I don’t know if I even need that. I imagine my current connection could handle 8k.

ArmsDealer 619 says:

4 pc’s going at the same time (3 cabled and the 4th wifi) 2 of the pc’s gaming bo3 soon to be bo4 at the same time and I’ll be streaming as well. I definitely think I need it over what I currently have 125 down and 15 up. Lmk if I’m right because my Uncle doesn’t think we need it 😀

Smash-ter says:

Gigabit internet may not be as needed to some but if you have a lot of devices gigabit should be offered. And besides fiber needs to be everywhere and the demand for gigabit is high

D.E.B. B says:

People need all that speed so their entire family can watch the same absurd cat video in 4K at the same time. Porn is good enough in 360P.

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